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WinterFest FireDragon Challenge

by George Mattson

This year the Mount Dora Recreation Department will be hosting the FireDragon Challenge that is being conducted at the Martial Art WinterFest. We are inviting martial art schools to bring teams to compete in categories ranging from 5 year old children to 70+ year olds. The Challenge will be conducted Saturday, February 12th from 9AM – noon. Martial art instructors will be teaching basic sessions during the afternoon that will include introductory lessons in Uechi-ryu, sport karate sparring and traditional Okinawa weapons.

Registration for the Challenge begins at 9AM and will include lunch plus introductory martial art lessons during the afternoon. Registration fee only $15! (Click on image to view and print FireDragon poster)

Of course, George Mattson will once again head up a stellar list of senior martial art masters teaching at WinterFest on Friday and Saturday (February 11th & 12th). Details and registration information

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