Herman – Digital Trainer

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Herman – Digital Trainer
Designed for measuring Sports all types of Impact


“What a fantastic training program” – Sensei George E. Mattson


Herman Wireless
Traier & Sensor Sets

The Herman Interactive Training System is perfect for MMA & Martial Arts.

It works in classes, private lessons, and training at home. Athletes can focus on techniques or cardio-vascular workouts and conduct competitions. The progressive programs guide athletes as they advance through their training and belt levels. Herman works as a life-long partner for MMA fighters or advanced martial artists who want to improve or at least maintain their skills. The Herman workouts can be simple with no specified techniques or get extremely sophisticated with very specific techniques. With My Herman, coaches/trainers and athletes can create their own workouts for My Herman and the Herman Trainer.

Attaching our sensor to any target instantly makes it smart. Subjectivity is replaced by objectivity. Manual is replaced by automatic. And routine is replaced by energized.

The Herman Trainer can specify 50 martial arts techniques, from the beginner hand strikes to the advanced spinning kicks. Techniques are grouped into individual workouts from self defense, to hand strikes, to kicks, to hands and kicks. The complexity of the techniques and the difficulty of the workouts match the athlete’s training level from Beginner to Professional. As martial artist progresses, they can move to more advanced programs.  With My Herman there is an almost unlimited number of techniques, technique intervals, and workouts.

Competition is a key element of Herman’s value. Athletes can compete against themselves by comparing their current scores to the past. And they can compete against others by comparing scores either individually or as part of a team. This competition adds new life to the classroom. The objective scoring can also add another dimension to martial arts belt tests and tournaments.

Training in the classroom or at home can be further enhanced by hooking up a Herman to a personal computer. The MY HERMAN and HERMAN GRAPHICS programs are pumped up versions of the Herman Trainer, graphically showing the activity of all three axes and the score of each strike in real time. Everyone can watch the good and the bad as it happens. Instructors can cheer on their students. Students can cheer on their classmates. And individuals can push themselves as they try to improve their strikes. With My Herman you can create your own workouts, compare scores against yourself or another athlete, get verbal countdowns and feedback, track progress, and conduct competitions.

To succeed in MMA and Martial Arts takes time, energy, and discipline. The many elements and uses of the Herman Interactive Training System are invaluable in achieving this success. Classes and personal training become a lot more fun and effective, with new competition, immediate objective feedback, automatic record keeping, and custom workouts.

Martial Arts & MMA training have gone hi-tech with Herman leading the way


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