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2018 SummerFest

Very Important Note Regarding SummerFest!

I wish to thank Buzz Durkin and the members of the Butokukai, for stepping up after I was diagnosed with cancer in August, 2016, offering to help organize and manage SummerFest until I recovered fully from my illness. 2017 SummerFest was such a great success, I agreed to host future SummerFests with Butokukai..

Register early!

By the way. . . I continue on the road to complete recovery and am looking forward to seeing you at SummerFest in 2018. Be sure to register early in order to secure discounts available for seminars, hotel rooms and banquet.





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2016 – – – What – When – Where

August 5th and 6th, 2016

34th Anniversary Martial Arts SummerFest Conference

1983 summerfest group picture

NOTE: From Susan: Deadline for free T-shirt is July 15th!!

Mail in and Store Application deadline is July 21st.

After July 21st, you must pay at the door.

There will be an additional $50.00 charge  Cash Only

See you August 6th (Friday)



 2016 Summerfest Schedule Here

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To mail-in registration and payment
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Click Here to view the Alumni of Presenters who have taught seminars at SummerFest. Many will be with us this year!

SummerFest schedule Here

SummerFest-2016: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 5th and 6th
JuniorFest: Saturday, August 5th: 1:30om – 4pm  (9am-11am Bonus workout for kids that can arrive early)

JunglePlex located in Plymouth, MA. (Directions)


Please print out a schedule so you will know where to go at the beginning of each class hour. (Bonus sessions starts at 9am sharp) Check-in at the door will begin at 8am each day. Presenters and Pre-registered participants please enter where indicated at door. There will be a table to register for

Late Registrations. Please bring correct tuition in cash.

NOTE: Friday & Saturday Masters Celebration admission fee for visitors: $49

Buffet appetizers at Celebration/Party following Graduation ceremonies


Payments at the door must be in CASH!


Welcome to the Uechi-ryu Martial Art SummerFest website. Running a successful conference is a lot of work and requires lots of support and help from my friends. After many years of conducting the camp at the Mass Maritime Academy, Sue and I decided to try out a different facility and to make a few important changes that many people have suggested.

Many of our participants are over 40 and found the dormitory room setup uncomfortable. . . especially trying to get into the bunk bed which was six feet off the ground! Rain, although something we never had to deal with, is always a possibility and a potential problem we didn’t want to deal with. The Maritime cafeteria served OK food, but for many camp participants, dining at local restaurants is a preferred option. Probably the biggest pain for everyone was the drive to camp while fighting Cape Cod traffic.

The new facility in Plymouth is easy to reach from Boston and other locations. Local hotels are cooperating by offering discounts for early reservations and we are working at getting local restaurants to give our people discounts.

And with 60,000 square feet of workout area, plus many rooms for “breakout” sessions and a full service lounge and cafereria for snacks, our camp should run smoothly and stress free.

I’ve been working with a number of senior martial artist who are skilled in conducting major sporting and educational events in order to find out other areas of SummerFest that need updating, modification and improvement. Some of the areas we are working on include:

1. Identify and finalize the Presenter list for the three days of camp as soon as possible.

2. Create a new and well organized website with easy to find links and topics.

3. Publish an advanced schedule of seminars in order for participants to review and sort out their list of seminars to attend during the three days.

4. Map out the facility with clearly defined seminar areas so presenters and participants will easily be able to find them.

5. Publish a list of local hotels and restaurants with discounted rates for camp attendees.

6. Because this will be a very important camp for many of us, it has been suggested that we adopt a dress code for working out. I would like to hear from you on how you feel about wearing a lightweight gi bottom, camp t-shirt and karate belt? I kind of like this idea.

I’ll be continuing to work on this site and hope to have all the important information up by the end of May. Early registrations, hotel room reservations and airline tickets should be done as soon as possible. Airline fares continue to fluctuate and you should start checking them out now to get your best deal.

Looking forward to seeing you at camp this year,

George Mattson

Note: New Home for SummerFest is Plymouth, MA at the
JunglePlex Sports Facility



The Junglelplex has 60,000 sq. feet, all air conditioned, so we won’t have to worry about the constantly changing New England weather. There is also an outdoor area for those who wish to work outside. If you are curious about the weather forecast, Check Here.



From Sensei Darin Yee:

I will also be assisting running the children’s program as I’ve done these passed 4 years.  Every year, we have a different program and every year, the children have a great time.  The children’s cost for 6 hours training is $49 per child.  That would be less then $10 an hour for fun filled exercises, training related games and a memorable day.   Chech the website for details.  Early enrolments must be received by July 20, 2014.  Also be informed “children enrollment fee does NOT include camp tee shirts, drinks or food.

Last year, the children jumped, ran, stretched, kicked, punched, sparred and competed in our lighting rod challenge.  They had so much fun no one wanted to end at 4pm.

This year, please consider talking up this event for the children in your dojo.  I think they will have so much fun, I may have to keep thing going to 5 pm again.  No promises.  We’ll see. This program was designed for 9am to 4pm with an hour & half break for lunch at 12 noon.  Parents can pack their lunches.  They can purchase drinks from the machines at the camp or parents may take their children out to one of the 6 nearby restaurants.

Please ask your little students to bring their sparring gear (hand pads, feet pads, head protection, mouth piece, jock strap with cup and chest pad if so desire,  as we will go through sparring techniques in middle speed.  The gear is just a precaution.  I have taught children sparring since 1970 beginning at Mattson Academy on Cambridge Street and no one has ever been injured.  If they don’t have gear, I will have extra with me.  No guarantee the sizes would be a perfect fit and they have to share.  Would be better if they have and brought their own sparring equipment.

Hope to see you and your little ninja at summer fest this year.  They will have a memorable time.


Darin Yee



The Junglelplex has 60,000 sq. feet, all air conditioned, so we won’t have to worry about the constantly changing New England weather. There is also an outdoor area for those who wish to work outside. If you are curious about the weather forecast, Check Here.

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