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Memo to: All Uechi-ryu Karate Dojos in Nova Scotia and P.E.I.

by George Mattson

From: Dave Hunt on behalf of Sensei Mattson

Re: NAC Referee Certification

Sensei Mattson asked if I would contact all of you regarding referee certification. He would like to have your ideas and feelings towards the implementation of an official referee program. It would likely involve regular clinics in Nova Scotia to acheive referee status or different levels of proficiency. It is hoped that we could develop “sister” programs in the US and Canada which would be based on the same rules and would standardize the refereeing at all Uechi-ryu competitions including the World Championships.

Your ideas and comments are important and will contribute to the discussion regarding this topic. Please take the time to voice your opinions and write or call me as soon as possible but preferrably before March 30, 1996. When all of the feedback is collected, Sensei Mattson will have a better idea where we stand on the issue and how an official program, if desired, would be best implemented. Sensei Mattson indicated to me that he will likely be speaking about this matter to each dojo owner in the near future.

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