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WinterFest Seminar Update

by George Mattson

Winterfest Weapon Seminar Bo & Jiffa

Bo & Jiffa

Discussion, training and application of the Bo staff (six foot stick) and the Jiffa (hair pin/fastener) which is also known as a Tinaka (small inside hand weapon) as they relate to martial arts training and more specifically to Uechi Ryu training and development.  The focus will be on body movement and the development and application of power.


The weapons training complements and supplements good Uechi training by  the utilization of the whole body – arms, shoulders, hips, legs, etc.,. Applications of the techniques will demonstrate the interrelationship of weapons and empty hand movements as they relate to the effective execution of Uechi movements.  Hopefully, all attendees will leave with a better understanding of the Uechi system and an improved ability to execute their Uechi techniques.

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