Dec 28 2005


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Wow!!!!While I’ve been traveling and busy with non-karate business, Van Canna has been setting records on the Forums; recently logging in a seemingly impossible number of posts (50,000) on his Reality based forum.

Van works hard creating controversial and interesting topics. To do this, he will often take positions that force traditional martial artist to dig deep examining why they train the way they do. Regardless how you feel about Van and his methods, there is no question he has played a major role in making realistic training and a warrior’s “mindset” part of traditional Uechi-ryu.

Keep up the good work Van.

October 31, 2006

Just returned from Baltimore where Sue and I attended Greg Postal’s wedding. What a great time was had by all. Besides Jerry McDonald and Paul Haydu, pictured here with Greg and me, Fedele Cacia, Wes Tasker and Mike and Jane Aceto attended the festivities.
You are invited to check out the wedding pictures Sue and I took by clicking here.

2006 IUKF “Tour-to-China” group picture

IUKF Chairman Dr. Paul Haydu’s report on the 2006 China Tour:
 Click here or on photo to read Paul’s article.

Note from GEM: The group has been sending in their pictures for publication. Check them out in the “Photo Gallery”. Also, if you missed Darin Yee’s article relating to the Tour, click on “IUKF” on the left and view the “Editor’s” corner.

Website Notes. . .

Received a couple of calls about the new “WhatsNew” feature. Apparently, some browsers are unable to activate the links within text. If you can’t see or use this LINK, you must go to the WhatsNew feature by going to the left frame and click “IUKF”, then “WhatsNew”. A few people also had trouble viewing the clips. This is because you must install the DIVX viewer, which should install automatically. If it doesn’t, look for a highlighted line above your browser that says you must approve this installation. Just click “install” and follow the instructions.

I’ve also just added two dan kumite instruction videos to the “private lesson” site. You must be a member of IUKF and I must activate your “special” status in order to view this feature. Just email me with your IUKF I.D. number to activate.

October 7, 2006: New Video Feature.

I just published the first of my video archives clips. I edited the 1 hour training film taken at sensei Yonamine’s dojo way back in 1985 into small clips, which can be easily viewed.

I’ll be contributing a lot more editorials and “whatsnew” updates to the site via video. With the new and easy to use video technology available, I can post interviews, news and old clips from my collection. Check it out and be sure to visit often.

Sept 28, 2006: Traditionalist vs realist: Is There a Conflict?
I just got off the phone with Dave Young, who I am trying to support in every way possible, regarding his new realist self defense program for dojo.Since I first began the summer camps way back in 1983, I’ve been looking for compatible ways to explore our Uechi-ryu and help convert our art into more credible practical applications.

Dave’s system is what I’ve been searching for all these years. It’s truly a program that utilizes our traditional methods and training. Most importantly, Dave doesn’t put down what the traditionalist practitioner may have been doing for 5-10 or more years as obsolete, impractical or non-working as some “realist” do when hyping their programs.

Dave utilizes the skills we have been honing. He doesn’t replace ingrained and practiced skills with things that work at cross purposes to what we practice and what I define as “An Art that happens to use self-defense movements.”

As traditionalists, practicing a movement-based art form not unlike other physical arts, we can only say we have mastered the moves, not the practical applications that might arise on the street. We can say we are better prepared for reality than someone who has no self-defense training, but in our hearts we know that regardless of the hours, days and years of practice, we have no idea how we will react in the heat of battle.

Dave’s program takes our physical skills and adds his experience and actual battle tested “mindset” methods, giving the traditionalist a balanced system that utilizes the traditionalist current and future training.

Dave also understands and appreciates those students and teachers who feel “all is in sanchin” or who simply are happy and satisfied with the training as it is. Dojos that participate in this certification process should understand Dave’s Realist Program is an optional spoke on the information/skills wheel all dojo have. Some offer traditional weapons as an option, others spend additional time and practice on sport related martial arts.

I believe it is both time and the opportunity to offer a “realist” package and… no question that Dave’s is perfect for the traditional dojo.

If you didn’t receive my special edition newsletter highlighting the program, please email me and I’ll be happy to send you a copy.

Oh yes, for those who believe I may have ulterior motives for endorsing Dave’s program, let me clarify that indeed there is. I believe in his program and feel it is a perfect “optional” rank requirement that will benefit all traditional dojo. And, I might add, if the traditional systems gain the lacking “realist” credibility in the public eye, this will be good for IUKF and my dojo.

A win-win situation for all. Oh yes, sponsoring dojo will receive a small “mat” fee for every participant and Dave has built in a very generous dojo incentive for groups. E-mail him for details.

I have another request for non-IUKF organizations. Dave and I would like all organizations to join (no charge) the “South China Martial Arts Alliance”. This is a non-political alliance of like-minded traditional martial art groups who have their origins in South China. This is not a requirement for participating in Dave’s program, only a request.

Thanks and I hope to see many of you at the first certification course.

September 15, 2006: Huge “Makeover” for the Forums!
The moderators and I have been discussing where the forums should be headed. Ever popular, they were drifting away from the original theme and direction I had envisioned for Eastern Arts.

Because I had intended the forums to be primarily for Uechi-ryu practitioners, I agreed with many of the moderators, that what new readers should see when they first discover us, is a section devoted entirely to all the components of our art.

After a couple of tries, I came up with the idea of having the lead section be a library of posts, discussions and “threads” containing the best of the best material, selected from the forums by the moderators. They are able to copy or move threads from their forums to the specific Uechi category best suited to host that “best of the best” discussion.

We originally intended opening the library to new topics and continued discussion, but I vetoed the idea as being conflicting with the “Community Discussion” section, where original discussions, topics and threads should take place.

Eastern Arts forums has been around for a long time and our archives contain a lot of excellent material which our administrators will be reviewing and moving to our Library section.

I hope you will drop in and look around the Library. You won’t find anything but relevant Uechi discussions there. Be sure to check out the Community Discussion section and the rest of the forums. Everyone is welcome and everyone is encouraged to get involved. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to send them to me.

August 30, 2006: Thanks to everyone who has registered on Uechi-ryu.com. Registering opens up quite a few links on the left.

If you haven’t explored all the links, be sure to check out the IUKF section, which includes a page where our Chairman, Dr. Paul Haydu and our Public Relations director, Darin Yee are able to post articles and comments directly to their site.

I’ve mentioned Dave Young’s new section on “Real” Training earlier this month. Dave is posting very interesting articles regarding the work he performs and a brand new program targeting the martial art industry.

Today there are so many good programs, all trying to capture the imagination of the martial art community, that it is difficult to determine which one is best for our dojo and which one is of interest to most of our students. Without a doubt, Dave is one of the industry’s most respected instructor and innovator in this field. Those who were fortunate enough to work out with him at this year’s SummerFest will attest to his ability to work with students of all ranks and all physical strength and ability.

I hope that his Winter program in Florida will be well attended by our martial art community. Check his site and his forum frequently for updates.

More Website updates. . .
Because so many people still have trouble navigating our website, some of you may have missed the fact that we have been selling quite a few National Geographic “Deadly Arts – A Quest For Invincibility”.

In case you missed the series or wish to add this very interesting and educational 2 DVD set to your martial art library, all you have to do is click on the picture to go to the website where you can order the set.

If you haven’t dropped in to Dave Young’s forum, do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to Dave. Although he has a very busy schedule teaching his unique self-protection programs, he is working with me on developing a new “Realist” martial art program that can be incorporated into the traditional martial art dojo’s belt program.Check it out. I hope you will become as excited about this dojo component as I am.

George Mattson’s Newsletter: If you wish to keep up-to-date on all Uechi-ryu activities and read more of Mattson’s teaching/studying martial art philosophy, be sure to subscribe below. Its free and always very interesting!

G.E.Mattson’s NewsLetter


Publishing Update… If you enjoyed my earlier video/dvd lessons, you will really like my new Private Lesson e-Books:
I’ve been working on a new set of instructional e-books which are, in my estimation, pretty neat. I sent out a bunch of them to seniors and students of all ranks to get their opinions and so far everyone who responded, gave the first book high marks. If you would like to download (fairly small) the e-book, just click here, read the overview and follow the instructions.

The first section (12 pages) and two video clips are free. If you elect to purchase the “key” to unlock the rest of the book, just click anywhere on the last free page. RegNow is the distributor and they also have an “affiliate” program that pays 30% of the books price to any dojo or teacher or website that offers the e-book. You might consider using the e-book as a home study program for your students that can supplement your dojo training.

If you wish to access some of the features here, please register. (You may use the same username and password as the forums)

The table of contents on the left is organized alphabetically, by general categories. Communications, for example, will open a “drop-down” menu for a number of “communications” areas, such as different Forums and our on-line learning center. Only IUKF members will be able to access other features, such as our video section, Learning features and Archives. IUKF Chairman, Dr. Paul Haydu will be reporting news and developments relating to the Federation and I urge you to get involved and join.

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