2004 Martial Art SummerFest Issue #002
Last Minute Updates
New and Exciting Seminar Presenters!
New Presenters!
Sensei Joe Lewis and Tsukasa Higa Seminars
*What a fantasit opportunity to train with Joe Lewis. *Don't miss Sensei Higa's "Under The Tent" Okinawan karate history discussions and his on-the-field traditional weapons seminars.

Check the Uechi-ryu Forums "SummerFest Lineup"
Click on this link to review last minute updates to the SummerFest schedule. Lots of detailed seminar information available here.

Democratic convention over Thursday
If you plan to arrive on thursday for our early registration, be sure to check the internet for best routes to the Maritime Academy. By Friday, everything should be back to normal.
Dear George,

Special Saturday and Sunday Seminar by Martial Art Legend Joe Lewis. We are pleased to announce that Tsukasa Higa Sensei will also be with us for the weekend. Sensei Higa trained with Toshiyuki Itokazu from 1980 - 1985 and Sensei Nakamatsu from 1989-1998 on Okinawa. (Still his teacher) In his teenage era, Higa sensei trained under sensei Nakazato of Sho-Rin-Ji Kempo. He has a 2nd degree black belt in Judo and a 1st degree black belt in Aikido. He also practices Tai-chi-quan in Okinawa.

Joe Lewis Seminars

Joe Lewis has been a world champion and was named the Greatest Fighter in the History of Fighting twice. But, what he is most proud of is the work he has done as a teacher. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to train with Joe Lewis, a martial art legend. Open to all registered SummerFest attendees. Special Sunday Seminar will be conducted from 9-11am.

DATE: July 30 - August 1, 2004
TIME: See detailed schedule
LOCATION: Mass Maritime Academy, Bourne, MA
MORE: Call 508-586-3969 for information
Register Now

Please send in your applications today. This promises to be one of the best camps ever held. Space if filling up fast, so reserve your place today.


George Mattson
Eastern Arts

New Joe Lewis Book!

I've asked Joe to bring along some of his new, best selling book with him. Joe will be available to sign autographs and talk about his relationship with Bruce Lee and other famous martial artist he has fought and trained with.


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