May 12 2008

Darin Yee seminar

Darin Yee Seminar! Sunday in Mount Dora, FL

Darin is visiting Central Florida this week and will conduct a two part seminar at the Mount Dora Community Building this Sunday, May 18th.

The first session will be from 10am – Noon. Darin will be teaching “Winning Sparring Techniques”, a subject he is especially familiar with. Darin believes it is important to test your karate as part of your training. . . and the safest way to do this is by competing in the “point” tournaments. . . Darin practices what he preaches and has entered both the kata and freefighting divisions in literally hundreds of tournaments, beginning with the early “bash and mash” events back in the 70s and 80s and continuing non-stop through the present time.

Darin loves to compete and so do his students. Most importantly, he is very good at teaching the art of sparring. He promises that everyone attending his class will benefit from his unique and imaginative training methods.
Following lunch, Darin will be conducting a fascinating class where he will be teaching and exploring the Uechi kata, using his background in Chinese martial arts to help explain the key elements of our system.

Many of Darin’s friends and students will be attending from New England and Florida.

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