Sep 17 2006

Ebook basic course intro

E-books are the future. Yes, the old paper versions will remain, much the same way Newspapers will always be part of our lives. But like the Internet, e-books will offer inexpensive access to a much wider range of specialty subjects that will be of interest to a smaller audience. This is especially true for sports and less known martial arts.
e-Martial Arts, Ltd has many titles in the works. So far, we have published:
  • A four hour “private lesson” course in Uechi-ryu. (1st hour book is available)
  • The Black Belt Test Guide, 2nd edition. Available with the IUKF membership and will be available to the general public soon.
  • The companion book to Grand Master Kanei Uechi’s Kyhon. The complete text translated into English. 1st 700 pages now available.
  • Scissors, Rock, Paper. Harvey Liebergott’s excellent book will be available soon.
  • Art Rabesa’s “Explosive Karate” and “Kumite” will be added soon.
┬áBe sure to read the “Instruction” page before downloading.
Note to Kindle fans: So far, we have published “Uechi-ryu Karate Do” (First edition with new notes by me) , “The Way of Karate”, my first book, originally published in 1962 and Dave Smith’s “Kyhon” translation. These books can be obtained at the Amazon web site or in our Uechi Store. While there, pick up your on-line copy of “The Black Belt Test Guide” v 4.2.

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