Standing Meditation

by George Mattson

by David Nishimoto

Standing meditation builds great marital artists. Lets start with standing. Standing builds the frame. The frame is used to repel or redirect all forms of force. Once a student has been standing for a few years they build a integrated frame. The integrated frame becomes the beginning of advance drills for refining balance. All martial art systems have some forms and methods for improving balance. Here’s how to begin.

Select a private and secluded area where you can stand without interruption. In many areas of the country, if you go to a park you will experience more interruptions than its worth. Its important that you select an area where you can devote 100% concentration on what your doing. Don’t be afraid to explain to people, who may see you, what your doing. Just say, “standing meditation, minimal investment and maximum results.”

Start with your feet separated at shoulder distance. Slightly bend your knees keeping the back straight. Image your body is suspend from a rafter. Let the arms hang down and slightly in front with your fingers separated. Concentrate on breathing slowly and rhythmically.

Later move your arms upward forming a ring shape in front of your body. The palms of your hands should face inward and the fingers pointing at each other with a small gap in between the hands. Image you are hugging a tree. Working on the feeling of expansion and contraction as you stand. Adjust your balance as you feel slight changes in weight.

Standing requires you to focus on your breath, weight distribution, and mental focus. At first your mind will be racing. What do you think of? Nothing. You’ll be able to free your mind and reach a state of mental activity similar to one just before waking up. This is the beta state. An advanced form of relaxation where learning is maximized and the maximum benefits for your body are achieved.

Stand for only small periods of time, but over the year work up to a hour of standing. Once you’ve reach this level contact me for additional instructions. I recommend working in groups. If you have the determination to stand then more advance concepts can be taught later.

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