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Join IUKF Today…

by George Mattson
Lots of benefits, like getting a substantial discount for SummerFest!

IUKF has proven through the years that working together, encouraging students to get involved in non-dojo activities and expanding their experiences makes good sense.

IUKF isn’t trying to replace your teacher, your promoting organization or the method of your training. It has limited and fairly specific guidelines involving teacher codes of ethics and conduct along with student rights that are essential in this age of abuse and cultism that are rampant in the martial arts.

People belong to many organizations. The martial arts has been laboring under the misconception that the teacher is some kind of guru, who knows all and deserves unquestionable loyalty and respect. Too often, students discover all too late, that the guru’s shiny coat of armor hides a rotten interior. The martial arts should be viewed as an activity, no better, no worse than any other activity. To attempt selling what we do as something else is both unethical and deceiving. Allowing students to belong to an independent fraternal organization such as IUKF should not be viewed as a threat to what might be considered by some teachers as "private property".

Students and teachers are invited to send IUKF’s secretary David Berndt an email, requesting an information kit. Please include your mailing address.

We’ve had many years of non-cooperation and elitist isolation with stagnation and no growth – Lets try working together to see if we can build our dojo and the system. GEM

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