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Cory Diamond

Cory Diamond
Teen killed, another hurt in bizarre police chase [Corey was a Brown Belt Uechi-ryu student of Chicago teacher, David Kahn.]

July 25, 2006


The three teen friends playing poker on a slow Sunday summer evening went out for a two-minute errand — a quick visit to a nearby store for Coke and chips.

The northwest suburban high school pals — Corey Diamond, Elliot Cellini and Brandon Forshall — left Forshall’s Wheeling home about 8:20 p.m. They headed toward the intersection of Dundee and Schoenbeck roads.

There, they drove into the path of a rental truck that Buffalo Grove police were chasing. The truck careened into the intersection and slammed the 2001 Ford Taurus that Cellini was driving, police said.

Diamond, 16, a front-seat passenger, was killed. Cellini, 16, was critically injured. Forshall, 17, who sat in back, suffered minor injuries and was home on Monday, unable to remember much of what happened.

Friends of Corey Diamond, 16 (right), leave flowers Monday at the southeast corner of Schoenbeck and Dundee in Wheeling. Diamond was killed at the intersection Sunday night after a rental van struck the car he was riding in. (TOM CRUZE/ SUN-TIMES) “Physically he’s fine,” said Forshall’s mother, Dorothy Forshall. “Emotionally it’s going to be a while. We’re really praying for Elliot. And we’re praying for Corey’s family.”

Corey, who grew up in Arlington Heights, was an Eagle Scout, like his father and grandfather, said Howard Hirsch, his uncle. He played volleyball and trumpet and also loved fishing and camping. He was a good student and also had a brown belt in karate.

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