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Welcome to the IUKF article section

by George Mattson

Any member of IUKF may write article for submission

for this “members only” section.


How do you submit your article?


1. First, you must be a member of IUKF. If you are not and would like to join, please go to THIS SITE and follow the instructions. IUKF is an independently run organization, with a board of directors consisting of hard working volunteers who are practitioners of Uechi-ryu and members of IUKF.

2. You must be a registered member of this “uechi-ryu.com” website. 

3, In order to become an “Editor”. . . which is necessary in order to submit articles that will be published here, you must send the site administrator (me) an e-mail with your name, IUKF member number and your uechi-ryu.com registration name. (This is a different registration than the one found on the Eastern Arts’ Forums.)

4. Once I get this registration information I will upgrade your registration I.D. to “Editor” status. I’ll send you an e-mail at that time, letting you know your editor status has been upgraded.

5. Whenever you log-on to the Uechi-ryu.com site, be sure to log-in with your registration i.d. and password. You can “check” the box, requesting that your browser log you in automatically.

6. In the Main Menu, click “Uechi-ryu Community”, then “IUKF Related”. As an editor, you should be able to see a category called “IUKF Article Submissions”. Click on it to write and publish your article.

7. You can write your article within your browser window or you can write in using an editing software program such as MS Office “word”; copying and pasting to the browser editing window once your article has been published.

8. Follow the simple instructions for publishing your article. If you have any questions, just contact me and I’ll help you complete the task.


What kind of articles are we looking for? Obviously it would be best if there were some relationship to the martial art field generally or Uechi-ryu specifically, but our readers are interested in just about any subject. Be sure your title and description accurately describes the subject matter. No profanity, obscene pictures either. 


George Mattson

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