Arthur Rabesa

Sensei Art Rabesa


Master Instructor Art Rabesa will be at SummerFest all three days, teaching:

Friday: 9AM – 10AM —– Intermediate Kata: Konshiwa and Konshiwa bunkai

Friday: 3PM – 4PM —— Close-in Fighting strategies, using principles of Uechi-ryu

Saturday: 9AM – 10AM —– Intermediate Kata: Konshu and practical applications contained in this kata.

Saturday: 3PM – 4PM ——- Dan Kumite applications and fighting strategies taught in this drill.

Sunday: 9AM – 3PM ——- Available for private lessons: Purchase 15 minute chits from Susan.


Uechi-ryu master instructor Art Rabesa is now available to teach dojo seminars. . .

Art will also be teaching at this year’s SummerFest on Friday and Saturday as well as private sessions on Sunday.

Contact Art at 508-564-4386 to arrange a date.

Although Art is probably best known for his extraordinary fighting skills, he is also a gifted teacher in all aspects of Uechi-ryu.

To those of us who have known Arthur for many years, consider him to be one of Uechi-ryu’s “Living Treasures”! Take advantage of this golden opportunity and call today!

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