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Black Belt Test Guide Clarification, Part 2

by George Mattson

Black Belt Test Requirements

Q: What are the requirements for IUKF Black Belt testing?
A: IUKF Black Belt testing requirements are as follows:
• Must be an IUKF member in good standing*
• An official IUKF test application must be submitted and approved 30 days prior to testing along with appropriate test fees.
o Testing fee: $150
• Local Black Belt Test administrator must be contacted to arrange test location
o If there is not local test administrator and the student is testing at Summer Camp applications should be sent to the Summer Camp administrator
• A recommendation from the student’s instructor.
• Time in grade minimum must be met.
• Optional guideline: Passing a pretest as determined by the local BBTA.
*Member or member in good standing, includes any person who has fulfilled the requirements for membership, and who neither has voluntarily withdrawn from membership nor has been expelled or suspended from membership after appropriate proceedings consistent with lawful provisions of the constitution and bylaws of the IUKF.

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