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Faith in Fish by David Finkelstein

by George Mattson




This morning, an old friend and student, Michael Zwerdling, sent me a copy of an article published in the Spring,2014 “Atlantic Salmon Journal”, written by another “very old” friend and student of mine, David Finkelstein. David is famous for working a few years with the Ford Foundation as the organization’s first China specialist before retiring and spending the next 50+ years traveling, writing a book and hundreds of magazine articles, all, while studying the art of fishing in the most beautiful lakes, ponds and oceans around the world.

Curious about the title, “Faith in Fish”, I read it, believing it would be about his discovering another secret fishing spot or his catching another record sized Bass on a fly rod with five pound test but no, David had written a witty, satirical article about many of the same things that I encounter and mostly try to avoid discussing or arguing about. I enjoyed the article so much, I decided to call him to say hello. Bottom line, the call lasted nearly an hour as we traded stories and jokes and how we should not allow so much time to pass between encounters. David asked to be remembered to Van, Art and all the other “old guys” when we get together at SummerFest next month.

David gave me permission to share his story with you all, requesting that all complaints be forwarded to me and compliments to him. Hope you enjoy the article. . .

Click David and Evelyn’s picture to read the article.



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hthom July 14, 2014 - 6:14 AM

A beautifully written article. A recommended must read.
I just did a quick calculation, it has been about 50 years since David and I work out in the same Columbus Ave dojo together. Have not seen him many many years but still remember him as one of the nice guys. Hello David. Good job!

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