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September 2004

Whats New in the Uechi-ryu World
  • New England Junior Karate Championship Series
  • New Master's Test DVD
  • Welcome to KarateDepot.com
  • Congratulations to the new IUKF Board of Directors
  • New England Dan Test Committee Meeting
  • Martial Art Museum in Orlando
  • A Monthly Newsletter from George Mattson

    Dear Archive reader,

    I've been particularly busy following SummerFest and haven't had the time to do my usual WhatNew" column or contribute to the forums as often as I would like. However, I was able to write a brief article and post lots of pictures of SummerFest and our new JuniorFest event. Links on the Eastern Arts' Homepage (http://uechi-ryu.com) From the calls and email I received, everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves and as usual quite a few people who couldn't make it, promised: "I'll be there next year!" Well, if you are one of those who missed camp, be sure to watch the site for information about signing-up early for 2005. I plan to set up a monthly payment plan for those who have a hard time scraping up the money at the last moment. I am in Florida on business and a friend graciously let me use her computer and internet connection to write this update. Thanks for subscribing. Please tell your martial art friends to sign-up. (Please excuse any typos or other mistakes. I have a class in ten minutes and want to get this out.)


    George Mattson
  • New England Junior Karate Championship Series
  • New Series begins Sunday, Oct 3rd

    Brockton, Massachusetts 02303

    August 23, 2004
    Len Testa's Mass Challenge

    I'm pleased to report that the first Junior Uechi-ryu Championships series was a big success. Enough Uechi dojo believe that a competitive outlet for their students was both beneficial for their members and the dojo. The effort made by Jay Salhanick's trained officials and the hard working promoters were appreciated and it looks like this year's series will be even larger.

    Fred Channell, who heads up Public Relations, has been visiting dojo from all Uechi associations and feels that a number of new dojo will be fielding teams for this year's series. Watch the Uechi-ryu.com website for details.

    Please go to the Junior Series Home page for up to date information pertaining to the Junior Uechi series.
  • New Master's Test DVD
  • Available from Scott Danginzer
    2004 Masters' Test at SummerFest

    I'm sure all of David Mott and Jerry McDonald's will want this DVD. What a wonderful memory of a very moving ceremony. If you couldn't be there, you should check it out.

    The formal ceremony accompanying the promotion gives a whole new meaning to the advanced ranks.

  • Welcome to KarateDepot.com
  • Newest advertiser to join the Eastern Arts' family

    Check them out for martial art supplies. Their products are highest quality and the prices are fair. "Support the companies who support the industry!"

  • Congratulations to the new IUKF Board of Directors
  • Serving a two year appointment, beginning August, 2004.

    Board Members: Dr. Paul Haydu, from California Dr William Glasheen from Virginia Dr. David Mott from Canada Mr. David Berndt from Florida Mr. Darin Yee from Massachusetts

    The new board was appointed by me for a two year term. After that, board members will be elected by the membership. I feel that the diverse group, representing all members from all regions, will help expand the scope of IUKF nationally and internationally. I was given the title "Honorary Chairman and "Good Will" Ambassador, which sounds like a pretty good job for me. One of the first assignments handled by the board was the appointment of Mr. Berndt as membership chairman. David, who has been President of the Florida Rolls Royce club for a number of years, is well acquainted with this job and what it takes to build an organization. He will be working with volunteers from the organization who will be able to talk with Uechi teachers and explain the many benefits of belonging to IUKF and most importantly, that membership in IUKF does not mean denouncing your teacher or your current diploma issuing association! David will also be coordinating the expansion of IUKF's sister organization, the South China Martial Arts Alliance (SCMAA) and will push to build this group into a strong and focused group. SCMAA will work on the future growth of different traditional styles of martial arts with roots in Southern China. Beginning in the Fall, IUKF members will be receiving substantial discounts for all products and events sponsored by IUKF. Bill Glasheen has taken on the tough challenge of building an ongoing web-based conferencing system, enabling IUKF and SCMAA to conduct on-line seminar series, video critiquing and guest demonstrations and discussions for members. Interested in learning how to become a member? Contact David Berndt and he will answer any and all questions you may have. "dcberndt@aol.com"

  • New England Dan Test Committee Meeting
  • Mike Murphy named "NE Test Administrator"

    I wasn't able to make the meeting, but received a number of e-mail saying that Mike did a great job. Here is a summary of Mike's email to me following the meeting: ". . .Not much was discussed that wasn't before, but it was all ratified by the people their unanomously. I have posted an IUKF letter (hope it gets out to everyone) about this Oct. test. Could you make sure this information gets out in the other ways that you have used? The test will be on Oct. 17 at Pat Saunder's dojo in Stowe. People must have their application into you by Sept. 17 or they cannot test (this is a must). They must also have their written portion of the test back to us by that day as well. One difference here is that every candidate will be forced to have an IUKF passbook with them before they can test. If they don't have one before the test, they may be able to purchase one there at a cost of $10.00. As for thet test itself, any changes will be graduated in over time. I will send out a complete paper to you as soon as I have finished I'll follow up with the rest later. Call me if you have any questions. . . Thanks Mike"

  • Martial Art Museum in Orlando
  • Eastern Arts & Humanities Center, Inc. Project
    In planning stage for over three years. . .

    David Berndt approached me about this project over three years ago. I thought it was a great idea and that Orlando was a perfect place to host the museum. David has been working on site acquisition, financing and permits for nearly a year and has a number of artist renderings of the site and building. David has acquired a large number of historic martial art books, art and memorabilia that will provide a good beginning for the project. I've finally found a perfect place for all my martial art materials that I've been collecting for nearly 50 years. If you have something you would like to donate to the museum, contact David (dcberndt@aol.com). All donations are tax deductable!

  • WinterFest is coming!
  • I hope everyone will be fed-up with the snow by January and will be looking forward to spending a couple days with us in Orland come February. Board of Director David Berndt will be hosting this event once again and he promises that this WinterFest will be a memorable one! Not sure what he has planned, but I'll be here and one of the presenters.

    WinterFest will be held the first weekend in February, Friday and Saturday. (4th and 5th) Sunday will be a travel day. Plan to bring the family and spend some time in the sun and enjoying the sites. Workout with us on Friday and Saturday, fly home on Sunday.

    Watch the Orlando site for updates

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    NEW ENGLAND IUKF DOJO: Don't forget to get your dan candidate application in, along with written tests. No exceptions this test. . .

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