Sep 17 2006

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Ebook basic course intro

E-books are the future. Yes, the old paper versions will remain, much the same way Newspapers will always be part of our lives. But like the Internet, e-books will offer inexpensive access to a much wider range of specialty subjects that will be of interest to a smaller audience. This is especially true for sports and less known martial arts.
e-Martial Arts, Ltd has many titles in the works. So far, we have published:
  • A four hour “private lesson” course in Uechi-ryu. (1st hour book is available)
  • The Black Belt Test Guide, 2nd edition. Available with the IUKF membership and will be available to the general public soon.
  • The companion book to Grand Master Kanei Uechi’s Kyhon. The complete text translated into English. 1st 700 pages now available.
  • Scissors, Rock, Paper. Harvey Liebergott’s excellent book will be available soon.
  • Art Rabesa’s “Explosive Karate” and “Kumite” will be added soon.
┬áBe sure to read the “Instruction” page before downloading.
Note to Kindle fans: So far, we have published “Uechi-ryu Karate Do” (First edition with new notes by me) , “The Way of Karate”, my first book, originally published in 1962 and Dave Smith’s “Kyhon” translation. These books can be obtained at the Amazon web site.

e-Martial Arts Ltd Book Store

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