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Happy Holidays

by Darin Yee

GEMattson Seminar in RI at Ed Oakley’s dojo- 2001

This is just a note to wish everyone in our Uechi Family a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.  After I’ve ate with my family, I was sitting in my living room watching football and thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for.

Last night after I finished teaching for the night, I went to Boston Chinatown to attend some of the parties I’ve been invited to.  While I was there, I’ve met with a lot of people whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

After engaging in minor conversation with a few of them, I realized there are a lot of people who are facing financial difficulties.  Myself being one of them.  Yet because we were together and sharing good news and bad, I returned home (at about 3am) feeling a lot better then when I got in my car to drive toBoston.  Friends are irreplaceable.

We as Uechi-Ryu practitioners are family.  We are bounded by the common goal of training and perfecting our art.  None of us are that far apart.  As a student, we seek,, no,, we demand respect.  Which of us don’t?  Regardless of rank or time in grade, we dedicated and invested a large part of our lives learning, training and in many cases teaching this passion.

My letter here is to let you know, after 53 years of studying, training and teaching, I respect everyone who trains in the martial arts and look forward to the time when we can meet and train together.  A good student can always learn regardless if he/she is teaching at the head of a class or lined up to workout with others respectfully seeking more knowledge.

Please take care of yourself and your family and train diligently.  Respect, share and assist all who is within your reach.  Happy holidays to you and yours and may you obtain health, wealth and wisdom.


Darin Yee

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