Mar 20 2016

Hit Fast – Hit Hard Program Tested at Winterfest


This year’s Winterfest featured, what I consider to be, a very interesting and important self-defense topic and test.The ability to combine a calm alertness with the skill to go from a normal walking or standing posture into a reaction-ready fighting mode able to deliver a strike within a fraction of a second .

I’ve been training my karate classes, using the Herman interactive training system, to accomplish this and have included this program in my own workout sessions.

Herman is a pressure sensor affixed to a target. The pressure sensor communicates with software that can be loaded on any windows based computer system. The program provides a start stimulus using a human voice that begins with the word “ ready.” It follows with “ go”, the trigger to have the participant execute a strike (the anticipatory time frame for “go” varies from 1 second to 10 seconds).

Our test had the subject stand four feet from “ Bob”, a training dummy that supported a pad to which the Herman pressure sensors were affixed. The participant was required to stand in a neutral stance, with feet parallel and arms relaxed along the sides of their body. The attached sensors measured two variables, namely how long it takes a punch to be delivered onto the target (calculated in milliseconds) and how hard the punch landed, measured in “G-force”.
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Nov 19 2015

Great Holiday Gift Suggestions


Valentine’s Day  is quickly approaching. We would like to suggest giving a Uechi ring.

 We recently placed an order, but there have been some requests for info since then.

If there is enough interest, we will place another order. Rings must be ordered by January 14 to ensure delivery by Valentine’s Day.

Here is the link:

Herman Trainer640pix

FantasInteractive Training Systemtic new way to measure Speed, Timing, Reflexes and Power! Highly recommended by George E. Mattson

Click image to order.Be Sure To Look At for action video clips on usage of the system.



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Oct 30 2015

Budo International Interview with G.E.Mattson

Self Protection, Health & Wellness Centers

Kyusho Discussion 7

October 9, 2015 | Add a Comment

U-2-Book-Mattson-1Hanshi George Mattson – Florida, USA

Going back to 1996, I was introduced to Hanshi George Mattson through a new friend I had met at a Jujitsu America convention, Steve DiOrio.

From that introduction, Steve and I asked permission (yes folks we did honorable things like that), from Hanshi to work a Kyusho Series of Videos within the main three Uechi Ryu Katas (Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiru).

That began and involvement in the Art that I still practice today and that actually launched my international career, for which my gratitude to Hanshi Mattson can not be fully expressed.

The videos were developed in 1997 and with several instructional engagements with Hanshi and the International Uechi Ryu Karate Federation, was awarded the Shihan Title awarded (George Mattson I.U.R.K.F – 1999) for contributions to Uechi.

But the story does not end there as my passion for the art keeps evolving and growing, in 2001 I was again given the great honor to have a forward from Hanshi Mattson included in my first of 8 published books, “Kyusho Jitsu Vital Points”.

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Aug 27 2015

All New “Herman”!

GEM-AD-72dpiI’ve been sent the new wireless unit to test out and must say that it works great. . . for an entirely different audience and purpose than the original “wired” sensor unit.

The wireless sensors are sturdy and weight about 1/2 oz and measure 1″X2″ and are 3/8″ deep. Being wireless gives the program tremendous versatility. Because the programs are created on the internet, you cannot alter them. You press “go” and the programs run. A voice gives minimum commands. . . “go” “stop” but do not interact with the participant like the old unit does.


The new unit has possibilities that the wired unit does not have, like hooking up the sensors to body armor during a sparring session and having the computer help in the judging by recording the first strike and/or the hardest one. No graphics other than a simple menu of measurements.

I would use the new unit to experiment with class, team and partner competition. My students liked the original system and absolutely love the new one. Every dojo should have at least one for training and testing purposes. Individuals will find the system perfect for monitoring their progress and individual workouts.


Prices for the wireless units:

For the single sensor unit – $125

For the 2-sensor set –  $250.

For the 4-sensor sets –  $450.

CD with programs you can download to computer or iPad, Kindle – $20 (for use without wifi)  Systems are available now

Order your units now!

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Aug 12 2015

SummerFest 2015

summerfest 2015  I want to thank Sensei George Mattson and all the participants for another successful Summer Fest.  It has always been a pleasure for me to see so many of the seniors whose spent a greater portion of their lives training, developing and sharing their individual skills and knowledge in this fascinating and adaptable art of Uechi-Ryu.

There is only one path for strong and hard which is straight forward, non-yielding and the development of more macho strength. In soft, the applications depends on the technician and his/her skill level.  One must listen and learn from masters who have been around for numerous decades and determine if their accumulated knowledge can benefit you.  As we age, the “hard” turns to “aches” and we must now rely on “soft”.  There are no better ways to learn about the soft than from the masters who has trained in the soft method for years.  When we find out we’re too mature (old) to continue training, it could be too late.

This camp provided all of that.  There were masters who have been incredibly strong and powerful their entire careers teaching their hard, power techniques.  There were masters who have trained both the hard and the soft teaching us how to overcome bigger and physically stronger opponents.

The Junior Fest was also well attended.  There were all kinds of workouts and competitions where everyone had a chance to win and bring home individual and team prizes.  Due to the size of the indoor air-conditioned facility, there were individual running races and team relay races.  There were kicking, punching contest and sparring matches (for those who wanted to spar).   A great time was had by all.  Next year, I am expecting to triple our participation for Junior Fest.

I fully understand there are a few who believe they have a great sensei and they practice what they are taught.  That loyalty is very commendable but no single individual knows everything.  I’ve studied martial arts since 1960 and I’m still amazed at some of the incredible and talented people who come to the Summer Fest and share their knowledge and accomplishments.

Remember to keep the first week end of the first full week of August in your calendar reserved for the Summer Fest of 2016.  It gets better every year.  Meanwhile, I’m setting my sights on Winter Fest in Mt. Dora, Florida.  We get to meet some of the big names from down south.  It’s a great way to get away from the cold of the Northern States and spend a few days golfing and finish off the week with 2 days of karate and a group of good friends.

Darin Yee

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Jul 20 2015

SummerFest 2015


Yukiyaki Yoki & GEM – 1965

I’ve been working on the SummerFest schedule – Remember, many of the guest instructors will not be shown on the schedule. There will be a bulletin board on site with their photograph and day/time of their seminars. The 1st draft of the schedule can be downloaded HERE

I am hoping that this year’s SummerFest will be both an enjoyable and exciting experience for all participants. From Kyu belts, Black Belts, and Masters, juniors working out with Sensei Yee on Saturday, to those of us who are in our 60s, 70s and, yes, 80s. SummerFest is for us all!

The message I try to instill in all classes I teach, newsletters I create, and conferences I attend is, “Train Smart – Train Often.” What we practice is what we will do under stress, and HOW we train will affect how long we will be able to work out (and IF we will be able to work out!)

This year, once again, I will try to drive home the message that Uechi-ryu should be practiced for a lifetime and should contribute to a life-time of good health. I am encouraging all Presenters to conduct their seminars with this theme in mind.

Also, this year, I am asking all participants who wish to be on the dojo floor to be in a traditional white Gi. The primary reason for the Gi this year is to help celebrate the traditional and fraternal uniqueness of our beloved art, and to be proud of our history and commonality of what we will be doing this weekend.

I have been working with many of the regular presenters on how to select seminar subjects and the topics we believe will be most appreciated by the attendees. We came up with a number of subjects to be taught, along with the breakdown of attendees by rank and also subjects that are appropriate for all ranks. Because we have a large number of master instructors attending, each subject section (areas in the dojo) will have a seminar leader and other instructors who will assist in the session.

We will also will be honored with a number of very senior instructors who have agreed to spend time signing autographs, having pictures taken (with permission of course), critiquing kata and other components of Uechi-ryu, as well as answering questions about our art.

Additionally, we will have a number of guest instructors from other martial art systems who will be running basic, introductory sessions on elements of their art that relate to Uechi-ryu. This will include traditional Okinawa weaponry.

Sunday morning, following a formal bow-in, I will be conducting a traditional Uechi class for the Alumni of the Mattson Academy and students of the alumni. This class is free to all Summerfest participants. Fee for non-participants is $25. This class will also be a “white Gi” class.

I sincerely hope that you will attend the full weekend. I promise that you will enjoy yourself, plus have many stimulating and healthful workouts.

As always, if you have any questions, please call or send me an e-mail.


George Mattson

PS. Click here to Register for SummerFest 2015

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Jul 14 2015

Kata Performance Emphasis



SummerFest Presenter

Personal defense is a prime reason that people study the martial arts.  Preparing to defend yourself requires more than the study of techniques and the physical training of one’s body.  It requires studying and understanding the principles of combat and preparing mentally to implement them.  Among these principles are decisive action, aggressive action, and speed.  The Uechi-ryu practitioner can achieve this goal within his usual course of study by incorporating changes in emphasis in the performance of kata, kumite, and exercises.  My session will explore these changes, primarily through the use of kata.

Sign-up today for this year’s SummerFest!!!

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Jul 11 2015

My Week in England!


lee-and-gem-GBThis is the first opportunity I’ve had to discuss my trip to Great Britain and to formally tell all my old and new friends there what a wonderful time I had. Two all day seminars wore me out, but the Guinness after-workout-therapy sessions revitalized me completely! 🙂

The trip was made even more special because old friends and students, Al Wharton, Terry Daley, Steve McNally (Senior and Junior), Kuda Adams, Mick Pappas, Richard Dean Gibbons, John Neal and Steve Clifford were able to attend and worked out with me at the seminars.

Lee Adams and his “Life-mate”, Susan were especially gracious during the week and most helpful in organizing the event and making sure everything ran smoothly.

Al Wharton, who is now living in England, recommended Lee to be tested for Rokudan along with two of his Burmuda students who attended the seminars. Richard Gibbons for Godan and John Neal for Yondan. I assembled a test board consisting of myself, Al and Mick Pappas and conducted the test following Sunday’s workout. All three passed and were praised for their strong and accurate kata performance.

For those of you outside of England who don’t  know Lee, let me share some of his martial art history: He started Judo Training in 1968 at a Dojo in Farnham in Surrey, then moved on to Wado-Ryu Karate with Sensei Barry Wilkinson, and trained with Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki, and even had the honour to train with Grand Master Hinori Ohtsuka founder of Wado Ryu.

After gaining his 1st Kyu, changed styles and started studying Uechi – Ryu Karate in the late in the early 1980’s under Sensei Nigel Coole who had been training in Hong Kong, and then Sensei Terry Daly in London., after gaining my Uechi Ryu Yon Dan in 1995 I started to supplement my martial arts knowledge by studying Tomiki Aikido I currently hold the rank of San Dan ( testing for Yon Dan next year) I am also a director and current vice chairman of the British Aikido Association.

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Jul 06 2015

2015 Juniorfest Saturday, Aug 8th

Juniorfest is a special program held at the Summerfest weekend
y Darin Yee

canada sfest pic2An announcement to all Jr. Campers for this year’s George Mattson’s summer fest event.  Students of all ranks are welcome.  The date is Saturday August 8. The day starts at 10am with warm up exercises and our workout continues to 11:30 when we stop for lunch.  Camp will resume at 1pm with games and friendly team and individual competition until 4pm.  Medal will be awarded to first place in both team and individual competition.

We’ve all had a blast last year with a day filled with activities and fun. Please come back and join us August 8th and bring a friend if you like (they should be karate students) all ranks are welcome.  Ages are 13 and younger.

The cost of this all day camp is $50.  Each participant will have a group picture with sensei George Mattson and one with the entire camp sent to them via email.  Sensei George Mattson will also set aside time to photograph and sign autographs for the children.

If you plan to attend this years summer fest, please announce our summer activities to your jr. members. They’ll have a ton of fun and team up with students from other dojos at our jr. fest.

For more information, please contact me Darin Yee at darinyee@hotmail,com.  Bring their gis, and sparring equipment.  If someone forgets, I will have extra equipment they can borrow.

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Jul 06 2015

Masters Celebration Update

!masters0276Building the 2015 list of Awardees for Master Ranks and Titles:

10 dan: Arthur Rabesa

9th dan: Henry Thom, 

8th dan: Gary W. Geddes, Enrico Paone, Sheldon Dunn, Victor Swinimer

7th dan: Harry Skeffington, , Justin Testa,

6th dan: Andrew Summerley,


Hanshi-sei: Arthur Rabesa

Kyoshi: Harry Skeffington

Renshi: Andrew Summerley

2015 Achievement Award: Buzz Durkin

Please let me know if anyone has been overlooked. I also need all applications for 1-5th dan sent in to our International Test Administrator, Harry Skeffington ASAP. (hskeffington (at)

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