Jul 16 2009

Robb Buckland Presents “FEARS” Seminars at SummerFest

SummerFest Special Newsletter
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24 – 25 – 26, 2009
July 16, 2009 – Vol. 3 Issue 24

Dear George,
More really great seminars for this year’s SummerFest. .

Robb Buckland Robb Buckland, the founder of FEARS Ltd., is a veteran of over 30 years in the martial arts. A nationally certified nutritional consultant and personal trainer (IFPA and ACSM), he currently holds a 5th degree black belt (Shihan) in Uechi Ryu Karate where he trained under the systems American pioneer George Mattson , and is an “elder” in Tri Harmony Gung Fu.
Mr. Buckland attained a 6th degree black belt (Renshi) under Joe Lewis in his American Kickboxing/Fighting System while dominating on a national level in professional fights. Robb is recognized as a 6th degree black belt in AIKIA Karate/kickboxing as well as a 6th degree under the International Federation of Ju-Jutsu (IFOJJ). Mr. Buckland is a recipient of the prestigious Samurai Lifetime Achievement Award(2007) and the Samurai-Bushi Award (2008) from the IFOJJ.
Mr. Buckland has served in a security/executive protection capacity for such notable performers as Jo Dee Messina, Kevin Bacon, Joan Jett, Seigi Ozawa, Winton Marselles, Diamond Rio, Tony Hawk. Buckland acted as” Intercept team leader ” for the Seminole Hard Rock Casino/Resort in Hollywood Florida. Mr Buckland is a sought after seminar performer for the martial arts and action film industry.
Buckland has appeared in numerous television documentaries including The Discovery channel’s “Hollywood’s Greatest Stunts”, The Learning Channels “Martial Arts: The Real Story”, and A&Es “Mystical Origins Of The Martial Arts”. Buckland is also featured in the action films “Miami Vice”,”Pirate Soul”,”Red On The Blue”, and “Bloodmoon”. “Requiem for a Pit Fighter” and “Quan Yin” include Robb in action sequences choreographed by Joe Lewis and directed by Art Camacho. Email Mr. Buckland at Buckland@fearsltd.com

Don’t miss this year’s SummerFest. . .

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George E. Mattson

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