Dec 21 2006

Blind Date with Sanchin

Blind date with Sanchin…
By Eva (From Belgium)

Sounds like a crazy idea but actually it is a wonderful experience.Why I would like to share this with you is partly because I feel that there will be a lot of new things to discover. On the other hand because I am interested to know if there are any other people who ever practiced Sanchin in this way?With a few adventurous fellow karateka got the crazy idea to run Sanchin blind.So based on trust that everybody keeps his/her eyes closed we started to do the kata.

First time there was some slight confusion. We all felt uncertainty where reached the point to turn direction. Everybody noticed that ears worked like powerful “radars”.

Most of us ended with a slightly degree difference from our start position.

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Dec 18 2006

Karate & Film making!

Exploring Karate from a Film Maker’s Perspective…
I found this fascinating post by our “Women & the Martial Arts” Forum moderator, Dana Sheets. Hope you enjoy it as well. Click on Dana’s picture to read the topic. GEM

DanaIn my graduate experience, (filmmaking) we watched and deconstructed scenes from films, explored film theory, did a few class projects in video, on film, and digital media that by no means explored the great variety of approaches one can take to filmmaking…and then we were set on our own.There are some immutable principles in filmmaking and most of those happen to be relatively mechanical. Light reflects and refracts in such a manner, film travels through the camera in such a way, video is created through a capture process involving chips and sensors and magnetic tape that is written at a certain frame rate or another, microphones work in such a way and here’s how you plug them in…so the mechanics of making an image on film or video are relatively standard – but there are infinite variations in how they are applied.

And there aren’t really PhDs in making movies…there are PhDs in communcations theory…but those folks aren’t usually making movies, they’re studying them. But there are certainly master filmmakers of every genre.

But a filmmaker varies quite a bit in their knowledge from one to another.

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Dec 16 2006

Chow Now w/Mary

Mary“Chow Now” with Mary!

And you thought our forums were only about the Martial Arts! Our “Chow Now” moderator keeps things lively and interesting, even if you aren’t much of a cook. (Click on Mary’s picture to visit her forum) GEM
Holiday Recipes Planning to do some baking this weekend and trying to come up with healthy eats during the impending holidays. Anyone have any recipes they would like to share? (Okay, I really don’t need them to be that healthy!!!)     -Mary S
 Chocolate Truffles
3/4 cup heavy cream (whipping cream) 1 box of Baker’s chocolate – semi-sweet (the one that has 8 blocks of chocolate) 2 tbls. of your favourite fortification (i.e. RUM!)
Chocolate for dipping or other coverings – coconut, icing sugar, crushed walnuts.
In a heavy sauce pan add cream and heat until bubbles form on edge (do NOT boil). Add chocolate (it’s easier if you cut it into coarse chunks) Melt down and remove from heat. Stir until mixed completely. Cool at room temp. and add your “fortification”.
Put in the fridge covered with wax paper until mixture is firm.
Scoop out into approximately 1″ balls on wax paper. Dip in chocolate (white or dark) and drizzle more chocolate on top or roll in your desired topping.
Easy, a bit messy and totally delish!!!

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Dec 15 2006

The P.R. Corner

Darin Yee has requested an area that deals specifically with his Public Relations responsibilities for IUKF. So – As I am always eager to help out those who work hard for the benefit of Uechi-ryu – Here is the all new P.R. Corner for Darin.
Happy Holidays to all. I apologize for not being more active in my communication with everyone. I have been working on getting my new dojo open. Prior to this opening, I had promises I had to keep for doing seminars. It will be tough to travel after I am opened. I know my upcoming schedule still includes Edmonton, Canada – San Diego – Cuba (kung Fu) – and maybe Argentina to comply with all my commitments.
I will be having Grand Opening ceremonies this January 13th 2007 for my new dojo. We will begin with a traditional Lion Dance, as all martial arts school is associated. Some of the most famed martial artists in China are known simply for their abilities to teach and perform these rituals. Following the “Lion Dance”, some of my students and friends from Boston will demonstrate a few of our kung fu forms, which I may teach in my dojo after they have learned Uechi-Ryu. I will personally perform a Uechi-Ryu Kata, as it is tradition for a sifu/sensei to perform prior to the opening of him school.
We will then go into the actual dojo where I will ask Gary Wong, Jose Aja, George Deraney, Herman Yee and maybe even Roddy Dow (if I can find him) to come up and do Sanchin as they were my original classmates in 1969 and the group from Mattson Academy who dominated the entire N.E.K.R.A tournament circuit in the early 1970s until we decided to stop competing within the United States.
I will then, in respect surrender the floor to Sensei George Mattson, the authentic, original founder and greatest promoter of Uechi-Ryu in American to teach the very first class to all my friends and supporters. After this work out, you will be my guess at the café for lunch (sorry we do not have an alcohol license yet).
I extend this invitation to all students of Uechi-Ryu. It matters not if you are a member of the IUKF or not. I consider all students of our style a part of our Uechi-Ryu Family. We need not agree on everything. Diversity is a good thing. If I have your respect, you certainly have mine.

If you need directions, please write me I will be happy to forward you directions to my new dojo. May love and wisdom prevail.

Strength and Honor,
Darin Yee

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Dec 13 2006


Training with Dave!
(From his Forum)


Originally posted by MikeKThanks Dave, you did. The way things are going I’ll be needing some protection during training in the next couple of months.Just wondering if you ever do any kind of training without the gear on at all and if so what is it like?

Mike we identify the need for training in 8 different stages. This is needed to allow the student to work through their awkward stage through guided discovery, then into their comfort zone, then we can start building proficiency, then adding the stress inoculation.

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Dec 11 2006

I had a “blast” at Dave’s training last week.

SummerFest 2007 – July 27-29th
Be sure to make plans to attend 2007 SummerFest. Now is the time to find those great flight discount rates. Susan is working with the Maritime Academy on prices. Registration information will be available soon.


I had a “blast” at Dave Young’s training last week.

Training with “realism”, practicing within spitting distance of the prisoners and working on drills that replicate actual situations often found within the walls of the prison.

Dave created many of today’s “state of the art” programs now being taught throughout the world by dozens of trainers. He’s not much of a media guy. . . preferring to just “doing it”.

To watch him in action though and you know he is “the man” with the ability, tools and teaching expertise matched by few in the world.

We are indeed lucky to have him as a friend and advisor.

Last week Dave was winding down his very busy seminar schedule for 2006 with a RedMan training course for the Vero Beach prison guards. This particular course was designed specifically for the trainers who will be running programs at the prison on a regular basis.

Watching the program in action, it appeared to be geared as much for the students as the coaches. However Dave pointed out that although the students (those who wore lightweight gear) received lots of practice “drilling” the teachers with kicks, elbows and brutal takedowns, the focus of the training was on the instructors. (Those wearing the “big dog” suits!)

After two days of really serious and heavy training, Dave’s emphasis on safety paid off. No one was injured and everyone came away from the training with a new appreciation for Dave’s instruction and for the built-in protection offered by the RedMan equipment.

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Dec 10 2006

Controversial “full contact” blows – No damage!

Controversial "full contact" blows – No damage???

Those of you who have been on this site for awhile, have read the stories of a certain style of karate that teaches its students how to take full contact blows to the throat, solar plexus, stomach and hmmmmmm the groin!
Very interesting subject… as usual… discussing what I call "extreme" training.

Is Jukukai full contact hits to what are considered "very vulnerable/sensitive" areas of the body real or some kind of trickery?

My opinion is that they are real! There just isn’t any way they could safely pull off these feats with trickery.

Now, this isn’t to say that quite a few people haven’t accomplished the feats using trickery. They certainly have. But the videos I’ve seen of Jukukai people performing these feats, I would have to say they are taking/absorbing what we see them taking and absorbing.

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Dec 05 2006

IUKF Developments

IUKF Developments

No ImageThe Board of Directors has been hard at work on behalf of the membership for over two years.  For most of that time they met each week, on-line by using conference software.  Each meeting lasted an hour or more, and involved the reading of minutes and other documents, and the performance of individual projects, some quite involved, on behalf or the Board, which is working for you!
Your Board would like to share some of the developments that have evolved or been produced within the last six months…
  • Rules for Juniors Tournaments were revised and consolidated.
  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding Black Belt testing and promotion have been completed, and will soon be published on this website, in installments.
  • Black Belt candidates shall be pre-tested.

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Dec 05 2006

What is an IUKF member?

No ImageWhat is an IUKF member?

The IUKF is a young organization and the Board of Directors was discussing the question of what makes an IUKF member.  Other Martial Arts organizations require membership dues in order to join.  If you’re an engineer, lawyer or doctor, you pay annual dues to belong to professional organizations.  The year you omit your dues, is the year you cease to be a member.

It was mentioned that some people think that because they’ve been affiliated with IUKF activities, that they’re a member.  Some feel that because they are seniors, they ought to be considered a member.  Others who volunteer time and effort on behalf of the organization believe that this equates to being a member.  What they all miss is that in order for an organization such as the IUKF to grow and prosper, it needs funding.  For it to create projects and items of value to its members, it needs funding, and that comes from all of our dues!

Every bit of those dues received by the IUKF goes to communications and projects on behalf of the members.

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Dec 03 2006

RedMan Training. . .

Holiday Special
From Dave Young!

Bring a friend with you to the March Training
– FREE-!

Dave is offering a 2 for 1 holiday special to everyone who registers for the March program before January 4, 2007!

RedMan Training for Martial Artists!!

This RedMan “Realist Instructor Certification” program

is conducted in a three day format consisting of 10 hours per day.

This special enhancement program was designed for martial artists of all styles who wish to participate in this new and exciting “Instructor Certification System (ICS) that is added to your current traditional or non-traditional training.

This is sanctioned by the International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation (IUKF), and South China Martial Arts Alliance (SCMAA). . The first training session will cover the basic and advanced tactics and requirements for achieving your first realism stripe. Once your own students have successfully completed this additional training, and testing process, you can issue them our Realist Stripe.

There are 5, twenty-four hours phases to complete before you are awarded your Realist Instructor Trainer Certification, and awarded a Realism Self Defense Diploma from Northcentral Technical College.

Location: Mount Dora, FL
Cost: 3-Days $395.00
Date: March 26-28, 2007
Times: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Links: Poster for your Dojo

Application form, to be sent to Northcentral Technical College:

All Martial Art Brown and Black Belts are invited!

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