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Quarterly Workout Schedule

by Darin Yee

      Just a short note to inform you we have arranged for quarterly workouts for our Uechi-Ryu Family.  These workouts will be 3 hours and hosted by dojo owners graciously willing to take on the task for their fellow Uechi-Ryu practitioners. The dojo owner will lead with warm ups and the rest is up to him/her.  Sometimes a 3 hour workout is a little much for 1 session; each dojo owner will be responsible to invite another sensei to teach the next hour and a half.  He/She will also be in charge of inviting the guest instructor.  That way they are in control of what is taught and who is teaching it.  Afterwards, maybe the host dojo can recommend a good restaurant nearby for all to gather for a drink or some food.

Saturday, December 1st would be the first and final workout of 2012.  Only one workout this year but it’s a good beginning.  As the Jungleplex is usually very busy in December, I am asking if Pat Saunders is willing to be our gracious hostess for this year.  Pat is a very good facilitator and I’m certain her workout is destined for success.

The first Uechi-Ryu workout in 2013 will be on March 9th.  I will be asking Vinny C. and Paul J. if the Hut would host this one because there are so many great martial artist there and I’ve always respected both of them for their knowledge, skills and ethics for hard work.

Our second Uechi-Ryu workout will be in May 18th at the Jungleplex by Darin Yee.  I can’t expect to ask other to do their part if I don’t own up to my end.  My guest instructor will be Gary Wong.  As I will be demonstrating the connection between our Uechi-Ryu and the different systems of Chinese Kung-fu, Gary Wong is as knowledgeable as anyone.

The third workout will be on July 20th and could be held in Plymouth, NH as Christian Maine and his brother Brett studied a lot of judo and jujitsu and has incorporated much of their training in their teaching.  NH is not a bad ride.  I drive up there fromPlymouth,MA to work out with Christian about 4 to 5 times a year.  Christian reciprocates by driving to my dojo about the same amount of times each year.  As this will be the summer, NH is beautiful that time of the year.

The last and final workout for 2013 may be in Rhode Islandon November 23rd hosted by Henry Tow and his student James Nuzzo.  Henry Tow has been studying Uechi-Ryu since 1967.  After all these years, Henry has not only seen a lot but done a lot of very interesting things.  Jim Nuzzo is very active in the martial arts.  He recently opened a dojo inRhode Island and I hear it is beautiful and going great.

As there are many Uechi-Ryu people in all our neighboring states, I would like to be fair and ask anyone wishing to host a workout, please send me an email stating who you are and where you would like to host this event.  Please be informed host rank is of no consequence.  We respect everyone and all that they practice.  Sharing knowledge will give each of us a better understanding of on another.

I would also like to state organizational affiliations are again of no consequence.  All Uechi-Ryu people who live by a code of honor are considered family.  The more we workout with each other, the more we realize there are no boundaries between us.


Lastly I want to mention there will be a mat fee of $15 per person as some of the dojo owners may need or want to rent a larger space to house all the participants.  I will send out simple forms for anyone interested in working out or hosting a workout through email.  If anyone by chance hears about these workouts and interested in participating or hosting a workout, please send me an email darinyee@hotmail.com and I will certainly keep you in the loop.

Brotherhood is what will keep our Uechi-Ryu family strong.  Please feel free to invite any and all Uechi-Ryu people you know to attend with you.  All respectable and honorable Uechi-Ryu practitioners are welcome.  If you do not belong to any organization, you are still welcome.  These will be political free workouts where the emphasis is on getting a good sweat and meeting great people.

Also be informed the listing could change due to unforeseen detours.  If that be any changes, I believe Christian Maine will be contacting you to keep you informed.  I want to thank Christian Maine as he has volunteered to be the point person and manager for these quarterly workouts.

Darin Yee

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