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“No Touch” Discussion…. Again…

by George Mattson

"No Touch" Discussion. . . Again

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Seems as though every six months or so, some martial artist discovers the magical world of "no touch" self defense.

I’m always impressed that the most charismatic of the "no touch" masters are able to actually build dojos and attract hundreds or more devotees. Not only are these followers attending classes where they discover and enhance their innate abilities to wave hands to dispense knife/club wielding foes, but they do all this without engaging in all those exercises and drills the rest of their martial art associates must practice endlessly.

The only problem I see with this formula is a phenomenon that seems to haunt the "no touch" proponents. . . The Grand Master falls victim to the same "I believe" scenario his students suffer from.

At this point the Grand Master becomes vulnerable to his strong belief in his abilities. "After all, if I can destroy 10 of my students in a free-for-all, then whats the worse thing that can happen against some kid who has the audacity to question my powers!"

Watch the Grand Master who in the first video clip waves and winks away all his youthful and energetic students. Students magically fall, jump, flip and bounce after entering the Grand Master’s energy force field. Hell. . . the Grand Master doesn’t even work up a sweat nor mess up his hair. I was most impressed!

But alas, our Grand Master believes and not only accepts a challenge from a (gasp) non-student, but he signs a contract saying if he is defeated in a full contact fight, he will give-up his dojo and stop teaching!

Now isn’t that is a sign of confidence?

Both video clips are worth watching. The first one, where you can see a full fledged "scam" being perpetrated on both the spectators and the participants. Oh yea, on the Grand Master as well.

In the 2nd clip, watch what happens when a "reality check" hits the Grand Master repeatedly in the head.

Don’t feel sorry for the Grand Master. He can always come to America and use his talents in the Televangelist field. Instead of knocking out the believers, he can save their souls and cure their hemorrhoids and acne with a wave and wink. You can view the discussion forum and clips by clicking here.

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