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George Krob passes. . .

by George Mattson

george krobGeorge Krob, an Air Force Sergeant was assigned to the Air Base at Kadena, Okinawa in 1960 and became a student of Uehara Saburo. It was Uehara who taught the Taiyoku Shodan (Taiyokoshodn) kata as a bridging kata in the Uechi system. Taiyoku Shodan was developed from the Goju Ryu system. Gojo Ryu is the closest in similarity to Uechi Ryu. George E. Krob, known as jiro (oldest son) by Sensei Saburo, studied in Okinawa for three years. George describes his instructor as an excellent soft spoken man who rarely smiled and was fairly unimpressive looking and had an air of tranquility about him.

Sensei Krob had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan and was one of the first Americans to teach Uechi Ryu Karate in the city. To be invited to teach George Krob had to show kata in the park each day and be examined by many of the local masters. While others in the park were doing Tai Chi, Krob was doing Sanchin. After approval by the masters to teach, he also had to receive approval by Chang-Ki-Chek. Sensei Krob taught in the largest dojo in all of free China 1968 brought Sensei Krob to the largest fighter pilot training base in the world, Luke Air Force Base outside of Phoenix Arizona, where he took over the base karate club. A number of different styles were being taught at the base club including Kempo, Goju Ryu, and Shito Ryu.

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