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Seminar – April Way of Knife, New England

by George Mattson

This seminar will cover: * Knife vs. unarmed attackers
* Knife vs. stick attackers
* Knife vs. knife attackers
* Knife vs. dealing with gun threats
* Knife grappling and knife takedowns
* Countering the ambush
* Standing and ground knife problems
* Special sessions on Filipino knife
* Knife skill and flow exercises
* Legal, military and crime fighting issues
* Potential knife course ranks and instructorship options
* …and much more!
* No experience needed. Go at your pace.Location… Raffi Derderian’s Derderian Academy of Martial Arts, 1478 Atwood Ave, Johnston, Rhode Island.

9:30 am to 6 pm Saturday. 10 am to 5 pm Sunday.

Fly right into the Providence, Rhode Island Airport itself. Many affordable hotels are right outside the airport. There are hotels in Johnston also, all searchable on the internet.

Please bring all your gear, your training knives, sticks and guns, and please wear street clothes – pants with pockets and a belt.

Pre-register online or with Raffi by 1 April and pay only $199. $239 at the door after 1 April. Get in on this deal. It will be $125 per single day. Enroll right here.

“This is my one big knife event of this year. My old friend Raffi and I decided to organize the event this year at his big school near Providence, in Johnston. Lots of knife themes and knife subjects. Raffi, a certified Inosanto Systems instructor and vet of other FMA and martial programs will cover FMA knife. And we got the Silverback Jim McCann to come in and cover knife ground fighting as only he can. If you are interested in Knife Course ranking and/or instructorships, this is the one to attend. Or just simply train for knowledge. If you live in the region, come meet Raffi and continue your training. Raffi is highly skilled and solid as a rock in many systems.” – Hock

Seminar – April Way of Knife, New England-April
$239.00 $199.00 On Sale!

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