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A Periodic Newsletter from George E. Mattson October 2004
Whats happening in the Uechi-ryu world
  • Mass Challenge
  • SummerFest DVD Pack
  • Rory Miller's Course
  • Dear George,

    Again, a very busy month coming up for the Uechi world. Len Testa is "kicking off" the IUKF N.E. Children's Championships this Sunday in Brockton, MA. I'll be there with Jay Salhanick's team of trained and certified officials. This tournament series has grown to be an important part of many kid's karate training and can only take place because of the support and participation from lots of volunteer workers and months of preparation by the tournament organizers. Hope to see you all at the West Junior High School on Sunday at 9AM.

    George E. Mattson

    Mass Challenge

    Len Testa is a one of the hardest working Uechi-ryu teachers I know. He is always available when needed and always first to volunteer for the tough jobs. Some people believe running a kid's karate tournament is a high paying job and very much in demand. I don't think this is an opinion shared by the IUKF tournament organizers. We do it because we believe the competition is excellent experience for the kids and helps them develop confidence in themselves and confirms that the training works. Please help out by getting involved. We need more officials to keep the events moving smoothly and fairly. We want to continue allowing the kids to compete in multiple categories for a single inexpensive fee. But to accomplish this, we need many rings which require many officials. We also need volunteers to act as time keepers and score keepers. Lets support the tournament series by getting involved! See you Sunday.

    SummerFest DVD Pack

    Missed the camp? Attended and want to savor the experience throught memories captured on DVD? Here is what you are looking for! Professionally filmed produced & duplicated by Scott Danginger and Misty Mountain Video, this memorable dvd series will captivate you for hours & hours. A truly impressive work, capturing the excitement and skills of the top martial art instructors of our generation. There are 5 volumes PLUS the Masters Test DVD. All for $114.00. You can order them indivuidually for $25 each. The Masters Test by itself is specially priced at $18. Order all 5 for $114 and get the Masters test FREE! Everything was videotaped with a high quality, crystal clear, 3ccd video camera.


    In case you missed the small sample posted after camp, here it is again:
    For dialups: low.wmv (120kps)
    Broadband: camp.wmv (500kps)


    Here's what each DVD contains and their running time: DVD 1 Sanchin by The Sea with George Mattson - 31:43 Robert Hunt - Karate History- 28:22 Sifu Wong & Darrin Yee - Chinese Weapons - 68:49 Total Time: 128:54 minutes DVD 2 Rory Miller - Under the tent seminar - 48:30 Rory Miller - Infighting - 23:08 Jim Maloney - Pressure Points - 37:25 Total Time: 109:03 Minutes DVD 3 Alan Lowel Self Defense - 32:22 Scott Higa - Uechi History - 62:39 Raffi Derderian - Joint Locks & Knives - 34:00 Total Time: 129:01 Minutes DVD 4 Steve Perry Workout - 51:58 Bill Glasheen - Suparempi - 63:59 Total Time: 115:57 Minutes DVD 5 Joe Lewis Under the Tent Seminar - 62:33 Joe Lewis - Combat Fighting - 97:38 Total Time: 160:11 Minutes

    Rory Miller's Course

    Get Rory's two publications!

    A great buy and a must-read for all serious martial artist! GEM

    The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn by Rory A. Miller May 2004

    A highly informative booklet that outlines the differences between what most martial artists teach and learn as real violence versus what real violence is, based on the author's extensive personal experience and research.

    Includes training advice, information about adrenaline effects and 'the chemical cocktail' and much more. A tremendous amount of information in a concise, clear and compact form.

    The Chiron Manual: A Martial Artist's Guide to Teaching Law Enforcement Officers by Rory A. Miller May 2004.

    Includes information about LEOs as students, definitions of important terms used in law enforcement, course categories and safety, and training issues.

    Especially valuable to martial arts instructors who have or wish to have students serving in law enforcement or those interested in holding seminars for law enforcement agencies.

    For shipping outside the United States, discounts on bulk purchases or for purchase of copies for resale please contact

    The Chiron Manual: $18.
    Rhino & Unicorn Free to those who order before September 30th. Free shipping in the USA.

    Send check or money order for $18 to:

    Rory Miller
    40601 SE Gibson Rd.
    Washougal, WA 98671

    email for further information or to inquire about the status of orders. Include an email address if you wish to receive confirmation of your order.

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