Jan 15 2009

Shugyo Training Camp 2009

Dear Respected teachers,

I’m sending this email to you as a quick note that our annual Shugyo Training Camp will be June 5-7th, 2009.  I know last year there was some double bookings of events from all the different associations.  I hope this will give all teachers/groups a good enough heads up so they can plan their activities accordingly.

A formal invitation is in the works, but I wanted to at least get the word out to you as soon as I could.  If any of you have any questions as to the camp please don’t hesitate to write or call.  Our good friend Fedele has been a wonderful supporter of our camp over the years and we would love to see more of you wonderful teachers and students this summer.  I know there has been the perception that our camp is only for those that eat and spit nails and that only the strongest will survive.  I apologize if that is the perception and that is what has discouraged more participation in what we hope is a great camp for all.  We firmly believe in training hard…. But also training smart.  We believe that our camp is for all ages and abilities.  It is for those that want to push themselves and work hard.  My favorite attendee every year is my student Richard who is 65, with one fake hip, should and knee and has recently recovered from a near death motorcycle accident.  He pushes him self to where he knows he can and still get to work on Monday.  Strong spirit… but also strong mind…. He trains hard, but also SMART!

All my best,

Andrew Moores

Andrew E. Moores

Director of Training

Atlantic Karate Training Center


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