Warming the Chi

by George Mattson

by David Nishimoto

So, as a Martial Artist that has practiced standing meditation, one hour a day, for a year; your ready to advance to the next level. In last year, a rare form of discipline has evolved, as a part of your new found martial art discipline. You now possess the ability to clear your mind of distractions, at will. You are centered and powerful. Much more powerful than you’ll ever know. You have gained a deeper understanding of focus and Zen. As a great Martial Artist you realize the mind extends through out the body moving chi energy through your body. You realize chi movement is controlled by the mind. The mind can move chi. Chi is the battery. Jing is the electrical current or kinetic force. You can feel chi, but not necessary Jing. A sense of balance and softness has been strongly integrated into your frame. You understand the mind controls how the mind and body root to the earth. You’ve learned to use redirection and rooting to repel external forces. You may be starting to understand the basics of jing. This largely depends on your chi levels, understanding of chi and its application, and your natural capabilities. A strong feeling of spirituality has emerged, as deeper levels of concentration and focus have been obtained, and you have greater control over your emotions and mental state. Your mind is centered. You are at one with yourself. These are the basic requirements, you must have, before working on the next level.

The next level is called warming the chi. Return to a standing position, let your arms form a circle, like your holding a large pot, legs are slightly bent, palms facing towards the body, and fingers from both hands face each other, with a six inch gap. Focus chi energy up from your center along the spine, down the arms, and into the palm of the hands. You may feel a energy current and resulting vibrations, as the energy starts to flow. Be sensitive and thoughtful about what your doing. Don’t force the affect or try to hard. Your breathing should be deep and relaxed. Image each breath brings an oxygen rich resource to your body. Remember the energy flow is determined by your singularity of mental focus. Concentrate with real intent. The energy will radiate from the both palms creating a sensation of warmth. Also, visualize energy flowing down to the bottom of your feet, and spiraling deep into the earth. As the chi warms, it is like being suspended in warm water. Let the energy flow continuously, warming and relaxing your body. As the chi warms your body, it will start to feel more relaxed. This is very healthy for your mind, spirit, and body. Its important to keep your mind clear, open and focused. The relaxation represents the balance between positive and negative. As you relax you may feel an excitement pertaining to your mastery and control of your energy. Obtainment of energy flow and control is a great achievement. Appreciate and value what you have and what you have accomplished. This is a very satisfying, state of being. It should take about ten minutes to create the necessary energy flow to feel a warm sensation; focus on warming the chi, and you will find it easy to maintaining your standing meditation of the hour, without pain. If your arms start to hurt drop them down into the standing bear posture. If your feet feel like they are falling a sleep, move the weight from side to side. Its important to remain comfort, safe, and focused. It is important to generate this energy balance in every aspect of your martial art training and life. This experience will definitely change your conceptualization of power. You will start to understand what the master knew throughout the ages. As you do so, the correct path will emerge for you to follow. Good Luck in your mastery.

Continue this practice for the remainder of the year, and I will provide additional instruction.

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