Robb Buckland

Robb will be teaching all three days of the camp.

Are you terrified of assault…abuse…a violent, drug crazed attacker? Criminals thrive on FEAR…they choose their victims by watching for weakness and vulnerability…they know you will hesitate. Criminals prey on hesitation and compliance… Criminals don’t wait for you to be ready and they don’t fight fair… You deserve to be prepared. Confront reality… master your FEARS…build the confidence to do what is necessary…before you become a victim.

FEARS is based on success.
Founded as a response to unrealistic training approaches of martial arts students, setting them up for failure in non traditional encounters. FEARS training focuses on the needs of the student and the situation. The FEARS Ltd. instructional specialists team offers programs for those with no self defense experience and seminars for higher level instructors of martial arts. Whatever your background, whatever your need, FEARS Ltd. can provide you with the confidence in your abilities to master any situation. Our experienced instructional specialists have provided numerous programs for Women’s Self Defense, Personal Protection for Business Travelers, military personnel, security professionals and seminars for Black Belt instructors with thousands of students

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