George E. Mattson

Sensei George E. Mattson is well known within the martial art community and respected as an innovator, author, teacher and practitioner of the martial arts. He began his studies on Okinawa in the mid 50s and began teaching Uechi-ryu in Boston in 1958. He has remained very active as a teacher and practitoner ever since. Currently he resides in Florida and teaches in Mount Dora.

This year Geoge will focus on what he calls “Core” Uechi-ryu during his Friday, Saturday and Sunday seminars. He will work on basic movements within Uechi-ryu that are often performed incorrectly and results in joint damage due to this misunderstanding of practice and training. He believes that all “core” movements must be developed in Sanchin and during early instruction in order to avoid the damaging and long-term injuries so common in the martial arts.

Both teachers and students should check out his seminars.

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