Suspended Floor

by George Mattson

by Charles Roberts

… In one of the article’s I have been reading you stated that you would like to do Sanchin in an airplane.
I was thinking how about making a floor out of 2×4’s and suspend it form the ceiling, so it would be no more than 3″ off the floor. Then place around it bumpers, to keep the floor from swinging too much. Also, it would aid in the change in direction. This floor does not have to be very big, no more than a sheet of plywood (4×8) …

Side View

Bottom View

This is a drawing only to show how the floor may look after construction. You may build it any size you want and you can replace the suspension wires for rollers.
The Bumpers can be placed about six inches away from the edge of the floor to allow for more swing or roll. You will need about eight of them, two per side. They can be 4X4 that is cut about one foot in length and placed in a bracket that is used for a patio corner post. Bolt them to the floor.
If you use the wire, make sure it will support the weight of the floor and then some. (like 50% more).
The floor should be as a working area of a kata plus two to three feet more on each side for a buffer.

Charles Roberts

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