Apr 15 2010

Test Administrator for IUKF

IUKF has appointed Shihan Darin Yee as the International Test Administrator for this organization.

Darin’s job as administrator for promotions, makes sure that dan test applications get submitted on time and that the candidates meet all the requirements of IUKF that are listed in the Black Belt Test Guide and further clarified in the IUKF website.

All black belt promotions over 5th (godan) degree must be approved by the Master’s commiitte, consisting of all IUKF Hanshi and these ranks are awarded at annual SummerFests.

Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi are also awarded at SummerFest, but are processed through the Titles Committee, headed up by Joan Neidi with the capable assistance of Bill Glasheen and Bruce Witherall.

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Apr 08 2010

Uechi-ryu Regional Workout

Uechi-ryu Regional Workout

Both Sensei Fedele Cacia’s and my dojo will be hosting a regional workout on May 2nd from 9-11 aM at the Natick High School in Natick, MA.  Last year’s workout was such a huge success with over 85 students/teachers from all associations in attendance. We are very excited to carry on this New England Uechi “tradition.”  We both feel strongly that an event of this nature is much needed within our beloved Uechi family.  We are both hoping for all groups and associations to participate in this great work out!

I did some digging on Sensei Mattson’s site and found this great message that Sensei Tracy Rose had written about his regional workout hosted back in ’99.  His message very eloquently sums up what Fedele sensei and I are trying to accomplish with our regional workout.


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Mar 06 2010

Kid’s Tournament Series

Update from Darin Yee. . .


Hi Everyone,
I’ve check out rumors about my seminar date being something other then April 9 and I want to reinforce and confirm this April 9th date.

We are going to hold this seminar on April 9th according to the email below.

Please consider coming and we’ll have a great time.  I’ll get some soda and beer along with some munchies.  It’ll be a great get together.



Wow!!! This year the series will include an Adult Division!!!

New England Tournament Series Ref/Official Training Sessions:

We have scheduled two seminars for referees, judges, and scorekeepers.

If there is anyone at your dojo who would like to be a scorekeeper, they would get free admission to each tournament (no spectator fees) and a ring side seat!

The first seminar will be held on Saturday, March 20 at 2:00 PM at the Brockton Uechi-ryu Karate Academy dojo. A workout is scheduled at 12:30 PM

The second seminar will be held on Friday, April 16 at 7:00 PM at the Budokan Martial Arts dojo in Plymouth. The address is 1 Park Place.

There are no fees for the workout and seminars.

If you know of anyone who would be willing to assist as a referee, judge, or scorekeeper please forward this email. We hope that you can attend one or both of these seminars.

Len Testa
Manny Neves
Darin Yee


Dear Friends and Sensei,

This year Manny Neves, Len Testa and myself have combined to run an all Uechi-Ryu tournament series.  We feel this would be a great way for all our Uechi people to get together in friendly competition. 

As we have done in the past, we will have an awards night to present the grand champions.  The grand champions will perform their winning kata for all to enjoy.  There could also be a demonstration by a few dojos who has already offer to do so.

All 3 tournament entries (competitors who will enter all 3 tournaments) will be given a discount on their entry fee and an award night pass worth ($30) and will have their name called to come onto the stage to receive an achievement award presented by the promoters.

Please go to our web site www.uechiryukaratechampionshipseries.info for more details.  You can also download and print your applications from there. 

Any dan rank who would like to help judge all 3 tournament will be offered a pass for our award night worth $30.

Any dojo owner with 20 or more complete 3 tournament entries will receive an award night pass.

This year we are including a adult division.  Please check out our site for more information.
Please be informed the dojo addresses I have may not all be correct as some of my mailings have come back. 

If your dojo would like entry forms and a poster for your poster board, please write me back with a proper address to forward our information.

Please be informed for those who have not judged tournaments in the pass, we are willing to run judging seminars at no cost to you or your dojo.  We will also be running seminars for score and time keepers.  Please contact me to set a date to either come to one of our local seminars or we can arrange to do one at your dojo if you have enough dan ranks interested.

Darin Yee

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Feb 23 2010

Book Arrival

New Book arrives

New book arrived yesterday!

A record number of advanced orders for this limited edition hard cover book will keep Susan and FedEx quite busy following WinterFest.

Nearly half the inventory has already been sold and from the very positive advanced reviews, the remaining books will soon be history.

Click here for reviews of the book!


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Feb 19 2010

WinterFest Seminar Update

Winterfest Weapon Seminar Bo & Jiffa

Bo & Jiffa

Discussion, training and application of the Bo staff (six foot stick) and the Jiffa (hair pin/fastener) which is also known as a Tinaka (small inside hand weapon) as they relate to martial arts training and more specifically to Uechi Ryu training and development.  The focus will be on body movement and the development and application of power.


The weapons training complements and supplements good Uechi training by  the utilization of the whole body – arms, shoulders, hips, legs, etc.,. Applications of the techniques will demonstrate the interrelationship of weapons and empty hand movements as they relate to the effective execution of Uechi movements.  Hopefully, all attendees will leave with a better understanding of the Uechi system and an improved ability to execute their Uechi techniques.

Click here to visit the WinterFest Website

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Feb 16 2010

Teaching for Structure and Power in Uechi-ryu

Teaching for Structure and Power

In Uechi-ryu

Stance and SPaul Haydutructure

Sanchin is an Adduction Stance. Sanchin provides strength in 7 of 8 directions, unless you make an adjustment, which allows coverage of the eighth direction.

The ground is an unlimited source of power. Study how to access that power:

Sound structure, sensitivity, experimentation, proper positioning and relaxation into structure are required. Remember the “Nine-bending pearl”, and release any blockages.

Familiarize yourself with the four quadrants of the bottom of your feet. Experiment with placing emphasis in each one. Keep your plantar arches full and strong. Learn the “bubbling-well” point behind the second and third metatarsal-phalangeal joints; this is the center of your feet’s sensitivity and power.

Remember the “elevator” within you. It can go from the top floor to the basement, without you outwardly manifesting any movement of the body. Nevertheless, as your center (of attention as well as activity) sinks, you thereby greatly stabilize your stance and structure.

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Feb 10 2010

Special Course at WinterFest


The Global Self-Care Initiative

Acu-Hand Therapy

Module I for

Uechi-Ryu “WinterFest “

February 26, 27, 2010

Course Outline


Friday Afternoon Introduction

Koryo Sooji Chim (Korean Hand Therapy) History

Presenter Demo– Practical Application

Saturday Afternoon Instruction

Mapping the Hand

Corresponding Areas of the Hand Relating to:

Front, Back and Sides of the Body

Upper and Lower Extremities

The Treatment of Acute Injuries

Ion Pumping Cords

Ap Bong (press pellets)

Hand Magnets



Hand Acutherapy Testimonials

To Dr. Frank Yurasek and Dr. SaTerra Vishnu,

These are the results of putting into practice the hand acutherapy that
you taught on 12.5 and 12.6 of 2009 at Cleveland, Ohio for CNHP.
This has enhanced my Shiastu and Naturopathic Healing methods.
The following are some testimonials that I have observed in the short
time I been using this method.

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Jan 22 2010

New Book by G.E.Mattson

New!!!! WinterFest 2010 Poster. Click Here
Please print and post in your dojo

Note from G.E.Mattson:

I wish to thank everyone who responded to our first Newsletter mailing and placed your order for my new book. Because we are only printing 500 copies, I want to make sure that those of you on my newsletter mailing list get the first notice of the book’s publication. I just spoke with the printer and he promises to deliver the books to Mount Dora, FL in time for this year’s WinterFest. My students are planning to organize a celebration party and press conference during that weekend and I hope you will be able to join us. George

Click here for The WinterFest link

Note from Susan:

The hotel I prefer is the Best Western Lake County Inn & Suites $99.99 plus tax for double room (Tavares FL)

1.877.484.4065  or  352.253.2378


They have a nice continental breakfast

The Days Inn is 67.99 + tax.  Double Room. Mention George Mattson Seminar for that price. (Eustis FL)



Both hotels are on Hwy 441 and are close to each other.

Click here for the book’s order form

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Dec 28 2009

Harry Benfield dies. . .

Dear George

Harry BenfieldApologies for being the bearer of bad news but Harry died, last month, after a long term illness stretching over 5 years known as Pick’s disease (a severe form of alzheimers).

Before that he spent the last 15 years teaching with a small group of loyal students with which he continued to train in a very traditional style but also innovated many techniques within a conditioning routine that we nicknamed ‘Benny ryu’.

Unfortunately, he stopped teaching about 7 years ago after the dojo was demolished but the signs of the illness were there and he had no motivation to look for another dojo.

If you wish to send a card to his wife then she can be contacted at:

Barbara Benfield
14 Rothbury Road
L14 4AL

I’m sure she would appreciate it. If I cna be of any further help please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Dec 18 2009

Strength and Power

The Difference between Strength and Power

In the Martial Arts

Strength is raw, unfiltered, relatively unfocused ability to move other objects.

Strength training involves some technique, but does not take high-level refinement into consideration

For the individual, strength has a sunset, after which it will wane.  Power, based on core principles, core use, relaxation, understanding, maturity, refinement of technique, can grow and progress throughout a person’s lifetime.  With continued practice and application, there should be no sunset.

Strength is a blunt instrument; power often involves refinement and awareness.

Strength can be isolated to individual muscle groups.  It can involve multiple groups, but emphasis isn’t usually on coordination of groups.

Power generated is a function of combined activations.  Because these activations can be multiplicative, power can progress in a geometric, rather than an arithmetic fashion.

Power takes time into consideration.

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