Oct 08 2009

Invitation to test your Uechi-ryu!!!

I was asked to post this article by Darin Yee. . . A senior Uechi-ryu practitioner/teacher and Board member of IUKF.

By now, most of you know my position regarding “reality” vs “art” as it relates to running a dojo, but in case you haven’t read any of my books or articles, I believe that the best way to approach teaching Uechi-ryu is to honestly inform your students that we teach the “art” of Uechi-ryu that happens to consist of self-defense techniques, mindset and practice! This statement makes no claims or promises of future ability to defend yourself or guarentees that a student’s training will transfer into competent action when needed.

I teach Uechi-ryu as an art that can be practiced in whatever manner the student desires. What is practiced in the dojo is the development of tools and the reinforcement of those tools use through practice. 100/% of where this training evolves and where it can go is up to the student.

Darin eloquently addresses those teachers who lie to their students about their training and criticize anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their methods. I’ve certainly heard these argument many times in the past and even now listen to pompous Uechi teachers who brag about how tough they are and how their “special” brand of Uechi is so far superior over anyone elses! In the past we simply had to listen to the “talkers” but today there exists ways in which these “talk warriors” can demonstrate their skills and the value of their dojo “real” training.

So. . . all you word warriors who wish to validate your specific brand of Uechi. . . please take Darin up on his offer to place you in a cage where all your warrior skills can be demonstrated to the rest of us. But if you elect not to do this, please don’t spend any more time telling the rest of us how to train or teach.

George Mattson



It has been brought to my attention there are those who feel their Uechi-ryu is the one and only proper and usable Uechi-ryu training in existence. Not only are these improper teachings to your students but a detriment and an insult to all who train or teach.

We who are dedicated martial artist should approach all who train with respect and an open mind. No two persons are exactly the same and their perceptions of their training are in some way different. We are in many circumstances smaller, taller, stronger or faster then the next person. In absolutely no case are we in any way superior to the other because of our strengths or differences.

Any instructor who preaches this to his or her students either lacks self confidence or is beating his own drums too loudly out of sync. Someday their students will learn the truth in a very disappointing manner. Sadly enough, these will be the same instructors who will blame their students rather then themselves.

As I’ve always taught my student we are all connected to the tree of Uechi-ryu rooted in its humble beginnings as Pon Gai Noon. We as sensei are the branches all reaching in a slightly different direction. The many leaves are our students whom we nourish, feed and direct. Together, our tree grows larger and stronger. If we choose to break off and try to root individually, we may perish or if faith should have it, begin a slow growth.

If we are void the virtues of loyalty, respect, honesty and integrity, what are we really teaching our students? Can we truly tell them this is bushido? What happens when our followers learn their leader violated every aspect of virtue they preach? They propagate rules yet they implement them only when certain rules enhance their purpose. They plagiarize and take credit for its origins. They take heroic stories and place themselves as the main characters. They spin situations and tell half truths to create unnecessary drama. Not much difference in the situations at Jonestown and Waco.

In conclusion I would add I will be hosting 5 signed contracts for MMA events at my facility with several thousand spectators. Those who believe their training is far superior through the persuasion of their instructor could make a fair dollar from your unmatched training by contacting me to sign for a fight. I have a few students who will be willing to enter a cage but without that pompous attitude. I’m sure as the owner of the venue I can persuade the promoter to add a couple of fight to his card.

Darin Yee

My email address


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Sep 09 2009

Towards a Dynamic Sanchin Stance

Towards a Dynamic Sanchin Stance

by David Mott
Grandmaster Kanei Uechi and Ryuko Tomoyose checks Tim Horgan’s Sanchin
Sanchin stance is a brilliant stance.  It protects the inside surfaces of our legs,
helps to protect our groin from upward sweeping kicks, helps to protect our knees from being damaged by an outside kick, guards the shin bones from straight-on kicks, and distributes the weight of the body in a dynamic way.
We all know this.  What this article addresses, however, is that over the years, I have observed a tendency for Uechi-ryu karateka to assume the stance in a static way.  To be sure, for the body to accommodate the “pigeon toed” front foot and to make sure that the back foot is fully squared off takes work.  I doubt that anyone initially finds the stance comfortable or even meaningful.  But once body memory and an accurate feeling of the stance takes over and we don’t have to look down to see if we’ve correctly positioned our feet, the stance gets assumed as we get interested in the power of our strikes.  Actually, it is in direct relation to the power of our strikes that the stance becomes dynamic.

Here’s what I suggest you investigate.  At Cold Mountain Dojo the stance is taught using the model of either a motorcycle or a bicycle.  In both cases the driving force is through the rear wheel.  And in both cases the front wheel serves to stabilize (taking the bumps, steering etc.).  The toed in position of the front foot in sanchin stance brilliantly acts to stabilize the power connected to the rear foot.  (By the way, make sure that your knees are always in alignment with your feet.  The stance’s effectiveness is severely compromised by the knees pulled towards one another or bowing out away from each other.)  With this model, the legs are not stiffly pulled into opposition and the weight distribution is not precisely 50/50.  

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Sep 01 2009

Collision Dynamics in Karate

Collision Dynamics in Karate


by Rick Garrelts

I conceive that the chief aim of the physicist in discussing a theoretical problem is to obtain ‘insight’—to see which of the numerous factors are particularly concerned in any effect and how they work together to give it. For this purpose a legitimate approximation is not just an unavoidable evil; it is a discernment that certain factors—certain complications of the problem—do not contribute appreciably to the result. We satisfy ourselves that they may be left aside; and the mechanism stands out more clearly freed from these irrelevancies. This discernment is only a continuation of a task begun by the physicist before the mathematical premises of the problem could even be stated; for in any natural problem the actual conditions are of extreme complexity and the first step is to select those which have an essential influence on the result—in short, to get hold of the right end of the stick.

—A. S. Eddington


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Aug 25 2009

Can training with Bokken help your Sanchin stance? Yes

Can training with Bokken help your Sanchin stance?  Yes!
I developed a routine that might be helpful to students who train both weapons (Bo Bokken, Jo or other) and their Uechi-Ryu Sanchin. Here’s how:
To paraphrase Musashi  “Let your everyday walk become your warrior walk”. Keep that
In mind. Oftentimes students practicing bokken drills will step forward and execute a downward strike in concert with the footwork. Timing is key and this is very handy drill, especially the 180 turn at the end as you resume stepping and striking along the line you started at.
However the more interesting drill and very useful adaptation is similarly stepping and striking downward while stepping forward in alternating 45 degree angles off to the left then right.  Advancing forward in a zig-zag like fashion. Lease note that timing the downward strike with the turn to 45 degrees off of center line will create and reinforce a good sanchin stance with back leg sharply coming into play to lock the stance as the bokken tip lowers. As you turn to the opposite 45 and execute another strike the alternate leg becomes the front leg, and once again the back leg moves forward sharply to complete the stance as the bokken tip comes down. Practice several sets of this enjoyable drill and you should see improvement in your sanchin footwork.
Best wishes training.
Ethan B. Miller

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Aug 22 2009

The 2009 Okinawa Traditional KarateDo World Tournament

By Manuel T. Neves, Jr., Hachidan Uechiryu KarateDo, Godan, Okinawan KobuDo

Recently, I, along with my son, Jared and daughter, Juliana had an opportunity to visit Okinawa. The main purpose of our visit was to see Yoshiharu Arakaki, Kaicho (Chief) of the World Uechiryu KarateDo Syoubukai Federation. He was moving the hombu (head) dojo of the federation (of which I am a member) from the Yaeguebaru District to the area of Gushikawa. I wanted to see it and be a part of the transition. Being one of Master Kanei Uechi’s most dedicated students, he’s doing a great job of keeping the dento (original) practice alive and well. We also went there for continuous KobuDo practice. KobuDo has become a significant part of our training at the Neves Karate Academy, both at the Lynn, MA and Plympton, Ma dojo.


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Aug 18 2009

Rest in peace, Shifty!

A member of the “ Band of Brothers
died June 17, 2009.

This article was written by Mark Pfiefer

We’re hearing a lot today about big splashy memorial services.

I want a nationwide memorial service for Darrell “Shifty” Powers.

Shifty volunteered for the airborne in WWII and served with Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 101st Airborne Infantry. If you’ve seen Band of Brothers on HBO or the History Channel, you know Shifty. His character appears in all 10 episodes, and Shifty himself is interviewed in several of them.

I met Shifty in the Philadelphia airport several years ago. I didn’t know who he was at the time. I just saw an elderly gentleman having trouble reading his ticket. I offered to help, assured him that he was at the right gate, and noticed the “Screaming Eagle”, the symbol of the 101st Airborne, on his hat.

Making conversation, I asked him if he’d been in the 101st Airborne or if his son was serving. He said quietly that he had been in the 101st. I thanked him for his service, and then asked him when he served, and how many jumps he made.

Quietly and humbly, he said “Well, I guess I signed up in 1941 or so, and was in until sometime in 1945 . . . ” at which point my heart skipped.

At that point, again, very humbly, he said “I made the 5 training jumps at Toccoa, and then jumped into Normandy . . . . do you know where Normandy is?” At this point my heart stopped.

I told him yes, I know exactly where Normandy was, and I know what D-Day was. At that point he said “I also made a second jump into Holland , into Arnhem .” I was standing with a genuine war hero . . .. . And then I realized that it was June, just after the anniversary of D-Day.

I asked Shifty if he was on his way back from France , and he said “Yes. And it’s real sad because these days so few of the guys are left, and those that are, lots of them can’t make the trip.” My heart was in my throat and I didn’t know what to say.

I helped Shifty get onto the plane and then realized he was back in Coach, while I was in First Class. I sent the flight attendant back to get him and said that I wanted to switch seats. When Shifty came forward, I got up out of the seat and told him I wanted him to have it, that I’d take his in coach.

He said “No, son, you enjoy that seat. Just knowing that there are still some who remember what we did and still care is enough to make an old man very happy.” His eyes were filling up as he said it. And mine are brimming up now as I write this.

Shifty died on June 17 after fighting cancer.

There was no parade.

No big event in Staples Center ..

No wall to wall back to back 24×7 news coverage.

No weeping fans on television.

And that’s not right.

Let’s give Shifty his own Memorial Service, online, in our own quiet way. Please forward this email to everyone you know. Especially to the veterans.

Rest in peace, Shifty.

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Aug 16 2009

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Summer 2007 Special Newsletter

Some websites you might be interested in viewing:

One of my favorite students here in Mount Dora, created this website commemorating my 50 years teaching Uechi-ryu. She asked me to post the URL last year when she surprised me with this wonderful gift.

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Jul 28 2009

The Importance of Correct Conditioning!

What a fantastic SummerFest! [View photos HERE]

gem performing opening move from seisan

I’m getting quite a few e-mail from students and teachers who attended and all the reviews were extremely favorable. As one of Uechi-ryu’s “senior” citizens, (72 next month) I try to get involved in as many of the seminars as possible and whenever appropriate, will demonstrate one of the three original kata to make a point that Uechi-ryu is a lifetime activity and that age is not the best way to determine one’s health or ability to enjoy life.

Roy Bedard and Adam Fauro, who created the “Protectors” program agree with my philosophy and spent quite a bit of time explaining, demonstrating and finally taking our people through some of the Protectors’ physical fitness and self defense components.

I decided to participate in Adam’s very physical Plyometrics type drills and discovered some new areas of my body that tend to get ignored (at least in my fitness program) in kata, drills or supplementary exercises. I survived the session and felt great AND a bit proud for keeping up with the youngsters, but a few hours later at the Masters’ Celebration during my Seisan kata . . . well. . . I discovered that the quadriceps are very necessary for a decent jump-back sequence at the end of the kata. I didn’t feel a thing until I dropped into the deep stance and attempted to push-off into the one-legged crane position! At that point my quads felt like someone had injected novacaine into them! Oh well. . . one of the benefits of getting old is that most people are forgiving and perhaps other than me, didn’t give it a thought.

I’m off to the gym this afternoon and will be working those leg muscles I usually ignore. Next year I’ll be ready for the FireDragon Challenge! Watch out Bridget, Adam and of course Fedele! 🙂

Hope you enjoy (click here) the Seisan clip (Flash Format)

Click Here for the Windows Media Player version

It was sent to me by Flora Kung and her karate wonderkids, Max and Mia.


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Jul 27 2009

Testing at SummerFest

Testing Kids at SummerFest:

I want to thank you Sensei George Mattson for allowing me to run my junior black belt test at this years’ summer camp. I must say this has been the high light of all my students’ martial art achievements. This is something my students will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

These students have achieved much in their training and studies. They have worked diligently and relentlessly to be where they are today. The added bonus was to receive their reward in the presence of many local seniors and seniors from other parts of the world. The presence and approval of grandmaster George Mattson sitting on their board is already becoming legion among the student in my dojo.

Many of my students’ parents are calling me to ask if this could be their case when their child is ready for black belt testing. There were 15 messages on my dojo phone and 5 more on my cell. They pledged the dedication of their child in anticipation of such a glorious event involving their little warrior.

If junior testing is something you are willing to do at your camp every year, I will plan for this. I’m sure all my students will work hard for the opportunity to duplicate and experience the joy my new junior black belts felt.

I also believe this will be a goal for all my young students. This may encourage many other students to stay focus and continue studying. A few of my calls at the dojo was from parent who had took their children out because of other interest.


Darin Yee

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Jul 18 2009

SummerFest Incentive!!!


Update from the Cape!

Susan and I are enjoying a few days on Cape Cod prior to SummerFest. We arrived in Providence yesterday and was greeted with a nasty rain storm that covered most of New England. Not what we wanted to see with camp only a few days away.

This morning (Wed) Bill Bauknecht, Art Rabesa and I played golf. weather was cool and thankfully dry. . . a good sign and omen. By the 8th hole the sun was shining brightly and the golf match was all even between Bill and me.

We have made arrangements with the Maritime Academy to use the huge gymnasium should the weather turn nasty again, but the forcasts for the weekend are very good. But. . . if it is raining Friday morning at 9AM, registration and classes will be held in the gym. As soon as you enter the Maritime Academy entrance, the gym is the first building on the right.

Our big golf tournament is tomorrow (Thursday) and classes will begin Friday morning at 9AM. (Registration will either be next to the dining room if weather is good or in the gym if it is raining)

See you “on the beach” at 6:30AM Friday! Oh yes, Arthur Rabesa will be with us Friday!

George Mattson



More Good News!!! Raffi Derdarian will be teaching a two hour seminar on Sunday morning at SummerFest!


JKD is the martial art that was created by Bruce Lee. It is a blended system of boxing, kickboxing, Wing Chun, Ju-Jitsu, and several other arts. It’s concepts and principles draw from many different systems and styles.

My intention is to teach that which will enhance the students and practitioners of Uechi-ryu. Much of what we do in JKD blends well with our Uechi style. I will cover some rudimentary flow drills (from Wing Chun Gung Fu) and Trapping Techniques which will include countering your opponent’s block.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Raffi Derderian



NEW!! IUKF NewsLetter: Click Here to View!

Summerfest Incentive

What will it take to motivate

your dojo to support Summerfest?

How about this?

1. Organize a Summerfest-Dojo-Outing for either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
2. Receive a private seminar with George Mattson, for all members of your dojo who attend.
3. The dojo must have at least 20 participants to qualify.
4. Reserve your Summerfest seminar day and time by calling George’s cell phone 352-434-9906.

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