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To Contribute Articles

by George Mattson


We are looking for Uechi-ryu.com Editors:

The process is very simple. You must contact me and let me know the kind of column you would like. Although it doesn’t have to be martial art related, I’d prefer articles that would be of interest to the M.A community.

I’m looking for someone to cover the mixed martial art tournament scene. Someone else who would enjoy discussing Okinawa M.A. history. How about a column on “the teachers” of Uechi-ryu; especially articles on some of the many Okinawa teachers who don’t get a lot of publicity.

A good column requires interesting photographs. Our new website allows you to copy photos from the web or from your computer. Submitting an article is real simple as well. You just click a link, write your article and click a button. All the work is done for you.



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