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GEM – NH visit

by George Mattson
What is Uechi-ryu?

Ask five individuals who practice this art and you will get five different answers. But if you ask any one of the 200+ graduates of Buzz Durkin’s organization, who earned their rank this year, chances are “fighting” or even “self-defense” would not be their primary reason.

Their organization teaches and practices the “Art” of fighting. . . They are proud of the many other benefits accrued by studying Uechi-ryu. Self confidence, improved health and something a lot of dojo ignore – the social and “family” aspects of belonging to a professionally taught and administered organization.

Durkin sensei invited me to attend and participate in the Butokukai’s “ceremony” of receiving a black belt degree. The pre-tests and tests were held throughout the past six months. The actual ceremony was conducted at the Timberlane Performing Arts Center in Atkinson, NH. The 1000+ seats were all sold out long before the event was held and I understood tickets were actually being “resold” on e-Bay, according to rumors! 🙂

Instead of the usual karate show, Buzz and his hard working staff, created a multi-media presentation that was super professional, entertaining and educational. If you get an opportunity to view the dvd that every participant received, check it out.

I’ll be writing more about the weekend, including the rain drenched 15 holes of golf played Sunday morning! 🙂 But class begins in a half hour and I have three brown belts that are being tested at SummerFest in July and all three want to make the best impression possible. Can’t be late for their class!

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