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Bringing back the BEST Uechi has to offer

by George Mattson

Bringing back the Best Uechi has to Offer:

Remember Thompson Island?

How about the ’85 Winter Camp on Okinawa, or the Masters’ first visit to the old Mattson Academy?

Maybe you were there for each of those events. Or, maybe like me, some of them exist only as old “Uechi legends” – tales the old guard talks about with friends and students after a hard workout or over a couple of beers.

When you recount these stories, how do they make you feel? Happy? Proud? Glad that you were there and “got involved”? I thought so. Me, too.

You know, the opportunity to create some new memories for your students and your school is alive and well today. Our Uechi Championships, Summer Camp and regional Exchange Workouts are just as fun and exciting today as they were 20 years ago! Just one visit will have your students psyched for the next one all year long!

And how does that benefit you? Your school? The answer is really very simple.

Getting your students involved in our traditional events keeps them motivated to continue training for months, sometimes years! Participation gives your students goals – something to shoot for other than “just another Thursday night workout”. That means students stay enrolled longer, creating a stronger, more reliable base for your dojo.

So what do you say? Encourage your students to get involved and give them the chance to create their own “lifetime legends”. Hey, it worked for us, didn’t it?


Gary Khoury

P.S. Wouldn’t you like to give a few of your students a taste of the “good ole’ days”? You can do that simply by getting involved! visit the tournament, attend Summer Camp ’99, or call an old Karate friend to work out! Let’s bring back the best of what Uechi had to offer – TODAY!

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