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2004 Martial Art SummerFest

SummerFest Fun!
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  • Dear George,

    Only a short time before this year's premier Martial Art event. There is still time to mail, e-mail or fax your application. You will have the time of your life, learn lots of new and interesting martial art skills and meet lots of new friends and renew old acquaintances.


    George Mattson
    Day by day, hour by hour schedule
    Plan your weekend in advance

    This year we are featuring Seminar "Themes", conducted by a "Team Leader" and assisted by "Team Members". This will allow us to work with all rank and skill levels while focusing on a single "theme". Click on the picture to the left to view the schedule.

    Action at SummerFest

    Mass Maritime Academy
    Bourne, MA

    July 30 - August 1

    What Others Say About SummerFest: Sensei David Lamb: "WOW! In spite of the rain, another invigorating SummerFest! Every year, you find a way to help us rekindle old friendships, initiate new ones, experiment with new techniques and ideasl . . . and have fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned at the same time. >From Sanchin on the beach, to grappling, to new approaches to Uechi techniques to anti-grappling, there was something for everyone. I especially love coming to camp so I can be a student again as I'm always learning. I also find this to be a time to recharge my batteries, as I discover something new/different, and can return to my classes with fresh ideas. With my renewed energy, this re- energizes the students as well. So thank you George, for being such an inspiration. Your open mindedness, your positive energy, your insightfulness and your visions for Uechi are indeed, inspirational. Because of all this, you have an impact upon others evident at SummerFest with all of your students and seniors. For this, I thank you greatly. Yours in Budo, David Lamb (Nebraska)

    Sensei Van Canna says: ". . .This will be a great camp, many people are coming, the training will be hard but fun and Bob Campbell will do something special for us. There will be a huge tent with chairs and tables and room for seminars out of the sun, for people who cannot bear the hot sun.. The fun is unbelievable the training extremely intense. Come on down, don't wake up when it is over and kick your ass for missing it. Not many chances like this in life. When you say: too busy; too expensive; my wife won't let me; there is nothing I can learn there ..look at yourself in the mirror to see how foolish you look. Get there, make some new friends and learn something you did not know existed."

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    Important SummerFest Information
    What you should bring with you, what you should know.

    The sun can be very hot. Be sure to bring a hat. Don't forget a water bottle that can be refilled often. Yes, I know. . . lots of common sense tips. . . like be sure to use sunblock on your bare feet! Be sure to print out the list. Click on the picture to view the site.

    Be sure to spend time with our "Healing" Art specialist. Everything from Tai massage, Reiki, Chiropractic to Acupuncture. So many things to do, so little time!

    If you have any questions, please call George Mattson at 321-273-0409 or by email.

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    Important things to remember when attending SummerFest

    Click here to enter our secure on-line store. You can register for any one of the SummerFest Programs here! See you on the 30th!
    An all day Martial Art program for kids!

    Many businesses and organizations helped over 40 children attend this year's program. Our staff of certified martial art teachers will be working with the kids from 9AM - 5PM, working indoors for an hour and outdoors for the next session. If you know of a youth (10 - 15 years old) who would like to attend JuniorFest, or if you or your company/organization would like to sponsor a child, contact George Mattson today. Eastern Arts is a 501(c) (3) Federal and State recognized non-profit organization.

    Eastern Arts

    PO Box 217
    Mount Dora, FL 32756


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