May 23 2014

IUKF Update. . .

gempicIUKF has been growing very quickly. Our new site administrator has made great progress re-designing and updating the black belt registry of rank and honors. The old registry has been one of our site’s most popular feature, accessed by thousands of people checking on their rank or others. Now that our registry is being incorporated into other style sites, it is likely that the registry will become the most recognized and accredited repository of traditional martial art rank and honors.

In the process of moving the names and ranks from the old registry to the new one, it is possible that some records might have been overlooked, so please check to make sure all of your ranks and titles are recorded. . . regardless of your style or organization. All existing records will be revised and updated and of course, all IUKF ranks are automatically listed.

Our new website is almost completed. Recent board meeting changes will be incorporated into the new site and revised membership fees and dan test information will be updated at the end of June and will be in effect on July 1st.

Remember that you can join IUKF and schedule your Black Belt tests by going to and clicking on one of the two arrows. Membership and dan test administrators will send you requested information and will help you with any question you might have.

Henry Thom is chairing a dojo membership committee. Henry will be very pleased to talk with any teacher or dojo owner about all the benefits in becoming an IUKF member dojo. Contact Henry by email him at: Henrythom(at)

Of course, all you Canadians can get in touch with IUKF-Canada by sending David Mott an e-mail at .


George E. Mattson

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May 15 2014

New “Rank & Honors” Registry

new-registry-picMany thanks to the site administrator for all his hard work and perseverance in creating our new Rank and Honors Registry and. . . transferring the thousands of existing entries from the old Registry. . . in spite of the many technical and programming problems he faced.


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Apr 29 2014

IUKF seminar in Cuba

Dear Sensei George Mattson.
Some pictures Sensei’s teacher Hector Gonzalez of Argentina. 9 th Dan and 6th Dan Karate Kobudo. In a seminar I gave last week here in Cuba.
A hug.
Noslem M. Torres

4-29-2014-001 4-29-2014-002

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Apr 18 2014

What “Can be” . . . when people work Together!

Buzz Durkin and his senior students, celebrate their organization’s 2014 Black Belt promotions
What a week! What a great group of seniors and students. I was so honored and proud to be part of this historic event. . .

nh celebration group picture

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Mar 27 2014

More Archives discovered


As we continue to work on the Uechi-ryu site following the move to a new server, we have been discovering quite a few new-old treasures that I will be sharing with everyone:

Check out the Bugeisha articles and others at ISSUU Publications.

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Jan 15 2014

Want to compete in the Uechi WorldCup?

darin yee 5-18-08-C  I’ve promised to field a Uechi-Ryu team to compete in this year’s Uechi World cup held in Miami, FL this year on June 9th 2014.  I want to invite any and all Uechi student in the northeast to come work out with me once a week either on Friday nights which is a sparring night for my dojo or on Saturday afternoon from 11am to 1pm.

I have received many inquiries and many who have expressed interest.  To date no one has committed to a routine on needed workouts.  I will enter a competent team who will do well.  I do not doubt that.  My matt fee is $25 per workout and I will require a competitor to attend the minimum of 25 workouts.  This will assure he/she will demonstrate to me the necessary skills to compete in the standard which I expect.

Also be informed if you make this team, I will pay your airfare to sunny Miami, Florida.  I will also pay for your entry fee to compete.  Just bring money for food and expenses for 7 days, 6 nights in the designated hotel.   I will pay for your entry to the tournament.

Please be assured you will have to maintain your professionalism while you are with me and representing the IUKF.  There will be a curfew prior to the first night of the tournament and every night while you are still involved.  There will also be light workout on a daily bases (time to be determined).  I will also need to be informed of your whereabouts at all times if you are under the age of 21.  I will also not allow underage drinking of alcohol in any form or for any reason.

If you are interested, please let me know by email ( or call me on my cell phone (508)958-7000.  At present I have 5 of my adult students going to compete and 1 of my students from Cuba competing if his job will allow.  I also have 2 young ones who want to go.  Their parent will make that decision as time grows near.  I would like to invite any Uechi-Ryu students regardless of affiliation to be part of this team but you must make the commitment to be trained with me for this event tournament.  You cannot imagine the growth you will experience by being a part of this.

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Dec 20 2013

Regional Workout

1st Regional Workout – early 90s

Greetings and happy holidays to all our Uechi-Ryu brothers and sisters throughout the world.  It is festive times like this we collect our thoughts and think about our entire Uechi-Ryu Family regardless of associations and organizations.  This is the most compelling reason we began our regional workouts.

These regional workouts foster no restrictions such as rank, dojo or organization.  All we require are you come with an open mind and a smile.  Although this series of workouts was created by the IUKF, we’ve invited and welcomed anyone and everyone to participate and if so desire to organize and run a workout.  If you are interested in running a workout, please contact Darin Yee at or Christian Maine at  We will work with you to make your workout as successful as all the others have proven to be.

I apologize for not having another host and site ready before spring but indoor facilities are difficult to come by during the winter and most dojo won’t hold 40 plus people working out.  At this time, I believe Sensei Pat Saunders is creating a workout at her dojo sometime in March.

Sensei Christian Maine has offered to run a workout in beautiful Plymouth, NH during the summer and Sensei John Griffin from CT has offered to host a workout in the fall.  Please check this web site for updates as this is one of our greatest social connections.

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Dec 18 2013

Dave Mott’s “Music as Energy”


Music is the communication and transference of energy that is within the medium of sound, occupying time/space.
It is able to activate a mystery, a magic beyond itself. Music can stir the profound as it entertains the senses”.


Hi George,

Three solo pieces of mine have just gone up on the internet.  Here is the link:


I hope that you enjoy them!  Please pass them on to others who might enjoy them so that they appear in cyberspace.


By the way, I’d have never been able to create and meet the physical challenges of these pieces without Uechi-ryu.  Thought I’d better get them out there while I’m still able to play them.



Love your work David. . . but I would list the three differently, based on my personality and sensibilities. Listened to the three twice – once in your order and the second time, I started with “the story”, then “continuum” and finishing off with “regarding starlight”.

I just liked the feeling generated by the progression of sounds from the three pieces as I was drawn into the music and taken on a very exciting and exotic journey that finishes in a calming and healing manner.

Thanks for sharing your work with us.


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Dec 11 2013

Congratulation Buzz Durkin!

It has been my honor to have participated in many anniversaries, tournaments and celebratory events during my many years as a martial art participant. None have come close to the annual black belt presentations and celebrations that Buzz Durkin has created and hosted over the 40 years he has taught Uechi-ryu in New Hampshire.

I hope you enjoy the brief highlights his dojo has created, which you can view by clicking on the image. Congratulation on your first 40 Buzz sensei. I’m looking forward to helping you celebrate the next 40 as well. . .

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Dec 09 2013

5th Uechi-ryu World

5th Uechi Ryu World Cup Official Invitation

To All Uechi Ryu Karate Do Practitioners and Masters

Dear Sensei,

Through this letter, I have the pleasure to invite you and through you to all instructors and students to participate in the Championships called:

“5th  Uechi Ryu World Cup”

The last World Cup was in 2012 in Argentina with 12 countries participating, now the 5th World Cup will be in Miami Florida United States from Junes 9th until June 16th organized by Sensei Gustavo Gondra & hosted by Sensei Facundo Gallero 5* Degree Black Belt Uechi Ryu Karate Do, the 6 World Cup will be in Cali city Colombia, hosted by Sensei Jorge Chamorro Molineros 6 Degree Black Belt Uechi Ryu Karate Do.

This event will be open to all Schools of Traditional Uechi Ryu Karate-Do, Shohei Ryu, Okinawan and Japanese lines. The overall organization of the Championship is in charge of Uechi Ryu World Cup Organization.

We will use Traditional Shobu-San-Bon for Adults Male and Traditional Shobu-Nihon for Children’s and Female, the Rules regulations will be complete at the Web

We especially invited to give seminars at the World Cup, Kancho Takemasa Gosei Okuyama 9 * Degree Black Belt Traditional Karate, President of Hachi-O- Kai World Budo Federation, Tsukasa Gushi 7* Degree Black Belt Ryukokaku and Hanshi Gustavo Gondra 9* Degree Black Belt Uechi Ryu.

Uechi Ryu World Cup Organization is an organization that promotes the Union of Uechi Ryu style around the World through a global event held every two years. Participation is free and open under the International Regulations that owns the entity.

All lines are welcome to join this movement without any political matters.

Hoping to have you here to create strong spirit and energy


Gustavo Gondra
9* Dan Hanshi – Shihan Master Instructor  
President Uechi Ryu World Cup Organization  

Facundo Gallero
5* Dan Shihan Master Instructor
Member & Organizer

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