Feb 10 2010

Special Course at WinterFest


The Global Self-Care Initiative

Acu-Hand Therapy

Module I for

Uechi-Ryu “WinterFest “

February 26, 27, 2010

Course Outline


Friday Afternoon Introduction

Koryo Sooji Chim (Korean Hand Therapy) History

Presenter Demo– Practical Application

Saturday Afternoon Instruction

Mapping the Hand

Corresponding Areas of the Hand Relating to:

Front, Back and Sides of the Body

Upper and Lower Extremities

The Treatment of Acute Injuries

Ion Pumping Cords

Ap Bong (press pellets)

Hand Magnets



Hand Acutherapy Testimonials

To Dr. Frank Yurasek and Dr. SaTerra Vishnu,

These are the results of putting into practice the hand acutherapy that
you taught on 12.5 and 12.6 of 2009 at Cleveland, Ohio for CNHP.
This has enhanced my Shiastu and Naturopathic Healing methods.
The following are some testimonials that I have observed in the short
time I been using this method.

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Jan 22 2010

New Book by G.E.Mattson

New!!!! WinterFest 2010 Poster. Click Here
Please print and post in your dojo

Note from G.E.Mattson:

I wish to thank everyone who responded to our first Newsletter mailing and placed your order for my new book. Because we are only printing 500 copies, I want to make sure that those of you on my newsletter mailing list get the first notice of the book’s publication. I just spoke with the printer and he promises to deliver the books to Mount Dora, FL in time for this year’s WinterFest. My students are planning to organize a celebration party and press conference during that weekend and I hope you will be able to join us. George

Click here for The WinterFest link

Note from Susan:

The hotel I prefer is the Best Western Lake County Inn & Suites $99.99 plus tax for double room (Tavares FL)

1.877.484.4065  or  352.253.2378


They have a nice continental breakfast

The Days Inn is 67.99 + tax.  Double Room. Mention George Mattson Seminar for that price. (Eustis FL)



Both hotels are on Hwy 441 and are close to each other.

Click here for the book’s order form

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Dec 28 2009

Harry Benfield dies. . .

Dear George

Harry BenfieldApologies for being the bearer of bad news but Harry died, last month, after a long term illness stretching over 5 years known as Pick’s disease (a severe form of alzheimers).

Before that he spent the last 15 years teaching with a small group of loyal students with which he continued to train in a very traditional style but also innovated many techniques within a conditioning routine that we nicknamed ‘Benny ryu’.

Unfortunately, he stopped teaching about 7 years ago after the dojo was demolished but the signs of the illness were there and he had no motivation to look for another dojo.

If you wish to send a card to his wife then she can be contacted at:

Barbara Benfield
14 Rothbury Road
L14 4AL

I’m sure she would appreciate it. If I cna be of any further help please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Dec 18 2009

Strength and Power

The Difference between Strength and Power

In the Martial Arts

Strength is raw, unfiltered, relatively unfocused ability to move other objects.

Strength training involves some technique, but does not take high-level refinement into consideration

For the individual, strength has a sunset, after which it will wane.  Power, based on core principles, core use, relaxation, understanding, maturity, refinement of technique, can grow and progress throughout a person’s lifetime.  With continued practice and application, there should be no sunset.

Strength is a blunt instrument; power often involves refinement and awareness.

Strength can be isolated to individual muscle groups.  It can involve multiple groups, but emphasis isn’t usually on coordination of groups.

Power generated is a function of combined activations.  Because these activations can be multiplicative, power can progress in a geometric, rather than an arithmetic fashion.

Power takes time into consideration.

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Dec 03 2009

See you all in a week!

Just a note to let everyone know I’ll be out-of-touch for a week, starting Friday. IUKF is conducting a dan test in Bermuda and David Berndt and I are leaving our cell phones and computers home for the duration.

I’ll be updating the WinterFest site in two weeks, but if you want to take advantage of the great airfares, be sure to book your flights now. Click Here for details and application!

Just confirmed. . . Bob Elder will be a presenter at WinterFest:


Bob Elder doing double cutToyama Batto Jutsu History:

See back pages of “Cutting Targets with the Japanese Sword – Practical Tameshigiri and Battodo for the Modern Swordsman” by Richard W. Babin, MD with Sensei Bob Elder.

Bob Elder Sensei Background: Bob is a native Floridian and has been involved in martial arts since 1971.  He studied Isshin Ryu Karate for 10 years from Bob Earls and later from his teacher Bob Bremer Sensei.  Wanting to learn Japanese Swordmanship for a long time and being a Japanese sword collector and dealer since 1979, Bob had to endure that wait for the right time and right teacher ordeal.  Bob knew several sword practitioners that came into his martial arts supplies shop (owned since 1979), but did not see what he was looking for until the seminar taught by Hataya Sensei at Art Rotts Chito Ryu dojo in Apopka took Place.  That was the turning point in Bob’s life.

We are very honored to have Bob as a presenter. He is an excellent practitioner and teacher.



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Nov 20 2009

Uechi’s China Link

Uechi-ryu practitioners are indeed very fortunate to have someone of Darin Yee’s ability willing to share his experiences in Chinese martial arts with us, helping us all understand the history and connection our Uechi-ryu has with China. . . the originators of the roots and core methods of our style. Darin has been reluctant to share this information, as many may feel he is attempting to take credit away from Okinawa and our teachers who learned our style from Kanbun Uechi. I’ve convinced Darin to present two seminars on this topic at WinterFest, which will be held in Mound Dora, Florida the last weekend in February. I hope you will all join us and benefit from what should be a very interesting and informative weekend. G.E.Mattson

For the past 25 years, I have been studying southern style kung fu in southern china especially around the Fujhou Providence.  The concentration was on styles which contain movements similar to those which we practice in our Uechi-Ryu.

As a result, I’ve found our movements in almost every major system practiced in southern china.  Most if not all our Uechi-Ryu movements are contained in the original, authentic hung gar style whose master form is the “Tiger – Crane double image”.  Although the movements are not performed with the same insight which we are taught, they are all done in the same motion and taught the exact way which they are to be used.  There is very little room for various, individual interpitations.

I know there are people who think my practice of Uechi-Ryu resemble kung fu and not the Uechi-Ryu karate everyone else has practiced their entire martial art life.  I do not disagree.  My practice of Uechi-Ryu does very much shout “kung-fu”.  After 50 years of kung fu and 40 years of Uechi-Ryu, my practice of the martial arts has to reflect my life’s studies.  After all, where did Kanbun Uechi study?  Was it not kung fu in southern China?


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Nov 02 2009


WinterFest, 2018

WinterFest – 2018

2018 Uechi-ryu WinterFest
March 9, 10 & 11th 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday- Event will be held indoors at the “MLK Building. Sunday at the Donnelly Building. (Details will be posted here) 

Note: Canadians will receive a discount! (because of their dollar devaluation)

The on-line application w/payment now available

Print-out application HERE

Click Here for map from Orlando Airport

2013 WinterFest information


Friday, , 9AM: – 3PM Seminars by Master Instructors. Sensei Mattson will be conducting speed, reflex and power competition utilizing Herman Trainer, throughout the day.

Lunch from 12 – 1PM
3pm-7PM: Sightseeing, free time

2PM – 3:30PM Children’s class and Uechi kata and drills for adults

Saturday – WinterFest Seminars 9AM-4PM

Saturday: 9AM-3PM: All day workout. . . Traditional Uechi-ryu, Okinawan traditional weapon training, Grappling, Sport competition, Realist “mindset” training. Sensei Mattson will be conducting speed, reflex and power competition utilizing Herman Trainer, throughout the day. Lunch from 12 – 1PM

Sunday: Dan tests and Master’s Ceremony 9AM-11:00AM Lunch hour 11AM – 1:30PM. Children’s Class on the patio. Inside, open practice from 1:30PM – 4PM Sensei Mattson will be conducting speed, reflex and power competition utilizing Herman Trainer, throughout the day.

Tuition, which includes lunch: $100 for one day, $175 for all three days.
Friday evening party: 7PM- 11PM: Party at Restaurant to be determined

WinterFest Seminars

Traditional Uechi-ryu, Okinawan traditional weapon training, Grappling, Sport competition, Realist “mindset” training.


Presenters: Posted as they are confirmed: George Mattson, Darin Yee, Tim Dando, Patty Dando,  David Berndt, Roy Bedard, John Spencer, Bill Glasheen, George Schriefer, Joe Guidry, Harry Skeffington, Tom Bentley. Plus 3 special guests from Cuba!

[New] Uechi grappling methods by George Schriefer!

Discussion, training and application of the Bo staff (six foot stick) and the Jiffa (hair pin/fastener) which is also known as a Tinaka (small inside hand weapon) as they relate to martial arts training and more specifically to Uechi Ryu training and development. The focus will be on body movement and the development and application of power.

The weapons training complements and supplements good Uechi training by the utilization of the whole body – arms, shoulders, hips, legs, etc.,. Applications of the techniques will demonstrate the interrelationship of weapons and empty hand movements as they relate to the effective execution of Uechi movements. Hopefully, all attendees will leave with a better understanding of the Uechi system and an improved ability to execute their Uechi techniques.

George Schriefer and Joe Guidry will be working with the Bo and Jiffa on Friday and Saturday.Rick Potrekus will be with us on Saturday, working with advanced students. I will be teaching a traditional Uechi-ryu class on Friday and Saturday morning from 9-10AM.

This is going to be a fantastic year. Make your plans early to be part of the action. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.


George E. Mattson

The on-line application w/payment now available

Good web resources:

Mount Dora: What you need to know


Points of Interest in Mount Dora:

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Oct 11 2009

Conflict Continuum Seminar

Highly Recommended!!!

If you are going to be in or near Florida On October 17th, January 30 (2010), March 20th or May 15, be sure to make plans to attend Rick Liebespach’s four part series focusing on Upright Fighting, Grappling, Ground Work, Weapons and Lessons of a Lifetime.

The first seminars in this series will be held October 17th in Brandon, FL at the Golden City Gymnastics, 930 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. Times of the three sessions are 11am-1pm, 2pm- 5pm and 6pm – 8pm.

For detailed information, please e-mail Rick.

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Oct 08 2009

Invitation to test your Uechi-ryu!!!

I was asked to post this article by Darin Yee. . . A senior Uechi-ryu practitioner/teacher and Board member of IUKF.

By now, most of you know my position regarding “reality” vs “art” as it relates to running a dojo, but in case you haven’t read any of my books or articles, I believe that the best way to approach teaching Uechi-ryu is to honestly inform your students that we teach the “art” of Uechi-ryu that happens to consist of self-defense techniques, mindset and practice! This statement makes no claims or promises of future ability to defend yourself or guarentees that a student’s training will transfer into competent action when needed.

I teach Uechi-ryu as an art that can be practiced in whatever manner the student desires. What is practiced in the dojo is the development of tools and the reinforcement of those tools use through practice. 100/% of where this training evolves and where it can go is up to the student.

Darin eloquently addresses those teachers who lie to their students about their training and criticize anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their methods. I’ve certainly heard these argument many times in the past and even now listen to pompous Uechi teachers who brag about how tough they are and how their “special” brand of Uechi is so far superior over anyone elses! In the past we simply had to listen to the “talkers” but today there exists ways in which these “talk warriors” can demonstrate their skills and the value of their dojo “real” training.

So. . . all you word warriors who wish to validate your specific brand of Uechi. . . please take Darin up on his offer to place you in a cage where all your warrior skills can be demonstrated to the rest of us. But if you elect not to do this, please don’t spend any more time telling the rest of us how to train or teach.

George Mattson



It has been brought to my attention there are those who feel their Uechi-ryu is the one and only proper and usable Uechi-ryu training in existence. Not only are these improper teachings to your students but a detriment and an insult to all who train or teach.

We who are dedicated martial artist should approach all who train with respect and an open mind. No two persons are exactly the same and their perceptions of their training are in some way different. We are in many circumstances smaller, taller, stronger or faster then the next person. In absolutely no case are we in any way superior to the other because of our strengths or differences.

Any instructor who preaches this to his or her students either lacks self confidence or is beating his own drums too loudly out of sync. Someday their students will learn the truth in a very disappointing manner. Sadly enough, these will be the same instructors who will blame their students rather then themselves.

As I’ve always taught my student we are all connected to the tree of Uechi-ryu rooted in its humble beginnings as Pon Gai Noon. We as sensei are the branches all reaching in a slightly different direction. The many leaves are our students whom we nourish, feed and direct. Together, our tree grows larger and stronger. If we choose to break off and try to root individually, we may perish or if faith should have it, begin a slow growth.

If we are void the virtues of loyalty, respect, honesty and integrity, what are we really teaching our students? Can we truly tell them this is bushido? What happens when our followers learn their leader violated every aspect of virtue they preach? They propagate rules yet they implement them only when certain rules enhance their purpose. They plagiarize and take credit for its origins. They take heroic stories and place themselves as the main characters. They spin situations and tell half truths to create unnecessary drama. Not much difference in the situations at Jonestown and Waco.

In conclusion I would add I will be hosting 5 signed contracts for MMA events at my facility with several thousand spectators. Those who believe their training is far superior through the persuasion of their instructor could make a fair dollar from your unmatched training by contacting me to sign for a fight. I have a few students who will be willing to enter a cage but without that pompous attitude. I’m sure as the owner of the venue I can persuade the promoter to add a couple of fight to his card.

Darin Yee

My email address


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