Peace Law verse Fist Law

by George Mattson

By David Nishimoto

The only way to generate chi energy into jing is to be in state of enlightment, love, and confidence. The divine receiption of this love and enlightment must be strong. It is easily perceivable through through the eyes. Love is the light that radiates generates jing power in such a way that it can be felt over a distance. On one such occassion, I was demonstrating the relationship between chi and jing and how to generate jing by summoning chi to a student. I felt an unusual excitement and enthusiam about demonstrating this concept. The energy tunneled at him, and he attempted to resist the energy flow, he exclaimed and shook his hand in pain. Obviously feeling a sharp pain. I realized the more chi that could be summon the great the jing force. Once rooted and connected to light great amounts of energy can be projected.

The expression of jing is a conscience choice. One can be content in the accumulation of chi. Chi can accumulate strengthen the inner self. The result is a deep sense of balance, satisfication, and health. That is not to say that chi can not be transformed at will into power. The highest goal is to desire to be filled full of love and have no compelling need to attack against aggression. Peace and harmony dictate the way we act. Actions must seek to return to an equilbrium or to a state of peace and harmony. This spiritual discipline is developed through correct martial art’s training and practice. Portions of love and enlightment are manifested during training. Martial art training without the desire to experience light and love is meaningless. The desire to achieve enlightenment and love comes through self discipline and focus. One can learn from the martial art movements themselves gaining insight and understanding into the profoundness of life. It is the desire to live in peace and harmony that creates the greatest fullifillment for a martial artist. By believing in this goal, it becomes easy to practice daily and for long periods of time and without the need to compete for a victory. The time spent is not punishment but an effort to achieve higher planes of spiritual awareness.

There may come a time, you are confronted by a person who does not have light in their eyes. Their eyes may seem cold and devoid of light and love. It is their personal envy, jealousy, and covetness with make them feel empty. They can create a piercing and shocking sensation. Don’t become angry maintain stronger love. Love your enemies is more powerful than hate them that dispise you. Internally, if you main love and enlightment the amount of available chi energy available will increase. Mental control of Jing will become available if there is any real physical danger with the effects being devasting. The internal vibration is the secret to kempo. This power can be projected and felt over a distance. Maintain soft eyes, focus, and love in your heart. Don’t yield to fear or anger. Seek to return to a state of peace and harmony. Eventually, this person will need to be helped before its to late. Hopefully you will believe “Peace law” is far more powerful than “fist law”.

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