Dec 09 2008

Shigeo Izumi

Shigeo Izumi 1942-2003

*Year of birth ; 1942

*Address ; Okinawa city, Okinawa, Japan

*Rank ; Karate Kyoshi 7Dan
Okinawa Karate-Do association 
Koza Dojo 
Kobu-Do Renshi 6Dan
Ryukyu Kobu-Do Hozon Shinkou Kai

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Dec 09 2008

Joe Cody

Joseph Christopher CODY, Joseph Christopher – 49, Halifax, N.S., passed away peacefully at home on Friday, May 30, 2003. A talented musician and composer, a lover of the Beatles and Neil Young, Chris enjoyed performing in local theatre and was a lifelong student of Uechi-Ryu karate attaining the rank of 3rd degree black belt.
He was a professional graphic designer for Print Atlantic Nova Scotia and leaves behind many friends there and everywhere. He will always be lovingly remembered by his sister, Frances, brothers, John, Michael (Fredericton), Peter, Paul, Laurence and his sisters-in-law, by Angela, Sean, and his many other nieces, nephews and great-nephews. Chris’ journey along his “Long and Winding Road” has lead him to his Eternal Maker and his beloved mother, Mildred (Langille), and father, John in the glorious House of our Lord. Visitation will take place today 7-9 p.m. and Tuesday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. under the direction of Cruickshanks Funeral Home on Robie Street. Chris’ funeral mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 4, in St. Theresa’s Church, 6351 North St., Rev. Thomas White presiding. Donations to Kidney Foundation of Canada, Nova Scotia Branch or to Fabry’s Research at Dalhousie Medical Research Centre would be appreciated by the family. At Chris’ request, please sign your donor card.

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Dec 09 2008

Bill Finnerty

William J. Finnerty
August 20, 1928 – February 6, 2003
William J. Finnerty was born in Cambridge, MA on August 20, 1928. He was the son of the late Mary (Murphy) and John Finnerty. His father was born in Ireland and became a citizen of the US when he served in the Army during World War I. Bill lived in Cambridge and graduated from Rindge High School. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps upon graduation in 1946 and was discharged Christmas Eve 1952. Prior to the Korean War he was stationed in the Philippines and was sent to Korea when the conflict began in 1951. Bill was wounded at the Chosen Reservoir and was awarded a Purple Heart.

Bill returned to the United States in January 1952. While serving in the Philippines he became interested in the martial arts and began to work out at the YMCA with George Mattson in the late 50’s. Bill married Nancy (Bernini) in April 1953 and they subsequently had six children, one daughter and five sons. Bill retired from the Post Office in 1989.

When he retired he continued to pursue his interest in Karate. He wrote several articles that were published in the Fighting Arts Newsline. Bill’s interest in the martial arts became a way of life for him. He was a member of the Uechi-ryu Karate Association. Throughout the early years he taught at the YMCU as well as the YWCA. Bill also taught at the Karate Academy that George Mattson founded in Boston; however, Bill was a purist somewhat of a maverick.

Bill took part in tournaments and earned his black belt. He traveled to Okinawa, Japan and China and worked out the other Karate followers. He made a great many friends and enjoyed working out the the Chinese contingent when they traveled to America. Bill was always open to learning new techniques and was proficient with the sword and fans.

Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer early in 2002 and succumbed to the disease on February 6, 2003.

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Dec 09 2008

Don Brown

Donald Hudson Brown, 61, of Sudbury, MA died on April 11, 2004 in Corcord, MA. He was born in Boston and grew up in the Boston area. He moved to Sudbury in 1972.

Donald was a passionate martial artist and outdoor enthusiast. He spent many years teaching and working as a graphic designer before opening a Karate School in Stow, MA with Pat Saunders.

Donald was a loving father and is survived by his son Colin and daughter Lindsay.

A rememberance celebration will take place on Sunday, April 18 at the Stow Martial Arts Center, 117 Great Road, Stow, MA. Visiting will be from 1:00 to 2:30 followed by a memorial service from 2:30 to 3:00.

Donations in his memory may be made to the Sierra Club.

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Dec 09 2008

Mark Waye

Mark Andrew Waye
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Passed away quietly at the age of 23 on January 26, 2005.
Mark was a dedicated member of the Bridgewater Uechi -Ryu Academy for 10 years. Mark was also instrumental in launching the nearby Lunenburg Dojo, helping instruct both adults and children.

Despite what many would find overwhelming physical challenges, Mark achieved the rank of Nidan and participated in every aspect of the style he so much enjoyed.

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Dec 09 2008

Michael Heffernan

Michael E. Heffernan 01/12/43–08/20/89:
Being only ten years of age when my father passed the memories of his karate studies are limited. One clear memory I have is going from dojo to dojo with my father at age 8 or 9 and him not letting me sign up because the styles were all so different from what he believed in which was Uechi-Ryu. My mother had kept a select number of his karate items in a chest which I recently asked for just prior to signing up at a local Jiu-Jitsu dojo. Thankfully I found enough to get to this point redirecting my studies to a Uechi-Ryu dojo 25 minutes away.


I had discovered a business card (Mattson Academy of Karate, Norwood Branch) of Harry E. Brawley, Jr.’s, a black belt and a patch with the Uechi symbol. It took hours of searching the web with no luck finding Harry Brawley, Jr. before I came across George Mattson’s email and wrote to him only to find out he had taught a number of classes in Norwood while my father was there and even remembered him. I appreciate all your help Sensei Mattson and hope to meet you along this journey.


Michael E. Heffernan left behind his wife Christine and four boys Lance, Christopher, Grant and I. –Brett Heffernan (

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Dec 09 2008

Al Moulton

Al Moulton – – – Suffers fatal heart attack!

February 15, 2005: I received a call this morning from Chong, Al’s wife, informing me of his death. Until the end, Al continued to post on these forums. His last email to me was February 2nd:

The latest news isn’t so good, George. Actually considering the alternative, maybe it is. A week ago Thursday I was rushed to the hospital with chest pains ala 911. Spent the weekend there. Beat the Grim Reaper again. Today, received results of the tests. I have permanent damage to the ole ticker. I guess dieting and exercise sometimes don’t make any difference. I’m going out for Pork Ribs and beer tonight, . . .l.




Al was a very proud person. He didn’t complain, even though he lived his last twenty years of his life (following a serious accident) in constant pain. He was a tireless advocate for Uechi-ryu and participated in as many activities, tournaments and classes as possible.

Al is best known for writing a number of excellent Uechi-ryu text books and for his contributions to these forums.

Because of his illness, Al was unable to work for the past year. They didn’t have insurance and his health problems drained all savings. Although she didn’t ask, I believe she would appreciate any financial help the Uechi community could provide.

Please send any donations to:

Chong Moulton
45830 High Way to Heaven Lane
Great Mills, Maryland 20634

[Please visit the Special Needs Forum for comments from his friends.]

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Dec 09 2008

Carmine DiRamio

QUINCY – Carmine A. DiRamio, 77, of Mystic, Conn., formerly of Quincy and Braintree, a retired Quincy police officer, died April 10 at a hospital in Mystic from complication of diabetes. Carmine DiRamio, was a Quincy Police Officer, union president, boxing champ

Mr. DiRamio was a Quincy police officer for 40 years and former president of the police officers’ union. He retired in 1991.

In 1955, former Chief William Ferrazzi commended him for excellent work whenhe caught three teenagers driving a stolen car. The group was later linked to several car thefts.

A martial arts enthusiast, Mr. DiRamio was a certified self-defense instructor for 25 years. He studied under George Mattson at Mattson Academy .

He was director and co-owner of the Institute of Okinawan Karate , previously located in Braintree and Quincy . He was a second-degree black belt and was recognized by Black Belt magazine in 1966 for his work in demonstrating the value of karate in law enforcement work.

He was a Navy veteran of World War II and served aboard the Quincy built destroyer – USS Boyle.

Mr. DiRamio held the Massachusetts middleweight boxing title from 1949 to 1951.

Husband of the late Helen V. (Keating) DiRamio and the late Barbara Ann (Young) DiRamio, he is survived by a son, Robert DiRamio of Duxbury; two daughters, Joan Curtin of Randolph and Betty Greenberg – DiRamio of Sandwich; two stepsons, Thomas Postell of Quincy and Joseph Postell of Braintree; two brothers, Alfonso DiRamio of Clearwater, Fla., and Edward DiRamio of Quincy; two sisters, Grace Fitzgerald of Bedford and Frances Salvatori of Quincy; seven grandchildren, four step-grandchildren and a great-granddaughter; and many nieces and nephews.

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Dec 09 2008

Ernest Howland

Ernest L. Howland (Ernie) , died August 20, 2005 at his home in Brockton after a lengthy illness. Born in Braintree, son of the late John P. and Mary A. (Sullivan) Howland, he was raised in Brockton and was a graduate of Brockton High School. After high school, he entered the United States Air Force and served with the Air Force for four years. Following his years with the Air Force he received his Associates Degree in Engineering from Northeastern University in 1971 and his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Fitchburg State College in 1980. He taught drafting at Bristol Plymouth Vocational High School.

In 1977 Ernie, as he was known to friends and students, opened the Brockton Karate club which he owned and operated until his death. Mr. Howland studied and taught Karate for 37 years, was well known and a respected member of the Martial Arts Community and attained a master rank of 6th degree black belt in Uechi Ryu. Through the martial arts he translated enduring life lessons to both youth and adults. He was an admired instructor and friend to his students. He leaves behind a grateful student body. For many years he enjoyed spending time at his summer home in Yarmouth and was a communicant of both Christ the King Parish in Brockton and St. Pius Church in Yarmouth. He was a member of Club National and enjoyed caring for his two cats.

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Dec 09 2008

Cory Diamond

Cory Diamond
Teen killed, another hurt in bizarre police chase [Corey was a Brown Belt Uechi-ryu student of Chicago teacher, David Kahn.]

July 25, 2006


The three teen friends playing poker on a slow Sunday summer evening went out for a two-minute errand — a quick visit to a nearby store for Coke and chips.

The northwest suburban high school pals — Corey Diamond, Elliot Cellini and Brandon Forshall — left Forshall’s Wheeling home about 8:20 p.m. They headed toward the intersection of Dundee and Schoenbeck roads.

There, they drove into the path of a rental truck that Buffalo Grove police were chasing. The truck careened into the intersection and slammed the 2001 Ford Taurus that Cellini was driving, police said.

Diamond, 16, a front-seat passenger, was killed. Cellini, 16, was critically injured. Forshall, 17, who sat in back, suffered minor injuries and was home on Monday, unable to remember much of what happened.

Friends of Corey Diamond, 16 (right), leave flowers Monday at the southeast corner of Schoenbeck and Dundee in Wheeling. Diamond was killed at the intersection Sunday night after a rental van struck the car he was riding in. (TOM CRUZE/ SUN-TIMES) “Physically he’s fine,” said Forshall’s mother, Dorothy Forshall. “Emotionally it’s going to be a while. We’re really praying for Elliot. And we’re praying for Corey’s family.”

Corey, who grew up in Arlington Heights, was an Eagle Scout, like his father and grandfather, said Howard Hirsch, his uncle. He played volleyball and trumpet and also loved fishing and camping. He was a good student and also had a brown belt in karate.

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