Roy Bedard

Roy Bedard is a professional consultant with over 20 years experience in the public safety sector. He has traveled throughout the nation and abroad providing training and expertise to police, corrections and the military with RRB Systems, International.

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Police Procedure, Self Defense and Governmental Use of Force

Roy Bedard has over 25 Years experience in law enforcement, private security and corrections use of force training, addressing force transactions in the field, in facilities, state prisons and county jails. As a career field and classroom instructor, Roy Bedard is gifted with the ability to clearly articulate and describe the often confusing and complex science of law enforcement decision making and use of force in easy to understand terms. He has helped legal counselors, administrative personnel and civilian jurors make sense of the contributing factors which justify or invalidate the use of force.

Mr. Bedard has consulted and trained law enforcement officers throughout the US and abroad since 1986 on issues including, empty hand tactics, proper use and application of handcuffs and restraints, use of police impact weapons, deployment of chemical aerosols and sprays and the use of firearms and dart firing stun guns. He has testified in deposition and open court to matters involving use of force decision making, arrest procedures, street interdiction, private security permissions and limitations, jail classification issues, facility security, policy review of operational procedures and cell extraction methods. He is an approved expert in combat stress, and has offered testimony in civilian claims of self defense. He has never been rejected as an expert in any jurisdiction where he has been asked to offer testimony.

Mr. Bedard is available for a preliminary consultation to determine if he may provide expert assistance in both civil and criminal cases in State or Federal court.

A full curriculum vitae is available upon request.


  • Police and Corrections Policy and Procedure
  • use of force; arrest techniques;
  • Citizen Self-Defense claims
  • justifiable use of force; castle doctrine; stand your ground laws
  • Police and Corrections Equipment, Training and Application
  • handcuffs and restraints; chemical agents;electronic control devices (ECD); batons and impact weapons; firearms;
  • 4th Amendment,
  • reasonable suspicion; objective reasonableness; probable cause;
  • 8th Amendment
  • punitive force; cruel and unusual punishment
  • police Procedures
  • patrol; response to calls for service; suspect identification field interviews; apprehensions and detentions
  • Field Training
  • “Excited Delirium”
  • Academy Curriculum
  • development; research; application


Recent case for which I have been retained:

  • State (Florida) v. Wylie
  • Hamilton v LaJoie et al 3:2007cv00148 Connecticut District Court 42:1983 Prisoner Civil Rights
  • Faybik v Coates 8:2008cv01481 Florida Middle District Court 42:1983 Civil Rights
  • State (Oregon) v. Van Ornum
  • State (West Viriginia) v. Messer
  • State (Florida) v. Squire
  • Roeber v Makowiecki et al 8:2007cv00954 Florida Middle District Court 42:1983 Civil Rights Act P. Petitions Prison Conditions
  • Keys v City of Chicago et al 1:2009cv04162 Illinois Northern District Court 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
  • State (North Carolina) v Taylor
  • Amelis-Casdorph v Rick Beseler et al 3:2009cv00490 Florida Middle District 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
  • Nims v City of Ames 4:2009cv00176 Iowa Southern District Court 28:1331 Fed. Question: Personal Injury
  • Gainer v White et al 8:2008cv02134 Florida Middle District Court 42:1983 Prisoner Civil Rights
  • Chukes v Young et al 4:2009cv00432 Florida Northern District Civil Rights Act
  • State (Florida) v Rice
  • State (Florida) v Graziano
  • Goins et al v. City of Quitman et al 7:2009cv00133 Georgia Middle District Court – Civil Rights Act
  • Knight v. Forsyth County, et al 1:2009cv01790 Northern District of Georgia – Civil Rights Act
  • Thomas v Borough of Swissvale, et al 2:2009cv00996 Pennsylvania Western District Court – Civil Rights Act
  • Williams et al v Miami Dade County et al, 1:2010cv21045 Florida Southern District Court – Civil Rights
  • State of Georgia v Kopkie
  • Al Poisson v Saint Mercy Medical Center et al, C10200805593 Court of Common Please, Lucas Ohio
  • Mioka Medolla and Jason Galindez v Officer Craig Davis and Officer Chris Fagakis, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County

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