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Feeding Crane Seminar With Liu Chang’I

by George Mattson

October 27 & 28, 2012, Boston, MA


Liu Chang’I
Liu Chang’I Liu sifu is the lineage head of the Liu family Feeding Crane system (Shi He Quan), from Taiwan. Feeding Crane was brought to Taiwanin the early part of the 20th century, fromFuchow,China.The system has been passed down unchanged in the Liu family, and contains a complete and traditional curriculum, including power development (kung’li), forms, application, chi’gung, body conditioning, as well as herbal medicine and other traditional practices. Liu sifu’s power is amazing, and his technique is superb.His system is also interesting due to its relationship to Bai He, and other southern Chinese chuan’fa like Wing Chun.

Its relationship to Okinawan karate, in particular Goju and Uechi Ryu, is also obvious in the movement and application.
If you would like to see Liu sifu in action, there are a number of videos on his Chinese language website: http://feeding-crane.myweb.hinet.net/, and there are a number of videos of him on YouTube.

His website is also very informative, though it is in Chinese. There is an interview with Liu sifu here: http://www.dragon-tsunami.org/Dtimes/Pages/article36.htm ..

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