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  • Plan ahead! Sign-up for SummerFest Now!
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  • Dear George,

    Wow... Is it that time already?

    Time to schedule this  year's most important martial arts event, SummerFest! You will have the time of your life, learn lots of new and interesting martial art skills and meet lots of new friends and renew old acquaintances.

    Lots of new payment plans; exciting new seminars to attend and big discounts for IUKF members. Be sure to take a minute to include SummerFest in your schedule for August and why not take care of the application and selection of a payment plan right now.


    George Mattson
    Plan ahead! Sign-up for SummerFest Now!
    Plan ahead - Schedule Summerfest 2005 today

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    SummerFest! Acknowledged to be the premier Uechi-ryu event of the year and one of the finest martial art program anywhere.

    Every year we receive letters from people who didn't plan ahead and were forced to miss SummerFest because of a vacation or family conflict.

    Planning ahead will insure that this doesn't happen and we won't be getting a "sorry I had to miss camp this year, but. . ." letter.

    Action at SummerFest

    Mass Maritime Academy
    Bourne, MA

    August 12 - 14th, 2005

    Greater Nowheres. . .
    Two Uechi teachers explore life in the "Outback"!

    A Book for your Library!

    First off, let me tell you that both David Finkelstein and Jack London are lifelong friends of mine.

    When I first heard that they were going on an extended trip to the Australian Outback, my first thoughts were "They will kill one another!"

    Picture the original "Odd couple", Felix and Oscar (Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon), spending the better part of a year trekking through the wilds of the Australian Outback, searching for the elusive Salt Water Crocodile. (The original purpose for going on this journey).

    London, the "laid-back", writer with perennial writer's block, always up for a beer and tall tale, teamed up with his Birkenstock clad "Felix", fascinated with the thought of "interviewing" "Ladies of the Evening" for the purpose of discovering what "place in the future of Kalgoorlie do the whorehouse play" and, of course, to have a purely innocent "heart to heart" with the "madam" and you get some sense of a potentially volatile relationship, but a exceptionally warmhearted, winning formula for an adventure.

    I don't think the book started out to be a delightful and humorous narrative starring dozens of Damon Runyon characters, each with his or her fascinating stories of adventure, hardship, love and death in the untamed Outback region; but to the benefit of the reader, this aspect of their book adds a dimension to the travelogue segments that is truly fascinating.

    When I first read Greater Nowheres, back in the 80s, it was released as a hardback book. David sent me a copy which I took with me to Okinawa and China on one of my karate trips. I really enjoyed it, as in some weird way, their experiences paralleled mine while I was touring some of the primitive "outbacks" I visited in parts of China.

    I was fully expecting to see the book shoot up the New York Times list, but for some reasons it didn't get either the publicity or acclaim it deserved.

    At the 2003 Martial Arts SummerFest, David was honored by being the recipient of Uechi-ryu karate's "master's" degree. Beside all his other accomplishments, David is an eighth degree black belt. He also was being honored by Lyons Press; just learning that they were going to re-release his and Jack's book as paperback. True to his word, David sent me another copy, which I just completed. This time I would like to shout to the world that this book should be on everyone's must-read list.

    For those of us who know Jack and David, the book offers a belly laugh with every page. For those who don't know them, you will, after a few chapters, come to know and love them while appreciating their enjoyable experiences and wincing at those times when life in the Outback reminded us all of the many faces of Mother Nature.

    Get online and contact Lyonspress.com and order your copy today.

    George E. Mattson
    Eastern Arts & Humanities Center, Inc.
    http://uechi- ryu.com

    Contact: Jane Reilly, Senior Publicist
    (203) 458-4538 - (800) 962-0973, ext. 4538

    Click on my picture to read Forum posts regarding Dave's book.

    T-shirt "BlowOut"!

    Here is your chance to stock-up on some of the best quality, best designed martial art tshirts ANYWHERE!

    Susan and her design staff are coming up with an all- new SummerFest tshirt lineup for this year and wants to clear out her entire inventory. These tshirts are classics and will become "collectibles" for diehard martial artists.

    All tshirts (and all sizes) in our current inventory:

    2 for only $25.

    (You must mention that you saw this offer in my Newsletter though, to qualify)


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    Mount Dora, FL 32756


    Watch for a special IUKF Board of Director's Newsletter, coming out later this month.

    Thanks for taking the time to read it. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

    George E. Mattson

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