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Join your friends at SummerFest!

by George Mattson
To my martial art friends.

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On-line Registration HERE!

August is fast approaching and I really hope to see you at SummerFest  next month.I will also be teaching Thursday (August 1st), at Darin Yee’s Plymouth dojo in a special all-day seminar called “The Event”. I will be working with kata and conditioning in the morning, kyu and dan kumite and bunkai during the afternoon. Registration is limited to 15 people, so be sure to register ASAP. Other teachers who will be participating in The Event are Rory Miller, Al Wharton, Robb Buckland and Bruce Witherell.

Select teacher of your choice here.

A draft copy of this year’s schedule of seminars is available HERE. I’ve heard from most of our regular presenters who have confirmed their participation.

There may be some new seminars listed prior to the event, so check the website weekly. [We are always looking for new and interesting seminar topics. If you are interested in becoming a presenter, please send me an e-mail.

Thanks to Gary and Alex Morton for documenting highlights of SummerFest and putting them all together for a very interesting overview of this fascinating event.

Click HERE
or on the picture to view the clip.

I truly hope you will make the decision to join us at this year’s SummerFest. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


George Mattson

PS. IUKF is building a number of regional competition teams. The first tournament we will be competing in will be the Uechi World Cup, being held in Miami, Florida next year. Darin Yee will be conducting a special sparring seminar at his dojo on Friday evening (Aug 2nd) for all who may wish to join one of the teams.




Upcoming Events
  • Thursday – August 1st, 2013
    The “Event”: Private sessions with teachers of your choice: Event Details
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday August 2nd, 3rd & 4th. SummerFest

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anton (tony) verhulst July 11, 2013 - 2:46 AM

I can’t figure out where on the web site to register for summerfest. I must be overlooking something obvious. Thanks

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