May 28 2008

Darin Yee Interview

Check out google – Type “karate”  Would you believe our site is on the 2nd page!!!!

Workout at the “Hut”:
Hi, Sensei,
Carlos Ciriza has arrived in Boston and will be teaching the class at the Hut this Saturday, 6/21, from 9:30 to 11:30. Would you mind posting a notice? Thanks.

SummerFest 2008 – You don’t want to miss this one!!!!
SummerFest VideoWow. . . . Click on the photo!


6-11-2008: SummerFest Update – Dorm rooms for Thursday night are filling-up. (Other programs end Fri morning and we can only occupy one building Thursday) No problem with Friday & Saturday night lodging in the Maritime Academy dorms. If you are planning to stay “off campus,”  make your reservations early. August is the “high” season on the Cape and lodging will be very scarce.

Presenters: Please contact me ASAP regarding what your seminar(s) will consist of and please include a photograph for our program guide.
Everyone: Please remember that Susan will not have extra meal tickets to give out. The caterers have a new meal policy and we have a July 23rd deadline to give them our numbers.. If you register after this time, you must purchase your meals at the dining room entrance.

I was reminded by friends this afternoon, when I checked my email – This is June, Not July! SummerFest discount is good until JULY 3rd! Sorry about that.

Get those applications in early anyways please. . . Thanks George & Susan.


I still receive nearly 50 email a day from martial artists, past and present. I used to post some of them to the “MailBag”, but lack of time prevents me from keeping up this activity. I’m in the process of posting a few of my favorite email in the new “MailBag” (top table of contents), so check it out from time to time. I promise to post some of the best e-mail there every week.

Susan reminds me that the deadline for receiving the SummerFest “early registration” discount is July 3rd. Because of the new food service at the Maritime Academy, we will not be able to issue any food tickets after the July 23rd deadline. After that date, participants will have to pay for their meals at the dining room entrance. Please don’t ask me for tickets, because Susan and I won’t have them.

We will have, it seems, a record number of participants. A huge group from Bermuda and Canada have already signed up. It appears that the Master’s Celebration ceremony, held in the auditorium, will be filled with camp participants. If there is room, visitors will be welcomed. ($20 admission fee)

Get your application in ASAP. Thanks…. George

Memorial Day Spent with our extended Family at Fort Benning!
Khoury Family visit

Susan and I finally had an opportunity to visit Gary and Cindy Khoury over the weekend. Gary and I played golf on Sunday the rest of the time was spent sightseeing around Ft Benning and neighboring Columbus, Georgia.

Gary loves what he is doing and naturally, has a dozen projects he is working on. Cindy is busy being a very supportive wife and mom. Chaz is doing well at school and is growing like a weed! Rachel is an absolutely beautiful three year old, who wanted to come home with us. The baby, Jaclyn is adorable and one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen. Naturally, “Indy” the dog took a liking to me! 🙂

Gary is trying to get time off for SummerFest so he can show us all some of the neat drills he has learned during training.

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May 19 2008

China Earthquake Help

What one instructor is doing to help out!

John Page: Rising Star East Martial Arts: 9 Depot Square: Ayer

sent out this letter to Henry and cc’d me:

Hi Henry:
We are going to be conducting a Kick A Thon at my Dojo on June 7th with the proceeds going to the China relief efforts. In addition to the kids kicking and getting sponsors, we are going to have a raffle, bake sale, dunk tank and anything else that comes up in the meantime to help raise $$.
Maybe some other schools can do the same.  There is not a lot of lead time but I figured the getting something happening right away was best.  Maybe other IUKF dojos can join us in holding some type of fund raising event on that date or a date close to it?

George Sensei, 

I am requesting your assistance on the China earthquake relief efforts by posting this on your website.
The recent series of natural disasters and tragedies, from cylones to floods to earthquakes in one corner of the globe to the next, are undoubtedly overwhelming our psyche and taxing our ability to help, but help we must. We must do our share.
The news and photographs from the earthquakes in China are heartbreaking. Since our Uechi Ryu was originated from China, it should give us the additional incentive to help.
A picture worths a thousand words and I am not much of a talker, hopefully the two attached photographs will appeal to all those who have not yet taken the step to help. The first photograph shows a desperate son
with his mother on his back, the second photograph shows a tearful soldier being overwhelmed by the tragedies around him.
I am sure there are numerous other photographs and much more heartbreaking ones available online. My point is, we must help and we should count our blessings that we are in a position to help. 

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May 12 2008

Darin Yee seminar

Darin Yee Seminar! Sunday in Mount Dora, FL

Darin is visiting Central Florida this week and will conduct a two part seminar at the Mount Dora Community Building this Sunday, May 18th.

The first session will be from 10am – Noon. Darin will be teaching “Winning Sparring Techniques”, a subject he is especially familiar with. Darin believes it is important to test your karate as part of your training. . . and the safest way to do this is by competing in the “point” tournaments. . . Darin practices what he preaches and has entered both the kata and freefighting divisions in literally hundreds of tournaments, beginning with the early “bash and mash” events back in the 70s and 80s and continuing non-stop through the present time.

Darin loves to compete and so do his students. Most importantly, he is very good at teaching the art of sparring. He promises that everyone attending his class will benefit from his unique and imaginative training methods.
Following lunch, Darin will be conducting a fascinating class where he will be teaching and exploring the Uechi kata, using his background in Chinese martial arts to help explain the key elements of our system.

Many of Darin’s friends and students will be attending from New England and Florida.

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May 09 2008

SummerFest News!

Joe Lewis

Just in from Robb Buckland!!!
I spoke to Joe Lewis last night and he has finally confirmed that he’ll be accompanying myself and Dr. Ian Marshall for Summerfest in celebration of Georges 50th !!!!!!!

Robb Buckland

Joe Lewis:
In his era as a heavyweight World Champion fighter and martial artist, Joe Lewis has done it first and done it best.

Of the millions of people who have participated in the martial arts since their inception in the United States in 1948, only a few have had a measurable impact with the general public…and Joe Lewis, 57, the retired World Heavyweight Karate Champion from Wilmington is one of them. Dubbed the “Muhammed Ali of his sport,”



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May 08 2008

Hut workout

Vinnie hut group photoChristiano to lead the "Hut" workout this Saturday!
And you are all invited to attend!

This is Vinnie’s last workout before he gets his new hip, but he assures me that everyone will not only enjoy the class, but will get a great "Vinnie-tough" workout!

Paul Giella, who heads up the "Hut" program, says that. . .  "Vinnie is planning to really reinvigorate us with his energy before he goes out for his surgery. Van, Peter Blackman, Fedele, Matt Hoffman, maybe Justin are coming… it should be quite a good class. 9:30 to 11:30. We’ll be working on the new Okinawan kata, Ryuko, among other things."

Don’t miss this class!

Susan reports
that we are receiving a record number of early SummerFest applications. This year’s event is coming together very nicely, with nearly all of the senior presenters who have taught seminars in the past, planning to be with us this year. Please send in those applications early! Don’t miss out on this really great Uechi-ryu experience.

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May 02 2008

Masters’ Celebration

masters celebration

Note:The Board of Directors met on Sunday, May 4th and unanimously approved the recommendations for rank.Masters’ Celebration at SummerFest 2008

I am very proud to announce the following candidates names have been submitted to the “Titles” Committee by the candidates’ instructors and the IUKF Committee of Hanshi and have been submitted to both the “Titles” Committee and the Board of Directors for final approval:

James Maloney – 9th dan and Hanshi
Buzz Durkin – 9th dan and Hanshi
Bruce Witherall – 8th Dan
Ken Brown – 6th dan and Renshi
Paul Haydu – 6th dan and Renshi
Greg Postal – 6th dan and Renshi
Bill Meiklejohn – Renshi

The Board of Directors also proposed that I be promoted to 10th dan. 2008 marks my 50th anniversary teaching Uechi-ryu and 2008 also marks the 25th anniversary of our SummerFest. I thanked the Board for considering me for this highest symbol of accomplishment within the martial art community, but humbly declined the honor.
Grandmaster Ryuko Tomoyose continues to be my teacher and I strongly believe that any rank issued within the Uechi world, should be done with the recommendation and full approval of one’s sensei.
Since a public announcement was made regarding this proposed promotion, I felt that a public statement by me was required. The offer by the Board was done in the spirit of friendship and I deeply appreciate the gesture and hope the Board will understand my feelings relating to the promotion.


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Apr 30 2008

tournament with John Griffin and Ernie Harriman

On April 26, I gathered a few of my students and headed to Cromwell Connecticut.  I met my first student at 5 am in the morning and drove an hour to Braintree and picked up another student who volunteered to take this ride to represent me and compete in a tournament hosted by 2 of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet. 

The ride there wasn’t bad because they both fell asleep there leaving me alone with the radio and my great voice.  The ride was a little longer then I’ve thought because it was still dark out and my voice wasn’t so good.  No complaints from my two students because they were asleep.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by John Griffin and Ernie Harriman, the promoter of this tournament.  Both of them great people and long time Uechi-Ryu practitioners. I’d offered to help and did what I could to help their progress.

The tournament started with the singing of the national anthem by an actual person.  We then separated the different categories and proceeded with weapons, followed by kata and then kumite.

In between, there was a breaking demonstration which I have not witness since the early “70s”.  This was performed by Tom Piacentini, John Griffin and Rob Schulman.  They were very impressive as they broke 2×4 over their arms, shins and body.  The last was breaking a baseball bat with the wrist.  Kids, don’t try this at home.

The tournament was a huge success.  My students had a great time.  If invited back, I will try to bring a few more of my students next time.    

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Apr 23 2008

John VanderLaar Dead at 48

John VanderLaar Dead at 47!
(Submitted by James Gemmell)

John VanderLaarWord of longtime Uechi-ryu practitioner John VandeLaar’s passing has saddened the martial-arts community in Michigan. A Battle Creek resident, VandeLaar, 47, began studying Uechi-ryu in June 1979 under Sensei Bill Keith, and shortly thereafter became a student of Sensei Jim Thompson’s during the transitional period in which Thompson bought the Okinawa Karate Academy in Kalamazoo from Keith. In later years, VandeLaar dabbled in Goju-ryu, Shotokan, Kobudo (under sensei’s Estrada and Nagazato), Kendo and aikido.

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Apr 13 2008

First Tournament

I am happy to inform everyone the first tournament of our “Uechi Karate Championship Series” turned out very well. As usual, most of the active Uechi community in the Northeast took part in these get together. There were more then 120 competitors this tournament and we are looking to improve with each passing tournament.
My tournament called “The Rumble in the Jungle” is next. This will be held at the Jungleplex located on 8 Natalie Way, in the historic town of Plymouth, June 7th. Unlike most other tournament locations, the Jungleplex has an operating café where we can purchase break face, lunch and snacks. There are soda machines at many locations. A designated eating area You can change into your gi right at my dojo, which is located across from the competition area. I will give lunch vouchers to all working officials as a token of my appreciation.
I will take all precautions to insure the best possible tournament I can with the little experience I have at running these things. I will insure an award to all entries. After all, this tournament is for all children brave enough to “gi up” and face an unfamiliar opponent. Not just for the exceptionally gifted, the unusually big and strong or the ones whom sensei goes from ring to ring trying to intimidate the judges.
Although there will be fierce competitions, the concentration for this tournament is for people young and old to gather and in a tent of friendship, interact as one. Those who choose to be here as friends are welcome. Those who feel they are better then everyone else, I’m telling you to stop kidding yourself. Prove it! JUNE 7th 2008.

For more information, please go to our web site, If you have any question for any of us, there are telephones numbers listed in the web sit. Please call.

Darin Yee

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Apr 03 2008

David Mott’s New Video!

Update on the N.E. Junior Tournament Series: 

VinnyDear Fellow Uechi-ryu Practitioners,
In support of our friend, Darin Yee, I would like to encourage you to try your best to attend future get together for training and tournament series talk. His tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 7 at the “Jungleplex” in Plymouth.He does a great job in conveying his perspective on tournament play at his meetings. The Uechi-ryu Karate Championship Series was designed to assist young practitioners to understand the competitive aspects of martial arts.

I know that many of you are thinking, What’s the value of competition? My school teaches our students how to protect themselves. My school teaches them how to be  upstanding citizens, etc. That’s great. Beyond that, is something deep inside all martial arts practitioners, that can only be understood by a competitor. That something, in part, is real self understanding. What are you really about? How do you stand up in the face of adversity? Does what I do really work?

Those questions get answered very quickly with someone your age and rank (skill level) during competition. With the correct guidance from a caring Sensei the student becomes more self confident and also a caring citizen. The thing is, you know what, never underestimate the value of losing. Losing will bring out the best in most kids. Because a loss will bring out something in that kid that will help him succeed his whole life.

Try to support our Series. Sensei Bethoney, Sensei Yee, Sensei Testa and myself are not perfect. But I firmly believe, we’re here not just for the kids and their parents, we’re here for you too–our fellow Uechi-ryu Sensei and practitioners. Send me an email anytime, I guarantee a response.
Manny Neves

Welcome to the the newest IUKF Board Member.
Roy Bedard
Roy Bedard has been appointed and he has accepted the position as a board member of IUKF.

Roy is a 6th degree black belt and holds the Renshi title.

Besides all his other Uechi related projects, Roy is working with me as the editor for my 50th anniversary “memories” book, scheduled to be published this August. GEM

Upcoming Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

Sunday, May 18, 2008 – Mount Dora Workout

A group of Bostonians are coming to visit and ask me to set up a workout for them. What a great excuse for a group get-together!

I’m planning to make a day of it.
10AM – Noon (Morning session
Noon – 1PM (Lunch at the dojo)
1PM – 2PM (aftenoon session)

If you would like to workout with us, please email me at!

David Mott Video2nd Look at David Mott’s New DVD

Hi Sensei Mott,

I have had a chance over the past couple days to try your excercises.  I think that they are a great compliment to our training as Uechi Ryu students.
Folowing the instructions of the DVD you have created is like taking a guided tour of the body.  It encourages awareness and intention , a place that we are often to preocupied to be in.

I found your exercises encouraged a more intimate sense of what your muscles should be doing in a movement.  For example, you very quickly connect with relaxing the muscles which don’t need to be in a state of action.  Tensing every muscle in our body is such a common temptation in our training.

At best most of us develop a sense of connecting with mother earth and drawing energy up through the hips and out the arm.  Your exercises encourage more movement not only in the physical body but also in the energy you are generating and how it moves. As opposed to moving energy from earth straight up the body and out the arm it takes on a more circular action which provides an opportunity for much a much more efficient and powerful technique.

These exercises provide an opportunity for Uechi Ryu students to connect with elements of body mechanics and energy flow at an earlier stage of their training .  I think this is important because many students stop training before they ever come close to experiencing  any of this.  I feel your DVD will inspire students as it did me to look at themselves and their Uechi training with more depth.

Again I thank you Sensei Mott for sharing through the DVD you have created.  I will recommend this DVD to all Uechi students I come in contact with here in Nova Scotia.

Wishing You and your family all the best
Derick Bagogloo

Note: Click here for the full review and preview of David’s DVD.

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