May 10 2009

Soccer anyone????

Van CannaVan Canna came up with a great idea for SummerFest this year. I suggested for our first match, lets pit the Canadian “Bears” against the USA “Pitbulls”. We can run the match on the Maritime Football field Friday evening after dinner. I asked Van if he would write something and perhaps help organize the match. Here is his response:


Sure, this should not really be a problem. What we want to get across is that this year we have in mind a novel idea for the usual evening sporting event that would consist of an international soccer game between US Uechi and Canada Uechi, with all potential players subject to draft from all volunteers in attendance at camp with a soccer background so as to put together two good teams.

So the call would go out to any Martial art discipline students attending camp and to anyone else from anywhere who has a passion for soccer, to show up at camp and be drafted into one of the two teams.

The call should also go out to anyone who has some experience in being a Referee and linesman to complete the set up. We can make do with only the Ref if linesmen are not available. But we want the game to be organized just right in order to make it interesting.

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May 02 2009

May 16 Calif seminar


Please register before may 1st, registration at the door is $35.00

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Apr 29 2009

swine flu

Bill, how bad do you think it will get?

I note that the first US death from swine flu was reported this morning in Texas. How widespread do you think this will get and with what toll?

John Page


The most honest answer is this – we need more data .

My hunch is that this isn’t “the big one.”

Just to put this in perspective… Typically around 35,000 people die in this country every year from influenza. We now have one (1) death from a new strain – from a 23-month-old child.

The worst case scenario is the H1N1 virus that killed about 50 million people worldwide during and after World War I. That’s a bigger human slaughter than that caused by the bubonic plague. That virus (either from swine or avian origin from a farm in Kansas) jumped species and subsequently took a few years to wreak its toll. The fact that we had a World War going on with people tightly packed in barracks and individuals under great stress traveling the globe to fight aided in the spread. But it’s more than that.

Typically influenza is most likely to kill the very young and the very old. It is in fact one of the ways Nature culls the elderly in our population. Influenza leads to pneumonia which leads to death from respiratory failure. Epidemiologists often refer to the U-shaped risk curve by age, with the very young and the very old having the highest probability of death from infection.

World War I’s H1N1 was different. For reasons that we’re still trying to understand now, it caused immune systems to overreact. Thus the very healthiest ended up having their strong immune systems attack their lungs. Within 24 to 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, some of our very healthiest ended up turning so cyanotic from poor ventilation that it was said you couldn’t tell what race they were. Thus for this virus, the risk of death by age was characterized by a W-shaped curve. The very young, the very old, and the very healthiest were most likely to succumb from the disease. The results were frightening to say the least.

Why are people so concerned about this virus? Here are the following reasons.

* The virus is also an H1N1, although its precise behavior is still being monitored and documented.

* Some of the deaths in Mexico were from seemingly healthy young people.

* The virus is part swine, part avian, and part human in origin.

* It has just jumped species, AND has now shown easily to be passed from human to human.

* It is new, and it is spreading outside the typcial flu season.

However… For whatever reason, the cases in the U.S. have been relatively mild in comparison. Why is that? We don’t know yet. It could be that the virus has mutated as it developed its ability to pass from human to human, and became less virulent in the process. Or it could be that there are many, many more undocumented cases of influenza in Mexico, that their Public Health system is incapable of detecting (hence a bigger denominator when computing risk of death).

Right now its spreading in this country, albeit at the tail end of flu season. We may escape a major outbreak before a vaccine is developed by fall. But its going to run its course in a manner that we have yet to be able to predict at this point.

My suggestion is to make sure you wash your hands, stay away from closed, unventilated spaces where you are exposed to cough and sneeze spray, and encourage your friends to stay home when they get sick. And EVERYONE needs to learn how to cough and sneeze. View the following video.

Why Don’t We Do It In Our Sleeves?

Send a copy of this link to everyone you know.

Also… Make sure you have a family doctor. This virus appears to respond well to anti-viral medication (Tamiflu and Relenza). It’s expensive and it shouldn’t be taken prophylactically because you don’t want the virus to develop an immunity. But if you get the medicine within a few days of the onset of symptoms, then you can significantly blunt the course of the illness.

No need to panic yet. Stay tuned.

– Bill Glasheen
Topic being discussed on the Uechi forums.


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Apr 14 2009

Florida Seminar with Gushi Sensei

1010 Hwy. 574 Seffner , FL 33584
(813) 654-4238

Invites all students of KARATE to take part in a weekend of training in karate and kobudo with one of the nation’s highest ranking Okinawan karate and kobudo masters in the art of Uechi Ryu , all styles are invited to take part.  This training session and demo has been organized as a memorial for Master Toshiuki Itokazu who passed away on April 15th 1985. Special Guests include: Master Shinyu Gushi 9th Dan Master Rick Potrekus 8th Dan

Schedule of Events: ”    Friday, April 17, 2009 o    6:30 to 9:00 pm – SANCHIN

  • Saturday April 18, 2009 o    9:00 to 11:00 am – Hojo Undo, the perfection of Kanshiwa and Kanshu Kata o    11:15 to 12:15– Seichen Kata o    12:15-1:00pm– Break for Lunch (provided) o     1:00-3:00pm-Seisan and higher Kata o    3:30-4:30pm-Demo o    6:30-9:00–Dinner at Sensei Dana’s House and Dojo ($15.00)
  • Sunday April 19th, 2009 o    10:00- 12:30-Kobudo Training o    12:45-2:00-Opportunity to socialize with Master Gushi and Guest

Fee’s for the Weekend: Friday and Sunday $35.00 for each day Saturday $50.00 All Three Days $100.00 (Includes Sat. Dinner)

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Apr 11 2009

Toyama Sensei

The Uechi World Mournes the Loss of a Great Karate Master!

At the end of mourning, there is still sadness, but it is a wistful sadness that is tempered by the happy memories that we still possess.


Toyama Funeral

Toyama Family and friends

From Seizan (Gordi Breyette)And Sumako Matsuda-Breyette

Hello Friends, Students and Family,

I am sorry there is not so much time to write many individual responses to your messages and letters.  However I want to share two photos with you from Sunday.

One is of the flower arrangement in the Zakimi Shubukan.  The tied white bundle below Toyama Sensei’s photo is his burial urn containing his bones and ashes.  After the funeral, it was placed in the tomb behind his home.

The other photo is of the Zankai seniors and family members who attended that day.  Not all of them, but many of the principals.

Be sure to address any regular mailed cards, letters, or messages to “Naomi Toyama”, Sensei’s daughter who is handling all arrangements and procedures:

Naomi Toyama 956 Zakimi Yomitan-son, Okinawa 904-0301 Japan

Again thank you for your care and support in this sad time for the Toyama Family.  The 49th Day after passing is May 28; anytime during this ensuing period is appropriate for letters or donations.

Deepest Appreciation from the Toyama Family and all ZanKyoKai members,

Seizan and Sumako Okinawa KarateDo UechiRyu ZanKyoKai Nagahama Shibu Dojo Okinawa Japan

Passing of a Master!

The Uechi world was shocked to learn of the passing of the most senior Uechi-ryu master in the world yesterday.

This from G. Seizan Breyette:

Toyama Seiko Sensei, Hanshi Judan, Toyama Seiko Sensei, Hanshi Judan, Founder and Owner of the Okinawa KarateDo UechiRyu Zankai, passed away peacefully in his home in Zakimi on Friday 10
April 2009 at 05:41. He was 81 years old.

and Received today from Breyette Sensei:



Dear Friends, Students, and Family,

On behalf of Toyama Sensei and the Toyama Family, thank you for your wonderful, heartfelt messages. Without exception all messages were delivered to Mrs. Toyama and daughter Naomi, who handled this weekend’s family schedule. They were summarized at todays event for all to hear, but will be translated in detail during the next week or so. Yours was great and appreciated support in this time of loss.

Against all odds, Toyama Sensei battled his illness – he wrestled alone with his enemy for 11 years, fully 8 years beyond medical predictions. He opted to hospice at home, were he outwardly continued a normal life. He allowed no signs of his increasing illness, no show of weakness, up until the last moment. He was an active participant in Dan testing up to late February, and those who visited socially with him in that time saw no sign of weakness or tiring, departing his home believing he was still strong and healthy.

He didn’t simply pass away. His kata of life finished, he chose his time and bowed out with the quiet dignity and grace worthy of the great Master he was, in the comfort of his own home and in the bosom of his family. He wished to express “tenju wo mattoosuru” – living fully to the natural extent of his life. At the last, he had no regrets and was fulfilled.

The funeral was beautiful and smoothly run by Kitamura Sensei, the Buddhist Priest who officiated at our ground-breaking ceremony when the Nagahama dojo was built, and blessed the home and dojo after completion. His sonorous voice and beautiful sutra are tailored for the individual, and this time he and his apprentice gave an exceptional performance – he knew Toyama Sensei for more than 20 years, and had the deepest respect.

The final viewing was this morning (Easter Sunday) at 08:00. Toyama Sensei was taken to the crematory to begin the cremation process at 10:00, so there was a break of 3 hours. At 13:00 all Toyama Family members and closest friends and students returned to the crematory; along with the others, Sumako and I took one of Sensei’s bones and placed it in the burial urn. We then returned to the Toyama Home for the funeral ceremonies.

Sumako and I were among the senior guests at the closed family funeral which took place in the Zakimi Shubukan at 14:00, followed by the public funeral at 15:00. All then walked to Sensei’s tomb which is just behind his home.

Kitamura Sensei finished the ceremony and had the tomb opening closed up, and the members of the closed funeral service lit and placed incense before the tomb. Then all others placed their incense, and an afternoon meal was served.

To those who never met Toyama Sensei personally, it is a wonder and a comfort to the family to hear your words from across the world, telling how he impacted your lives in such positive and inspiring ways. Mrs. Toyama was deeply moved.

To those who either performed for him or just met him briefly, you know how his goodness and encouragement to do more and better touched us all powerfully. Most of you who visited the Zakimi Dojo are remembered by Mrs.

Toyama and Naomi-san. They are comforted and thankful for your words, and for sharing your heart with the Toyama Family at this time.

To those who are my students and who worked with Toyama Sensei under my direction or tested at the Zakimi Dojo, he soul-crafted our hearts and minds in a way no other teacher ever did or ever will. He gave instruction specific to our individual performances and spirits – such instruction extending to our lives as well as our karate. How we cherish those moments of simultaneous kindness and severity! He often told that he cannot teach his Way, he can only show and we can follow. On his last night he said “Don’t be sad – I only go ahead to prepare a place for our continued work”.

For those of us who spent considerable time with him in the Zakimi Dojo, the most eloquent and emotional descriptions fall short. Seeing and working with him daily, feeling the power of his instruction, suddenly “seeing the light” in a technique, laughing with his gentle humor over a cup of tea (it was a special delight to make him laugh), listening to his stories of Kanbun Sensei and his youth – all these made an everlasting impact on our lives.

We will feel his presence as we pass his street, see his home, or enter the Zakimi Dojo. That he will not physically be there in his dojo waiting for our greeting and to begin training is almost beyond imagination. Van Canna Sensei (Foxboro Massachusetts) expressed what we all felt, even up to this

moment: “I always cherished the thought that somehow Toyama Sensei might be immortal, infused as he was by the great Uechi spirit. And now, he surely sits by the side of his karate father, Kanbun…”

There are far too many equally eloquent messages from around the world to quote here. We thank you all.

Toyama Sensei was not a man who changed our lives; his impact hasn’t stopped, and he is still changing our lives. In this way, he has indeed achieved a sort of immortality.

Finally, I apologize that this response to all your gracious and well-written messages and cards that came so swiftly was not immediate.

Since Sensei’s passing we were all occupied with preparations, in-person meetings, carrying out Sensei’s wishes regarding today’s procedures, and receiving Sensei’s last guidance through the Toyama Family.

Traditionally the time of mourning is 49 days including the day of passing.

Every Thursday (or Sunday as an alternate) for the next 6 weeks Sumako and I will visit the Toyama home to light incense and breathe a prayer of thanks for knowing the man who impacted our lives in ways and depth beyond words.

We will be happy to offer a message to Mrs. Toyama and Family on your behalf anytime. If you prefer, you can mail directly to the address previously provided (care of “Naomi Toyama”), or send message via any other means or acquaintance available to you. Also, Sensei’s tomb is right next to his home; he expressed that all are welcome to visit him anytime.

I will write some personal messages to my own students, expressing some of Toyama Sensei’s sentiments and wishes in which they figure directly. But I wished to share a much more detailed description of the past few days with you who sent supportive messages.

On behalf of the Toyama Family and from the depths of our hearts, Sumako and I thank you. Please keep in touch and follow Zankai events as time goes on.

Best regards to all,

Seizan (Gordi Breyette)

And Sumako Matsuda-Breyette

Okinawa KarateDo

UechiRyu ZanKyoKai

Nagahama Shibu Dojo


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Apr 08 2009

For IUKF Members



IUKF Members Only Workspace

Members-OnlyAll Current IUKF Members are invited to participate in this special “Members Only” workspace. This is where members participate in meetings with G. Mattson and the IUKF Board for the purpose of developing new programs, activities and special events.

The Board will also report to the membership on all areas of interest to the membership, including annual financial statements issued by the Treasurer/Secretary, reports by the Chairman of the Board and President of IUKF.

Click here to fill out the information form. You will need your IUKF membership number to complete this form. Submit the completed form to G. Mattson, who will email all the information necessary to log-in to your IUKF Member Workspace.


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Apr 08 2009

Working with George

Working with and working out G. E. Mattson


George MattsonMany people visit Florida for vacation or on business. While here, plan to attend a class or two with George. Just call ahead to let him know when you will be in town.

Just want to review the Uechi curriculum on DVD? The Uechi store has many courses on DVD that will be perfect for you.

1. A four lesson basic course in “easy book” format. View like a book on your computer.  (The Private Lesson series)

2. A basic – intermediate course, contained in four DVDs. An excellent study program for new or existing students of Uechi-ryu.

Something for everyone. If you have any questions about any of these programs, call George today.


Organizations you may wish to consider supporting:

I.U.K.F. (International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation.


Believes in thinking globally and acting locally. The IUKF is a world-wide organization that consists of regional Uechi-ryu dojo that conduct black belt grading twice a year, based on Internationally recognized standards documented in the Black Belt Test Guide and interpreted/clarified by the IUKF “Rules Committee”.

The IUKF is a member of the South China Martial Arts Alliance [SCMAA] and the Okinawa Family of Uechi Organizations.

You can participate in the future of Uechi-ryu by joining the IUKF today!

S.C.M.A.A. (South China Martial Arts Alliance) and  the Okinawa Family of Organizations

Teachers of different martial art organizations with roots in China or Okinawa are invited to join this friendly and non-structured fraternal group of like-minded individuals. Click here for application!




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Mar 30 2009

March NE workout

New England Workout. . . Big Success! Congratulations to ALL Participants!

Hello All.

I just wanted to drop you all a line and tell everyone what a good time we all had at Sensei’s Fedele Cacia & Andrew Moores regional workout Saturday.  There were a total of 88 people on the floor all working out together in friendship.  There were no arguments, disagreements of any type, it was great.   Even though we all have many different points of view on how we teach and practice our Uechi Ryu / Shohei Ryu.  It’s just great that we can all come together on the floor and train in mutual respect, we showed and talk about our different ideas and opinions, in friendship and respect.    There were about 10 different Uechi Ryu Associations and groups represented,  along with at least eight to ten  – 7th dan’s or above present.   I was at the regional along with four of my students, Ed Duncan, Vladimir Fookson, Steve Diorio, Alex Cloherty.  Also Sensei Steve Diorio had two of his students attending also, for a total of seven students.  We all had a great time working out with old friends and making new friends. 

In attendance was special and honored guest, the most senior master present,  Master Sensei Van Canna 9th dan.   It is always great seeing you Van Sensei.  

Personal note – You all know my direct and life long sensei (1969 to date), is Robert J. Campbell.  However, what many do not know is that I am truly, truly  honored and humbled to be able to list the following Uechi Great sensei’s as my secondary instructors.  These are the men who’s class’ I attended regularly as I worked and trained my way to Shodan and beyond at the old Mattson Academy in Boston I am deeply grateful to them all.  – Just think about this, all these great instructors all in the same one dojo teaching.  There will never be anything like this again in one dojo.  Sensei’s: George Mattson, Van Canna, Walter Mattson, Arthur Rebesta, Jimmy Maloney, Ed Huff, Clarence Von Wilder, Justin Testa, Buzz Durkin, Tom Powers, Paul Simon’s.   I list them to show them respect and honor.  I never forget where I came from.  


This event was especially enjoyable for me, because I saw old friends that I have not seen in many years.  I saw friends that in some cases I have not seen in over ten years, and it was just like yesterday we were all on the floor training, talking and laughing again together.  Some friends I have not seen on over a decade were there, friends such as – Sensei’s: Tracy Rose 7th dan, from the Butokukai association, Joe Montanino 7th dan, from the Okikukai association, Chip Quimley 6th dan from the Okikukai association.  In addition to that, It was great sharing the floor again with my old friends and dojo mates – Sensei’s: Vinny Christiarno 7th dan, Peter Blackman 7th dan, Darin Yee 7th dan, Jose Aja 7th dan, Steve Perry 6th dan, Harvey Libergott 5th dan, Jerry Gross 5th dan, Harry Steffington 5th dan, Mike Ross 5th dan, Tom Hallahan 4th dan, and so many others, I lost count.

I can not forget to mention one special visitor that popped in during his lunch break from his C.P.A. office’s in Newton and Natick, just to say hello.  –  I just wish he brought a gie with him.  That would be my old friend Sensei Andrew Thom.   Some of you may know his brother, Uechi Sensei Henry Thom from California.  It was just great seeing Andy again.   This was truly an enjoyable event.  

If you were unable to make this event, I highly encourage you to try to make the next one.  It really was an enjoyable workout.

Again, a VERY special and personal Thank You to Sensei’s Fedele & Andrew for hosting this event.

Personal perspective – As I get older and I hope a little wiser. It’s time to put petty differences aside and remember who our true friends are.  As a very old and dear friend of mine for 35 years (Jerry Gross), told me yesterday.  along with the 170 pounds I lost,  I also lost the chip I had on my shoulder for many years.  He was right.   It’s hard for an old Marine to change his ways, but not impossible.  I did it.  In fact, some people did not even recognize me yesterday,  now that I weight 158 lbs.  

Life is good. 

Take care, Jay Sal.

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Mar 14 2009

New – Uechi-ryu Karate Do book now available on CD!

New – Uechi-ryu Karate Do book now available on CD!

In its new configuration, URKD has been expanded to include official black belt ranking beginning with the first official black belt test in 1958 and covering the years through 1983.

The quality of the photographs are excellent and the text clear and sharp. You will be impressed with this high tech duplication of one of martial arts most prized books.

The printed version of the book is not possible, but with the latest software technology, this important and historical book has been preserved in its original format and is now being offered for sale in PDF format on CD for only $39.95! (Mac friendly)


From the introduction of this 3rd edition:

Uechi-ryu Karate Do (URKD) publishing history

The first edition of this book consisted of 10 “booklets”, written and published by George Mattson in 1969-70 at his Boston dojo and sold by subscription to members of his dojo and others on his mailing list. The complete book was published in Newton, Massachusetts by Peabody Publishing in 1974. It was typeset on an ancient typesetting machine and printed by Grande Press of Boston. Five thousand soft cover copies were printed plus a 750 hardcover edition.

The first soft cover edition included all the black belt promotions made by the Uechi-ryu Karate Association from the first official test in 1958 through the publication of the first printing of URKD. Each of the eight printings had a different color cover. (The first printing had a yellow cover and the last a red cover) The hard cover special edition book had a black cover with a calligraphy embossed in gold. The author signed and numbered the hard covered books and this edition quickly sold out.

The book was well received by both the Uechi community and martial artist from other systems. It was retired after the eight printing because the “flats” (artwork from which the printing plates are made) were lost by the printer and the plates had deteriated and could no longer be used.

The soft cover book has since become highly sought after by book collectors and Uechi students. Used copies are being sold on e-bay and Amazon for very high prices. Although none of the hard cover edition has yet appeared (2009) on the market, it should be in very high demand.

Because the first official printing of URKD contained the promotion listing that subsequent printings did not have, it too has become very scarce and much sought after.

When it was decided to publish a new edition of URKD, using the technologically advanced scanning capabilities of today’s software, the first copy of the book was used. This book, besides having the best quality photographs and text from the new printing plates, also has the distinction of having taken a trip to Okinawa following the book’s publication, where autographs of many famous karate teachers were placed in the book as a keepsake. In addition to the original promotions (1958 – 1974), the list has been expanded to include additional years of official promotions (sanctioned by Okinawa Uechi-ryu Karate Association).

Click here to order your copy now!


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Mar 07 2009

WinterFest 2009

WinterFest 2009

Everyone had a great time this year. The seminars were energetic, educational and fun. The feedback so far has been helpful and will assist me in planning next year’s event.

A lot of this year’s emphasis was focused on Okinawan Bo techniques and how working with the Bo can help the student understand body motion during unarmed movement and techniques. George Schriefer and Joe Guidry did a fine job demonstrating the body dynamics of Bo applications and how they relate to Uechi-ryu movement.

Fedele Cacia taught the new Okinawan RYUKO KATA to the group in only two sessions. According to Fedele, this was a new record for learning this fairly long kata, which attests to the attentiveness of the WinterFest participants. (By the way – everyone liked the kata)

I taught three sessions demonstrating and teaching the benefits of kyu and dan kumite and the many variations of speed for development of balance, timing and distancing. I also taught my version of “fast-hands” kotikiti, which everyone enjoyed.

Gerry Hendwich showed us all how tight we were as he took us through a painful and eye opening set of stretches Friday and Saturday. Those of us who recall Gerry during his competition days remember him as a first class Champion, defeating all comers with his devistatingly effective head kicks and pyle driving punches. And more importantly, Gerry never violated competition rules regarding excessive contact while winning his many tournaments. No question but his remarkable flexibility and strength training enabled him to perform in tournaments so well.

Darin Yee conducted two very interesting seminars relating to the Uechi “wauke” and it’s multi purpose applications. He also discussed Uechi-ryu’s history in China and our system’s relationship to other Chinese martial art systems.

Roy Bedard taught three exciting seminars focusing on health, olympic style tournament competition and realistic submission techniques for the street. A great weekend for everyone.

Many thanks to all who attended and who made WinterFest so successful and enjoyable.

G.E. Mattson


This from Dana:



Hi George!

Thanks for all the work you do for the uechi community. It’s a lot of work to get those things together and I appreciate it.

I have a couple of comments to make. Of course! I’m a woman!!

I really enjoyed Roy Bedard’s sessions. I always enjoy them. He has so much experience and knowledge. On top of that he is a great public speaker, holding our attention and making us laugh with his witty remarks.

His classes focus on the real life situations and isn’t that what matters most? Fidel is also a very good teacher and a very gracious man. Darin Yee always makes me feel like part of the group which is very important to me at this point in my uechi life. Darin has passion and an excitement about martial arts that is infectious. I have the utmost respect for him.

Next year I’d like to see you have some more night time activities planned. Dinner reservations in advance to accomodate everyone would be nice. And perhaps a list of some places for night life for some. Also, I think ending at 5 and meeting at 6:30 is a bit difficult. I’d like to see ending at 4 so there is more time to wind down afterwards and get ready for dinner. Lord knows it takes me time to beautify myself!!

I took some photos and will be sending them shortly. Good luck with Harley, the escape artist!! I came home to find my dog had grown more in just three days!!




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