Jun 05 2011

June 12th Tourney. . . Don’t miss this one!

Hi Folks,

Just a friendly reminder we are running our tournament on June 12th.  It is this Sunday at the Jungleplex at 8 Natalie Way, Plymouth, MA.  The tournament for adults will start at 10am and the children will start at 12 noon.  I would suggest everyone to arrive an our or 30 minutes early.  I an also hoping to encourage all dojos to speak to their adults about competing. 
In the past around the early 70s, all competitions comprised of 75% adults and 25% children.  Now I see 99% children.  Whats up with our adults?  I feel it’s more important for our adults to get involved and meet others with like/kind interest.  How are we going to know one another if we never leave our little Idaho?
At this time, if you have anyone who may want to compete, you will need to go to www.uechiryukaratechampionshipseries.info to down load and application to send in.  If I receive it by a workable time and get their application processed, it will still count as pre-registered and pay the pre-registered fee. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.  My direct office number is 508/746-3533.  If I am not in, your call will be transferred to my cell phone.
Thank you for your time.  Lets get our Uechi-Ryu spirit back.  We have a wonderful karate family.  Last year, Bob competed with Syd in our series and they are in their 70s.  That was one of the high lights of my martial arts experiences (and I’ve been in martial arts since 1960).  They were both awesome.  Lets use this venue to get together. 

Darin Yee

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