Aug 06 2013

Another Fantastic Event!!

summerfest group pic-2013

I wish to extend my thanks to everyone who attended Summer Fest and one big “we missed you” to those of you who for one reason or another could not be here.  It was a great time seeing a lot of friends whom I have not seen since last year.  Next year, I was hoping some of you could come a few days earlier.  It would be my pleasure you show you around Plymouth.  I have lived here for 34 years and I know what to see and where everything is.

Although I am sort of set in my Martial arts ways because of my 54 years in martial arts training and 44 years of Uechi-Ryu, there is always something I can learn from another.  Even if it is something I may not use, it is always refreshing to understand the mentality and thought process of other well trained martial artist.  In these unions and meetings, we have the opportunity to see those we’ve only heard about and gain a healthier respect for one another.

My personal, selfish reason for attending Summer Fest and Winter Fest is the opportunity to see and train again with family.  If we are Uechi-Ryu students in America, we are in one way or another connected to the seeds which were planted by Sensei George E. Mattson some 50-60 years ago.  Organizational lines were not thought of or drawn until some believed they wanted to build their own castles.  I congratulate all who have successfully accomplished their goals.  Still, Bushido dictates loyalty and integrity.  Regardless of whom you’ve studied from in America, your senseis were in one way or another connected to Sensei George E. Mattson.

This is Sensei Mattson’s forum for all Uechi-Ryu people.  As Americans North and South, these are our roots.  We are all families tied to these roots.  Together, we can only become stronger.  I hope to see more of you next Winter Fest and Summer Fest.  Next time, let others know of the great time you’ve had and bring some friends.  Have your friend bring their friends.  No one will be disappointed.

The ones who attended can attest to the wonderful time we had together.  We worked out hard, learned a lot, ate in some of the best restaurants and visited some of the local historical sites.  I understand a lot of us did not get a lot of sleep but it’ll add to our memories.

See you at the next big one
Darin Yee

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Jul 02 2013

…and he vowed never to teach again.

By Robert Hunt

(Originally published in the July, 2013 Wado Newsletter – reprinted with permission)

A white ceiling of hazy clouds floated across the Cape Cod sky like a friendly
wraith holding the sizzling July sun at bay. The breeze off the Atlantic ruffled my hair
and dried the salty sweat on my skin like a popsicle on Arizona blacktop.



I strode across the green grass of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, a couple
miles from the entry to Cape Cod Bay, and stopped to watch a small legion of diehards in dirty white karate pajamas (rapidly assuming the camouflage colors of earth and grass)
kick and punch, jump, run, scramble and shout to the cadence of a Sempai doing what Sempai have felt the urge to do for centuries – conjure diabolical exercises to make
students ask themselves the eternal karate question, “What am I doing here?”
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Jun 30 2013

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Jun 10 2013

White Mountain Dojo workout!!!

June 8th Seminar W.M.K. DojoI wanted to thank Sensei Yee of the IUKF for another great seminar last night. We had 17 students from the dojo attend and Sensei Yee helped train us in the movements of the wa-uke bunkai along with breaking down several techniques in Seichin kata. Sensei Yee has made several trips up to the White Mountain Karate dojo over the past few years and has always been very giving of his time and knowledge of the soft side of Uechi Ryu along with the Kung fu roots that Uechi comes

Christian Maine
White Mountain Karate

W.M.K. Dojo

Speed with Glare Style


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Jun 06 2013

Butokukai 2013 Graduation Ceremony

Sue and I had a wonderful time once again at the annual graduation ceremony for black belt promotions during 2013. Many thanks to Buzz and Judy Durkin for inviting me and to Bridget for all her helpand assistance arranging the trip and making it so trouble free and enjoyable. Thanks to all the students and teachers who attended my seminars and worked so hard during the classes.


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Apr 19 2013

May 11 Workout Big Success

1960s Boston Workout

1960s Boston Workout

Our May 11th “regional workout” like the previous 2 was a huge success.  Our number of attendees were 50 plus.  They came from all of the surrounding states and traveled as far as 3 to 4 hours to honor us with their participation.

Sensei Gary Wong 8th dan and I were both part of the competition team from the Boston Mattson Academy back in the early “70s” who had much success in national and international tournaments.  Our workout this time around was some of the simple Uechi techniques which we’ve trained and used in our winning fighting style.  I added some of the effective take downs from our Uechi-Ryu movements.

Looking back, that was over 40 years ago.  Sensei Gary Wong and I are just overjoyed to have the opportunity to pass on some of the experience and knowledge we’ve accumulated these 40 plus years in diligent, open minded martial arts training.

Our next regional workout will be in Plymouth, NH hosted by sensei Christian Maine.  Christian sensei is one of the new, up and coming stars in Uechi-Ryu.  He is open minded and has worked out with numerous Uechi organizations while developing a friendship with all that he’s come in contact with.  To me, Christian Maine leads by example the true road of Bushido.

Please keep in touch with me and I will announce Christian’s workout plans as soon as I receive them.  This workout will be held in New Hampshire which is beautiful during the summer season.  Plan to spend a little time there before or after the workout as I’m sure you will love the scenic area.  My students and I are going to plan this as a min vacation/road trip and get a great workout also. Hope to see all of you soon.

A special thanks goes to Barry Chu, John Hwee, Harry Skeffington and friends from Boston Chinatown whom I have not seen or worked out with in a long time since I’ve open my Plymouth dojo.  It was wonderful to have this opportunity to work out with them again.


Darin Yee



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Apr 16 2013

Boston Chinatown Celebration


This is just a quick note to thank you for joining me for the annual kung fu dinner in Boston.  This was always a great reason for Uechi people to get together for festivities outside of a workout.  We get to join the largest martial arts organizations in Boston’s Chinatown and their associates from the entire eastern seaboard.

There were approximately 500 in attendance.  Over 70 of the attendee were Uechi-Ryu people from the New England area.  The Uechi-Ryu people came from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  I apologize if I did not contact you in regards to this event.  I will truly try to include you next year.  Please do not hesitate to remind me if you are interested for next year.  This event will only get bigger as years go by.

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Mar 21 2013

GEM Library Archives


Van Cann’s 80′s Competition Team Members

Amazing how many videos, pictures and memories one can accumulate in a lifetime. I have a storage locker filled with memorabilia that I’m trying to catalog and digitize for the future Martial Art Library my friends are creating. Hope you enjoy some of the memories that didn’t make it into my last book, “The Way of Uechi-ryu Karate”.





Two of the best tourney fighters of the time – “Moto” & “Tanaka”


Probably the best fighter of the era, Nev Kimbrell

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Mar 19 2013

First Mattson Academy group picture

Wow! Either 1959 or 1960 group picture of my advanced class at the first outdoor workout in a park in Newton, MA. I can still identify a couple of individuals. . . Me, Tom Bruno, Charles Couflin. . . Can you identify any of the others???


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