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Every year quite a few SummerFest participants request that “next year . . . how about an all-day session with (insert your favorite teacher) where I can spend some quality time with him/her working on a more personal, focused and detailed session.”

I’ve made a few calls and so far, everyone likes the idea and are willing to spend an additional day in Plymouth, teaching a special half day or full day seminar.

The following teachers have agreed to teach on Thursday:

[This is a separate event and requires an “event” registration]

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1. Rory Miller: 10AM Р5PM Tuition $100 (Sunday, Aug 3rd)

Eight hour class:

” Context of Self Defense
” Efficient Movement
” Fighting to the Goal
” Self-defense law
” Blindfolded infighting
” Leverage and Leverage points
” Violence Dynamics

Should cover it. Maybe counter-ambush depending on time. I’ll need a DVD player and white board.

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2. George Mattson : 10AM – 3PM Tuition $100 (Thu, July 31st)

Morning session: Bunkai/kyu&dan kumite – Afternoon session: Uechi Kata

George will be spending the morning working on “core” Uechi-ryu, with emphasis on correct training methods and training secrets for insuring you will continue to enjoy your Uechi-ryu for a long lifetime! The afternoon session will be devoted to the “cooperative” drills used in Uechi-ryu, with emphasis on the important levels of study. . . from basics to advanced “scenario” methods of performing your drills.

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I hope you like the idea and will be supporting “The Special Event” at SummerFest!


George E. Mattson

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